Happy Weekend

I'm hoping to be too busy spending time with my husband to be online as often as usual. I'm planning on catching candy at the Christmas parade we're attending. I'm betting hot chocolate will make an appearance.

Happy Hanukkah, Margot!!!



Anonymous said...

have a great weekend. I loved the peek at your kids room on ohdeeoh.

Anonymous said...

Have a fun weekend! and I hope you arent' online at all :)

Visible Voice said...

Pretty photo!

I have a quick question for you. Does RVA gift wrap if I order something? I've emailed the rva email and left a comment on Elsie's blog but no answer yet. It's for my little sister and I live far away from her and I'm running out of time to get her something. Would love to get something from RVA :) :)

myvisiblevoice at hotmail dot com


Anonymous said...

Have a lovely weekend, Rachel! I hope you'll have lots of fun with your sweet family. Don't forget to take many photos! :)

And hey, I'm Jewish too - Happy Hanukkah! :) :) :)


amy lapi said...

i'm obsessed with that photo! it's one of my fave christmas photos ever.

S and O said...

have a wonderful weekend!
candy catching sounds like fun:)

Char said...

beautiful shot - have a great time

margot said...

aw you are sweet!!
thank you!!!
:-) :-) :-)