How To Distract Yourself From Braxton Hicks

All images from Anny Purls' Photostream.

After three straight days of consistent contractions that were gathering strength and getting lower, I got a full day with about four thrown in altogether. FOUR.

Other than being thankful that every day is another chance to finish my to do list, I'm learning how waiting in anticipation of something that will cause you and everyone close to you to drop everything to take action to make sure all goes smoothly and never really knowing when that might happen because it could technically happen ANY DAY NOW, or three weeks from now if we want to get realistic, can leave you mentally exhausted at the end of each day and unable to hold a conversation with your husband about another weekend event that was scheduled with ROTC on her actual due date that he was going to have to get clearance to miss without getting all ferclempt and teary thinking noone is even going to be here to help me through contractions while I wait for the midwife and nurse to drive 30 minutes to my home to HAVE THIS BABY!

(deep breath)

That was how I felt on Thursday. I'm doing much better now that it's out of my system and DON'T WORRY FAMILY MEMBERS WHO READ THIS BLOG, Brett has been given permission to make up his drill weekend AND field training another time AND that two day trip to KC that has been up in the air for far too long with the Reserves will probably happen while Mom is here to help so that I'm not a hot mess while he's gone.

I've been meaning to share Sebastian's birth story to compare and contrast how different things have been leading up to due dates so far. I hope to get to that sometime soon. It's one of my favorite stories to tell.

Be back soon with pretty things.


jari spry said...



tiffany. said...

the little striped bottoms are to die for! LOVE them.

Jenn Grigoryev said...

i just read your blog and could have been reading my own from a few months ago. those last few weeks are always the worst and seem to stretch forever. i pretty much hibernated from all human interaction because i knew i was such a stinkin' grouch and couldn't bear to hear "haven't you had that baby yet?" one more time. ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Your distractions pull at my heart strings...makes me want to have another baby :)
I adore the striped diaper cover!
sending patience, strength and of course many hugs!

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

the soakers and jacket are very easy to make if yuou are getting into knitting!,
and someone made that little red riding hood for my daughter when she was born--great photos!
can't wait to hear S's birth story, I love reading them!
Sarah M

Anonymous said...

Those tiny knits are amazing!

Truly said...

i have about 20 weeks left to go, so if i actually attmpted to learn how to knit and put the effort into it, in 20 years or so i might be able to make something that cute. i really hope and pray that these last few weeks are easy on you. nothing is worse than the constant wondering if it's "almost time"

margot said...

just googled flights to see if i can come to your shower lol. i can't. but i did just look.

MyShenanigans said...

Oh my goodness! Sooo exciting!!
I've not reached the last few weeks yet, but I remember even as a child when my mom was in her last few weeks how everything would stop if she even slowed down the pace that she was working. Just love the last few days or weeks you have to check off more on your to do list!

sonya audrey said...

I hope these last days/weeks go smoothly for you! :) Savor the stillness while you still have some left, because you're going to be a busy momma while figuring out how to manage your new rhythm. But it will happen.

I'm still a fairly new reader + I didn't realize that you were a military wife :) I like finding other bloggers in similar situations. I'm so glad he was able to reschedule his weekends. Adam was deployed during both pregnancies for me, but I was lucky enough (and well planned enough) that he was home in time for the births.

Love the pictures :) I might have to check out that photostream. gorgeous!

Dee Dee said...

Beautiful knit distractions. :) Glad you're feeling a bit better now, and that hubby will get to make up the weekend.

Charity said...

Love the goodies you made! I also love birth stories. My 2 girls could not have gone any more different than one another. And yet they both decided to come on the 7th of the month...21 months apart to the day.

Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

so exciting.
hang in there.
you'll do great!

RachelDenbow said...


This military wife things is VERY new to me and it still feels like the title doesn't fit since he's not likely to be deployed for another year and a half after he's done with his Masters. However, I appreciate the slow build up to that because I never expected to be a military wife and think it's going to take some training in itself!

OpaqueSkies said...

Look on the bright side, at least you won't labor at 2,000 ft. on a plane like this woman. :)


Thankfully there was a doctor on board & a perk: free flights for mama and baby.

These would be amazing in soft alpaca wool.

I will pray for God's perfect timing on Ruby's delivery.

the whytes said...

i feel ya on the military wife deal. my hubby was just finishing his 8th yr in the navy(non-active)when they decided they were going to either re-call him and send him out as military police in the desert or he could get in the reserves. he did reserves for his final yr was in bahrain for 3 wks when i was 6 mos pregnant w our first one. it bites. however, i know it's something that he loves. he just got back in to the reserves here in wichita and i'm actually excited for it. weird, huh? he's not in the position to be sent out of the country, can drill here and do his two wks a yr here if he chooses. not complaining at all. he's a police officer and full-time student(thank you g.i. bill), so i'm already at the "single parent" status some days. :) there are perks. there are drawbacks. the military doesn't work very fast, you learn that one really quick. they don't cooperate with pregnant wives, either. i'm glad that he will be home to meet little ruby and also praying that the MW role be gentle on you. best wishes to you guys!

Visible Voice said...

Holy HOLY cute stuff. Especially that little bum snuggy! I don't know what it's actually called but that's the first thing that came into my head. Things will go amazingly...that's at least what I told myself leading up to birth...that it would all be perfect and it totally was that way. Positive thoughts. Or positive knitting...both work super great! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my cute knitted stuff!! I wanted to do the cloth diaper thing, bought some fancy all in one cloth diapers and now I am feeling not up to it. How bad is that?!? So now I have a bajillion cloth diapers that I don't know what to do with.

I have been having braxton hicks too! Like tons of them! It's a dirty trick isn't it? I am SO ready!

Glad to hear that you could change the date on the husband being gone, that is a relief.

Hope you feeling well!

Mandi said...

Oh my! This is getting very exciting! :D

Mama Bird said...

Where can I buy those striped diaper cover bottoms....

so cute!

hollysarah said...

the time is getting closer, and I'm getting more excited for you!!
I would love to read Sebastian's birth story, I look forward to you posting about that.
Wishing you comfortable days & nights ahead until Ruby is here. :)
love holly

emily said...

And now I REALLY wish I knew how to knit :)