Vintage with a Chance of Rain

I've added a few new items to PonyParty this weekend that I really love. These are a few of my favorites so far but there is an extra special one on the way. It just needs a little wipe down before it makes its grand entrance.

I also wanted to point out the fancy new ads in the right hand column! They are some of my favorite online shops and even more special because they are also some of my favorite online people. Each of them offers something beautiful so be sure to check them out this weekend in between running errands, cleaning house and eating ice cream.

I also want to say how proud I am that some of you have responded to the Retrieval Project in such simple ways to show support and encouragement to the Swanson family. I've already received an e-mail from Jenny this morning that reflected how grateful they feel for so much response from people they don't even know. It's encouraging to see how this online community can truly impact lives in ways that might not otherwise be possible. Big thanks to those who have visited their site and left comments or helped out in other ways!

August is starting off with a little rain in Springfield. What does your weekend look like?



Katherine said...

thanks for bringing my attention to the retrieval project, rachel! once we chatted a bit jenny and i realized we live only about ten minutes from each other! i am happy to spread the word and hopefully help joe and jenny reach their goal.

and--i am thrilled to be a sponsor this month! leigh-ann made my widget and i love it.

Mandi said...

So, I have a dress that looks just like that apron pattern! heee

carly. said...

your blog is sososo nice rachel. it looks great! you must be so super excited about it.

i added one of your blog widgets to mine; they are so cute! i chose the first one with the glasses; it was my favourite!

ps: look at your counter...unreal!!

love ♥

Mallory Phillipy said...

wow, what a touching story. thanks so much for the retrieval project link, i'm really excited to see all the beautiful art that comes out of that venture.

Anne said...

Seriously thought that the rocking chair was a pe*is at first glance! I was like what???? Too funny.