Jersey Fabric + Newborn = Baby Burrito

I love having a Fall/Winter baby because it means lots and lots of blankets! I made these simple wraps out of double-knit jersey by using a flannel receiving blanket as a template and cutting my edges with my right-angle ruler, rotary cutter, and self-healing mat. You'll need a yard of fabric so you can cut it down to have perfectly straight edges. Mine measure about 33" x 39" once finished.

Each pre-washed blanket took about three minutes to make and has nice, clean edges that won't fray easily. They are perfect for swaddling because they have a little give, are thick enough to add an extra layer of warmth, and are soft on baby's skin. Perfect for this.

This is the original stroller blanket that I made for Sebastian three and half years ago. I used two layers and did some reverse applique for interest. I also folded the bottom layer of green jersey over the edges, sewed my hem, and then trimmed off a sliver on the very edge to reveal all three frayed edges. This blanket has held up well and still gets pulled out on cold nights. I was going to make Ruby a similar blanket but decided to simplify things and go for quantity this time around.

They roll up or fold up nicely for easy diaper bag storage and are absorbent enough to take care of a variety of messes that you're sure to encounter. Did I mention easy?!



mrs. olson said...

Ruby will surely look darling all wrapped up in these. Great job!!

Anonymous said...

Cute Rachel! Love the colours - they make me happy :D

Karen xx

Maggie Whitley said...

those babies are darling! ohhh, now I want one ;)

OK Ruby, your mama's ready for you.


Dee Dee said...

Super cute colors! :)

Betty Bohemian said...

if you're going to cloth diaper, you can also cut them in half and use them as diaper doublers and soakers inside pocket diapers because of the super absorbancy..or make more, whatever.