Love Notes - Little Campbell Hearts Girls

When he was three he asked me to marry him.
When he was four he complained that the girls didn't want to PLAY with him, they just wanted him to be a groom.
Now he is five and recently asked me, "Mommy do you know who I am going to marry?"
"Addie." I responded (his little friend who he's always been fond of).
"Nope. I asked her, but she said no."
"Well, I don't know. Who are you going to marry?"
"Oh, you asked her and she said yes?"
"I asked her and she didn't answer, so that means yes." He replied with a big one-tooth-missing, kindergarten boy smile....and later informed me that is his favorite part of school is chasing the girls at recess.

- Ashley Campbell

Ashley is the pretty mama in charge of Under The Sycamore, a daily blog read of mine. We both like to stash globes on top of shelving and prefer a good DIY to a nap any day.


Paula Kathlyn said...

What a cute story. I am liking this love note theme!

Megs said...

aww, how precious :) her little boys are too adorable & her photos are phenomenal! thanks for sharing.

my name is lauren. said...

so precious ♥.

little boys make me so happy.

Zellers said...

Love it!

Good Girls Studio said...

Boys are such little romantic flirts! My son is 8 & has 2 girlfriends but I'm pretty sure neither girl knows she's taken :)

Kat said...

What a cute story! I love Under the Sycamore. Her photography is fantastic.