Hasten Now

Sounds Like:

* Sufjan Stevens, Songs For Christmas collection
* Over The Rhine, The Darkest Night of the Year
* Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago
* Bob Dylan, Christmas In The Heart
* Our humidifier

Smells Like:

* Scentsy! Thanks, Jari.
* The top of Ruby's head.
* Coffee
* That warm heater smell.

Looks Like:

* The empty ornament boxes aren't going to put themselves away.
* It wants to snow. Real bad.
* The mice got the cheese off of the traps!
* Magic after dark in our living room.

Feels Like:

* I only got four hours of patched together sleep last night (sick boy).
* It's time for some hot chocolate.
* A good night for a ride around town hunting for Christmas lights.
* Brett and I are due for a date night soon.
* A warm, sleeping baby girl in my arms.

Tell us about your Monday morning.


katie said...

how is that bob dylan album? I've been wondering.

it finally snowed here last night and it makes me so happy! i always listen to kings of convenience "quiet is the new loud" on the day of the first snowfall. it's so soothing that it made my little boy fall asleep in the car about two blocks before we made it to daycare. unfortunate, but so cute and cozy. ;)

cara. said...

um, that was beautiful.

my morning:
sounds like: my sniffly nose & a baby girl singing in the place of sleeping.
smells like: i'm not sure because of said sniffly nose
looks like: comfy pants at 10am, a bowl of cereal in bed, 3 blankets!
feels like: i need to take a shower, walk over to starbucks, and make the day a little more lively. (:

Vivianna said...

Margot and I will come over and babysit-- and you can take the longest nap EVER!

Truly said...

is it just me or do mondays bring out the wanna be "super girl" in you too?
with a sick toddler, pregnancy back pain, and a messy house, i decided to tackle the mess of a room that is the guest room and the master closet. i am going to need about 4 more chai lattes today.... but i'm feeling optimistic.

{tam*jan} said...

sounds like:holy, holy, holy by sufjan stevens, the roar of the furnace
smells like: gas? (time to get the furnace fixed!) and paint
looks like: an afternoon of crafting and folding of the laundry

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

this looks fun...think I might do it over on my blog: http://www.ssmast.blogspot.com

Sarah M

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a lovely Monday morning. Mine has been snow...and thinking/worrying about the huge storm coming tomorrow. That, and work... and of course, planning out Christmas presents. :)

Jenn Grigoryev said...

i wish my monday involved snow, but alas, i live in florida.

my day sounds like: the nutcracker, played by some mandolin orchestra. it rocks.
smells like: pumpkin cranberry bread and strong coffee...ahh...
looks like: christmas projects, ornaments, and gifts in various stages of doneness lying all over my house, all mixed in with homeschool books, burp cloths, and all the detritus that comes from having three boys. :)

Art Wall Katie said...

Sounds like: baby einstein toys, looks like snow, smells and tastes like lunch: tomato soup and grilled chz. P.S. pretty picture

Liz V. said...

on this [very very] snowy monday morning, i am listening to the new norah jones album & eating toast with peanut butter. :]

mrs.adrienneK said...

my monday morning thus far,went to class turned in some stuff for finals,paid bills,got some christmas shopping started,came home and cut paper snowflakes <3

Suzanne said...

what a lovely monday for you!
mine so far:
sounds like my alarm clock going off too many times (love that snooze button)
smells like fresh brewed coffee and banana bran bites (i'm not al old lady i swear)
looks like it's not going to snow any time soon :(
feels like i could use a hot bowl of soup and some warm slippers

Miss Wanderlust said...

My monday has been all about relaxing and cleaning :) lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post....
Its Tuesday here in Oz and it sounds a little like boys riding tandem on the four wheeler...
smells like the sweet scent of ripe mangoes that I found in a bag on my bench this morning..
Looks like perfect weather to head to the local swimming pool...
Feels like...christmas is getting closer :)

Toni Brockliss said...

I am reading this on my Tuesday morning...
It's raining and it's dark so the christmas lights are on. I can smell my morning coffee brewing. I just waved goodbye my husband who is off to work. It's our anniversary today and his birthday. Soon I will smell a cake cooking in the oven. Time to get moving.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly creative way to post about your morning. I love it.

My Monday morning has been long, but fruitful. I'll spare you the geeky code war stories :)

Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep and sickness - it's never fun (went through the same this weekend but for me instead of Paisley).

Best of luck with everyone getting better. Katie was sad she didn't get to see you more this weekend (next time for sure!)

margot said...

my morning:
a dead cell phone & trying to get a cell phone revived unsuccessfully :-(
but a nice new shirt on :-)
and lots of my holiday shopping packages delivered!

i love this post btw, super cute!

Rubyellen said...

naps+ newborn = bliss

alyssa johns said...

i love that over the rhine album... was just listening to it yesterday!


jarispry said...

best post everrr...xo

gluGirl said...

Just wanted to tell you that peanut butter did the trick with our mouse traps... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you had to say the warm baby girl sleeping in your arms? I was fine and not having an ounce of baby lust and then you said that?! Seriously, I think my retired uterus and I will go sit in the corner and sob now. :)

annalea said...

oh i love this. might need to do a similar post soon :)

and i can relate to so many of these. . . over the rhine, lack of sleep, a sick boy, needing a date, empty ornament boxes, smelling yummy baby heads. . . but no snow here, just lots of bitterly cold rain