Understatement of the Week

'The Margot'

THREE GOOD NEWSES (New word that I just modified. I can do that because I took Linguistics in college and it gave me an ulcer.)

#1 Our busted pipe has been fixed and I just enjoyed a hot shower and smell really nice again!
#2 I'm getting a lesson in Photoshop on Sunday afternoon. Thanks, Elsie!
#3 Chalkboard thought bubbles are going to be relisted in the RVA shop this week!

Brett and I went on a work out date to the YMCA on the south side of town and let me tell you those southsiders have it made! Each elliptical machine had it's own television set, there was a giant indoor track that you could walk while you spied on other people while you pretended you weren't, and a huge open class pit with mirrors on opposite ends like in ballet class. And that was just the upstairs! This may have to be a standing date. Just not always on Saturday nights because we are SO much cooler than that.

Goal check in:

* Worked out four times this week despite being distracted with a snow storm and frozen pipes.
* Mom and Dad should be expecting a phone call on Sunday afternoon or evening. I like to be unpredictable.
* With lots of help from Brett, Sebastian has made it to bed on time most of the week. Sit down dinners haven't happened due to traveling and frozen pipes. Next week, I promise!


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AlliT said...

Keep up with the good job on the goals sister!!

Glad your pipes are fixed!! I am sure that is a huge relief... I hate going without power and/or water... It is such a hassle, especially with little ones to worry about...

Kristin Ryan said...

I took Linguistics this last semster. Totally gives you permission to come up with new words. I love it.

chelsea rebecca said...

hahah i love that photo!!
and the YMCA is the best!! i am so spoiled by it!!

Riah said...

Oh Man you wanna say that's an understatement come to Minnesota ;D

Ronise said...

i love reading about goals!

Bekka said...

Sooo cold. So very, very cold.

Congrats on all these goals! You're off to a great start!

Kristie said...

Hi. I am a follower of your blog now. Jamie at Inspired Mess gave me the heads up that I would love your blog. I am a huge thrifter and bargain hunter. Hope we become good friends.

Kelly said...

I loved this pic and post. I stole it for my blog with props to you!! :)

margot said...

b to the rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
glad you like the pic!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I like that picture, while it's not quite as cold here, it's even a bit nipply the last couple days.
My daughter has one of your black bubbles on her wall, we write notes or draw pictures to each other all the time.
Glad your pipe is fixed. So nice to have a warm shower, eh?

OpaqueSkies said...

"brrr, indeed." Thankfully this week in weather means thawing out.

we had our Project Graduation at the s.side Y. where I go has an amazing warm water pool. aquatics + pregnancy = fabuloso

vanessa said...

Workout dates with husbands are the absolute best!! Years ago when my husband and I were just engaged we may have ended a few sessions at the YMCA with pizza on the way home,haha.

I am so impressed reading your goals, I don't even have kids and I can't make myself workout regularly for the life of me!

Carol Anne said...

Oh I miss the Y! I miss the television on the treadmills! I was sad when I found out we didn't have one where we moved too. :(

but it's ok cuz we bought our own machine so I can workout whenever and watch my own television or movie :)

Ashley said...

I really want a chalkboard thought bubble! Too cute. :)