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"My favorite memory is waking up Christmas morning to my dad and older brothers/sisters jumping on my bed. It was a singing train. Dad would wake up the oldest and then go to the next oldest, and so forth. We would be singing Christmas carols until everyone was in line. Such a fun memory that I hope to carry with my family!"

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We put Ruby's crib up last night so her spot in their shared room is finally coming together. Sebastian was a little jealous of her new bed so we let him get in and test it out. Brett and I found it on Craigslist after deciding the one from IKEA would be too difficult for more than a few people to get it to our house.

We managed to put it together with a curious toddler underfoot wanting to help with everything and an overtired, screaming newborn ( our own baby jaguar) who just wanted to be rocked to sleep. Again. S was sent to time out in the living room after getting underneath the unstable crib for the third time and I almost had to send myself to time out for the words that were wanting to come out of my mouth.

We finally got it up and even though she won't be sleeping in there for a few more months, I love seeing her space put together and ready for her. I still need to make a crib skirt and finish up her mobile but once it's ready I'll make sure to post pictures. The photo above is from the holiday vignette on her shelf and the photo below is another garland work in progress for the space above her crib. More soon!

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Anna said...

my brother and I shared a room growing up. (we were born 11 months apart). we are super close and i think sharing a room played a huge role in that. i hope your kiddies love it as much as we did!

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

I think I said this arleady but I *love* the plum colors together for a garland. So girly, and unique compared to red or pale pink!
Our kids also share a room at night(2 1/2 & 10 mo) but during naptime, they sleep in different rooms!
Sarah M

AlliT said...

Love the garland.. Do you have the pattern for them?

Also did you see the advent calendar on attic 24? So cute, it reminded me of you...


Jacque said...

what cute little christmas trees! That is so sweet that you have put together a space for your baby! She is going to be so spoiled by all the wonderful things you make for her!! Maybe you could buy your son a cool new pair of sheets for his bed so he won't feel left out! I remember loving new sheets with my favorite cartoon characters on them!

Leah said...

this is kind of random, but i was wondering if you had any relatives living in anaconda, mt? my sister lives there and she said she was reading the paper and read a birth announcement of a baby ruby and she lived in springfield! either that is a crazy quadinky-dink, or it's your baby girl!

RachelDenbow said...

Leah, I don't have any relatives there that I'm aware of. Looks like Ruby might have another Ruby in her first grade class, though!

RachelDenbow said...


Yes, Sebastian has been getting spoiled with his own Christmas tree and advent calendar and getting to do lots of things that we make sure he knows only he gets to do. He likes to know that Ruby is too little to do them.

I HAVE been looking for some flannel sheets for him, though, to keep him extra cozy this winter.

Crissy said...

can wait to see nursery space pictures!

Crissy said...

can wait to see nursery space pictures!

Lune said...

That garland looks like little purple and violet cookies. Nice little circles!