I spent one night last weekend working on cleaning out and rearranging Sebastian's stuff in order to make space and have an idea of where things will be going in a few months when Ruby arrives. I sat in a corner for about twenty minutes before I got started so that I could visualize where things would rest, what we didn't need anymore, and what was still missing. I tend to do this in any room I'm about to change up so that I have a plan when I start working.

I was finishing up another batch of chalkboard thought bubbles last week when Sebastian asked me to make him one. This is his request for anything crafty that I'm working on. He'll come over and watch for a little while and ask what I'm doing and then put in his request. Working on a little girl's smock? "Make me one, Mama." Most of the time I've either already made him one or it isn't necessarily appropriate for a man child, but I like to oblige him when I can. I finally finished the backing on his chalkboard and hung it on his door to warn any female visitors of the impending doom that will befall them if they don't heed his warnings.

Another change up was removing his cork board and filling the empty space with this fantastic set of alphabet flash cards by Jenn Ski. I got mine at Michael's Craft Store a few months ago when they were on sale after seeing them featured on OhDeedoh.com but didn't have the right idea for how to implement them until recently. Before hanging them, I laid them out on the floor to get the measurements and rows figured out and then used push pins, cotton twine, and clothes pins to display them. Eventually I'd like to laminate them so Ruby can handle the cards without them falling apart.

The table and chair underneath have been various things but they are currently filling the spot of the play kitchen that we're still figuring out. I've picked up a few vintage items for S to use in the meantime. So much easier on my eyes than some I've seen in big box stores, not to mention more affordable.

This is where Ruby's stuff has been piling up. This is an old shelf that I had in my room during high school. It's currently home to books we're saving for Sebastian, toys he's outgrown that we are saving for Ruby, and a wicker basket full of things she'll need down the road. Sebastian's shelf/wardrobe has been rearranged to hold most of her newborn clothes and shoes but my sewing urges are at dangerously high levels which means we'd better find that armoire quickly.

What have you been preparing/planning for these days? Have you finished your back-to-school shopping or are you hanging on tight to the last few days of unplanned summer time?



p.s. We just made it to 500,000 today! Thanks for visiting so often!!!


Andy said...

love the flash cards and saw the post a couple of weeks ago but when i went to michael's i couldn't find them
what section of michaels are they in?
love all of your vintage stuff
the girl clothes are adoreable

RachelDenbow said...

I found them in one of the kiosks in the aisle between the scrapbooking stuff and the silk flowers. I had to get an employee to find them for me, though, because I was looking all over the scrapbooking section.

Good luck!

andrea said...

we are also frantically trying to prepare for our little girl due in about a month. recently my mom gave me a box of my old baby clothes which are insanely cute and retro! it feels like there is still so much to do but I think her little room is done and the current items on the list are picking a doula, a pediatrician, a diaper service, packing hospital bags and doing as much painting as possible before she arrives!

mrs.adrienneK said...

oh i love the flash card display!!!
adrienne K

RachelDenbow said...


Aren't you amazed at how the snowball picks up size and speed towards the end?

Good luck with your list. Can't wait to hear the good news of her arrival!

jenny said...

Have I told you yet that I love, love, love the name Ruby? It was my great grandmother's name. Our Judah would have been Ruby Grace if he were a she!

Anonymous said...

The flash cards are adorable as are the clothes! Little girls are so fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rachel, where can I get a bubble? From the RVA shop?

Erin Conrad said...

oh, i adore that alphabet!

Katherine said...

looks great, rachel!
i am gearing up for a major overhaul here... henry starts kindergarten tomorrow morning, and although i'm a blubbering mess if i think about it too much, i AM looking forward to having some quiet mornings to whip this place back into shape.
the six weeks between preschool and kinder have done a number on our house!

Tea said...

Cute flash cards! :) I sometimes miss not being in school anymore as I thoroughly love shopping for supplies like pens, erasers, paper clips, notepads, etc etc etc. ;)

Amanda said...

I've been trying to work on my scrap space. Getting rid of a lot of stuff, rearranging to get the best area.

MyShenanigans said...

Oh! I love the flashcards! Brilliant- I love reading everything you write and looking at all your pictures. Your rooms always give me inspiration for my house and little girl's room!

togsysgirl said...

I love what you've done with the flash cards, how cute!

katie said...

i adore sebastian's new set up and ruby's clothes are so pretty. :)

good luck with nesting!

Mindy said...

Im doing the same thing for my daughter Ruby's room who is due to arrive in 5 weeks. Yikes. It all comes up so fast doesnt it!! Love her sweet little dresses.

Joy said...

Those little dresses are sooo cute. I'm a granny, but remember those days when my 33 year old was a tiny one.

Erna said...

oh how cuteeee! can't get enough of your lovely blog!