Feeling Festive Yet?


Light on the posting this week. My son told me to relax this morning. I'm taking him up on that as we travel to see family and do more celebrating this week.

I hope you're off having your own familiar or not so familiar adventures.


Unknown said...

I want to make those! I want to make everything you post!

Vivi said...

Lovely ornaments! And listen to your son and enjoy your week - your readers aren't going anywhere... :)

Have a nice holiday!

Bekka said...

1. Your son is very wise.
2. I want to make those ornaments.
3. Merry Christmas! :)

nataly*oh said...

Merry Christmas, miss Rachel! Familiar & Bright time!


the whyte house said...

your little guy is too sweet. hope you are feeling better and standing upright!

Rachel M said...

Merry Christmas!