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- Katie'

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Feeling a little brain dead and needing to keep things easy so you're getting a commentary of how I spent my Wednesday.

* Swept, wiped down, and picked up before the midwife came over.
* Crocheted sample headbands.
* Bought a small lamp at Target for Ruby's corner.
* Ate leftovers.
* Enjoyed my husband's three extra hours at home.
* Swollen fingers and more Braxton-Hicks.
* Learned that Ruby has moved to the other side of my belly but is still head down.
* Laundry, laundry, laundry.
* Rewrote my 'BEFORE RUBY GETS HERE' to do list.
* Listened to Sebastian's interpretations of his bowel movements. (Tonight it was a poo poo family.)
* Analyzed the Anthropologie catalog and decided I didn't like most of it, save the accessories.
* Received my birth kit in the mail.
* Got excited for the RVA girls round up this weekend at Elsie's loft!
* More fantastic happy mail from a fun New Yorker that we call 'The Margot'.
* Found myself waddling through Wal-Mart looking for grease pens and a sports strap for Brett's glasses.
* Shared soy milk with my son before bed and went back in to give him a 'face smasher (kiss) and a big squeeze, please!'
* Felt quite happy in our cozy, little home and soaked in the feeling of three before we become four.


p.s. What was the dullest or most exciting thing about your day?


Katherine said...

this is super random, but did you find grease pens? i was wondering the other day if those still existed. i have tons of the pencils, but i seem to remember having a pen version when i was little.

it sounds like you guys are hanging in there!

big, big hugs.

RachelDenbow said...

we looked at Target and Wal-Mart to no avail. Trying a hardware store tomorrow.

Lovely Kasey said...

my dullest moment was the last half of spanish class! eek--boring. my most exciting was probably coming home and getting to relax! and my drive home from school was quite charming.


mrs boo radley said...

I am roasting a chicken with an exceedingly long neck. It's for our lunches tomorrow. As soon as it's done roasting, I can go to bed. Any minute now. So...tired.

Dawn said...

Rachel, I had a midwife with my last son, and it was great. Are you having a home birth?

I really enjoy your blog!

Sincerely, L. said...

Best: finding a perfectly matching vintage fabric for an upcoming project. For $2.

Dullest: philosophy exam.

Marni said...

the dullest part of my day was realizing that i had just spent 20 minutes trying to "focus" on my actual day job. which meant 20 minutes of avoiding eye contact with my computer screen.
the most exciting part? hearing my husband say he *hadn't* checked the mail yet today and that *maybe* there is something waiting downstairs for me...

Dee Dee said...

Dullest: 10 loads of laundry finally caught up with me.
Most exciting: The house is clean which means I can scrap. :)

karly said...

Best: making it to the top of an hour and a half hike.

Dullest: not having anything to do when I got home except worry that I still haven't found another job...

Anonymous said...

Best~ Finding two awesome crafting books yesterday in someones garbage recycling bin.

Worst~ It's been cold, grey and rainy here...rather dreadful. I am wishing for some sunshine.

Your blog always fills my heart...

Jackie said...

Dullest: Reading articles for work.

Most exciting: Making chicken noodle soup from scratch using a leftover chicken carcass from dinner Tuesday.

karyn said...

Ahhh, the sports strap for glasses...spent lots of time looking for one of those (found at last at dick's sporting goods). Then my son had a complete meltdown insisting he wasn't going to wear it. My fault, I passed down the horrible vision gene.

Take care!

Jamie said...

Dullest (yesterday, too early today!): Sitting and entering new accounts for hours at work. Boooo!

Exciting: I was really excited to get home and watch Stephanie Nielson on Oprah. (& cried the entire time)

Entertaining (i'm adding this one): listening to Grayson repeat the Pledge over and over and over. It's so cute and he loves saying it.

Lori Danelle said...

boring to tell others about/stressful for me—Everyday at about 5:15 I have about 20 minutes of my stomach in a knot. It's the time I have to pick my two little girls up from daycare. UGH!! The oldest is 2 & the youngest just turned 1, so little sister still has to be carried, while big sister runs down hallways, looks at the current holiday decorations, wants to get a drink out of the fountain. . . all while I'm trying to corral her, one handed, to the car. I'm so scared she's going to dart out into the parking lot and get hit my another frantic mommy!!! Plus, I feel like the world's most chaotic parent as the other parents with only 1 child look at me like I really need to get control over my kid (all the parents of 2 look at me with haggard, "I feel your pain" glances).

She's not being "naughty" she's just curious and 2. We haven't started being blatantly disobedient quite yet!! :)

Brigide said...

It's so interesting. I'm doing exactly the same things today. Cleaning for the midwife, laundry, hunting up crafty things for a project, giving lots of kisses to my little boy. When is your due date? I'm not due till the end of the month and it feels like its never going to end..... :)

margot said...

the margot wants you to take a trip to the new york! :-)

Maggie Whitley said...

I need to know what a Birth Kit is?!?! Do share! :)

The most exciting thing about my day was when I watched a movie with Hubbs while eating apple crisp + ice-cream! yum! :)


RachelDenbow said...

A birth kit is just supplies the midwife will need to deliver the baby at home that we are supposed to provide such as disposable pads, latex gloves, trash bags, all of the the things a hospital would have to clean up as you go, I guess.

She brings her instruments, etc. and we provide the disposables. Not glamorous or exciting to get in the mail but something I am glad we finally have on hand in case Ruby gets here earlier than expected.

Rubyellen said...

almost there!!!

dullest- hmm... not sure. exciting- helping my best friend get started on wedding planning!! oh and exciting- yummy baked doughnuts!!! who needs those extra calories?!!

labeck said...

my day included one load of laundry before work, working at a desk for eight hours, grabbing a quick dinner before heading to church for a youth leaders meeting and then having fun and having a small group discussion with 14 eighth grade girls who like to talk... A LOT!

As an icebreaker, we asked the same four questions of every girl, and one student stepped up and took over the interviewing - and was fascinating - she leaned forward to address each person, made contact with a shoulder or an arm touch, and phrased each question so that it seemed new for each person. Oprah - watch OUT!

(Your day sounds productive and nice.)

jenny said...

Oh so exciting! I didn't realize you were having a home birth! We're more kindred than I thought! =) My two boys were also born at home. Did you have a home birth with Sebastian too?

jari spry said...

oooo i'm getting sooo excited for your family! yay!

my most excited moment yesterday was that alyn finally went to 'play center' all by herself while i had the chance to go to arly's class and listen to the first graders read... that was pretty dull though! ha!


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who doesn't know what a grease pen is? Sounds interesting!

The dullest part of my day was trying to get all my school work done, since I leave tomorrow to visit home for the long weekend :)

The most exciting is right now, watching Survivor with my husband and reading my daily blogs :)

kristin garrett said...

Ugh. I had the most exciting and dull moment rolled into one. i was in Grammar&Linguistics this morning I'm the only one not majoring in education in the class, and we were learning to digaram sentences. I was completely stumped. My professor goes, "Kristin, you can't grasp this because you're too creative and it is too simple." Wow.

I must say once again, your short simple phtrases are the ones that make me smile the most.

kindsey said...

dullest: honestly today really didn't have a dull moment. its been super busy :(

best: knowing that tomorrow theres a round up of old friends of my own this weekend! woot!