Valentine Giveaway - Tell Me A Story

I often look at these sweethearts around Valentine's Day and wonder what they were like, how they met, and if it turned into happily ever after or he never came back from the war, etc. I like to pretend they were each others' true love and that he couldn't bear it that time she went to stay with her aunt and uncle for the summer and he hitch hiked two days straight to be with her. Then I get curious and pull her picture out and see that her name is Makine (or something similar because it's almost unreadable) and that she's...twelve.

But it can't be his sister, right? Because they don't look ANYTHING alike. Right? And it can't be her dad because he's not THAT much older than her. Maybe he's only 15 or 16 or something and they were summer sweethearts. Or maybe an arranged marriage?

Anyway, we can make up stories all day long but I'd really like to hear one of your stories that has something to do with love. Your first kiss, first heartbreak, a blind date, your high school sweetheart, the one that got away, or your happily ever after. I'll happily read all of your stories and pick then let Sebastian scroll through (he can't read yet) and pick a name to win these two vintage Springtime needlepoints. Winner will be picked on Monday evening and announced on Tuesday.

I'll share the story of how Brett and I met when I don't have a baby in my lap.




Alizabeth Noel said...

Andrew and I met in 4th grade at Harris Elementary. Andrew was the new kid, and I was the class bully. On the first day of class the teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up. Andrew answered, "something with authority." From that day on Andrew's nickname was "authority boy." =) He didn't like it too much, and at one point I even made him cry.

In high school we became friends, and started dating our sophomore year. I guess you could say it as a love/hate relationship. ; ) Now, we have been together for 5 years and are engaged to be married this summer. He'll always be my "authority boy."

<3 Alizabeth

jari spry said...

oh this is so sweet.

i first saw my first love in 3rd grade... he was a country boy and i only saw him when i was at my dad's softball games. i often thought about him. in 7th grade he started coming to town school. we dated exclusively from 7th grade year to our freshman year in college.

we went to colleges all the way across the state from each other and it turned into way too long of a distance relationship and just wasn't working out. we never officially broke up, just didn't talk like we used to and trips never panned out. there were a lot of lonely, what-if nights and i was completely heartbroken.

8 months later, i met joel. we've been together since the night we first saw each other 9 years ago.


Erin said...

Today, in half an hour, I am walking out the door to my day activity for the Sweetheart's dance with a boy I am currently very much in love with. Apart we are pretty awesome. Together we are fantastic. And tonight will be the best ever.

owliecupcake said...

I met my husband 2 years ago in Walmart buying a dog brush in the pet aisle. He came up to me with the ingenious line "so, do you have a dog?" We started talking, went on a date a few weeks later, and I freaked out and ran away (he was the first guy I had dated since going through a nasty divorce). A year later, I finally gave up and dated the "too nice" guy that had scared me crazy on that first date. Now we are married, raising my 2 sweet daughters and our pug Lucy, and expecting a baby in July.

Heather said...

One of my favorite memories was Valentines Day 9 years ago, when I was 15 years old. Daniel was my best friend. He went to the same church as I did and even though we went to different schools we would email each other every day to talk about everything. On Valentines 2001 I went to school thinking it would be a normal school day. I was surprised when I opened my locker to find a box of chocolates, a note with MXPX lyrics and a rose which was handmade of duct tape, which he had one of my friends put in there. I was blown away. Unfortunately things didn't work out, but I am blessed to still have his friendship and the duct tape rose to remember that time in my life.

Meg said...

Gabe and I have known eachother our whole lives, same town, same school, but never dated until we were out of highschool. He was between his Freshman and Sophmore year at college and I was working in a town 70 miles away from him, we dated the whole summer, broke up never to talk again. We both married other people and I had 2 of my 3 beautiful children with my first husband, while Gabe and his ex never had any of their own. 13 years later while I was working in an office back in our hometown, in walked in his father, we talked about the fact that both Gabe and I were going through a pretty difficult divorce and his father gave me his email, we emailed back and forth for awhile and one day decided to meet for dinner, long story short...we realized that we were always meant for eachother, we were engaged in October 2008 and married in November 2008, we then had our beautiful baby girl, Izabella on August 5, 2009, she was our honeymoon baby! I believe that God puts people in our lives for a reason, Gabe had made me a better woman, wife and mother, I am truely blessed to have him in my life and everyday I fall more in love with him!
Have a wonderful Valentines Day and may your lives be filled with love and happiness forever and always!

Teresa said...
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Teresa said...

One summer, my boyfriend planned a surprise picnic. It involved dinner and a sunset paddle-boat ride on a lake where I found an old glass bottle floating in the water. Inside were flowers and a beautiful letter he had written.

He was my first boyfriend and he has been my husband for almost 4 years.

I love him :)

shelbyvaladez said...

I love old pictures like that. My mom has a whole box full of then and we have no idea who the people are.
My husband and I met when I was in high school and he had just graduated. My best friend and his best friend (who are now married) set us up on a blind date and we have been together ever since...18 years total. I have been with him longer than I havent now :)

stochastic said...

I met my husband because of a couch on the side of a road--a beautiful, velour, 1970s era thing that I couldn't believe someone was throwing away. I had my friends Mike and Traci carry it to their apartment--attempts to ride on it were unsuccsesful--and we deposited in front of their house so I could find a way to get it back to my dorm room.

Eventually, though, the couch became the social hub of the apartment complex, which was university housing for the Honors College that I was a part. Smokers would smoke on it, non-smokers would perch on the arms, and we'd get to know mutual friends who we'd seen before but never actually met.

I saw this boy who looked like my friend Michael, a non-smoker, sitting on my couch one night, and I went over to scold him, because he was holding a cigarette. But then it was another boy, an older one, and a *much* cuter one--and he had a guitar, was playing Led Zeppelin songs, and he was a philosophy major, oh my my.

Five years later and we're married, almost done with grad school, and he's going to be the superstar philosophy professor I always knew he'd be :)

A jealous ex-girlfriend of his actually cut my couch up with a sword, but that is a story for a different day...

Samantha :)

Crissy said...

I moved from Seattle to Honolulu, Hawaii with my 2 year old little boy in early 2006...still healing for the tramatic loss of his father, I hoped the sunshine and peace of the ocean would bring us happiness. Later that year, while at work, a very attractive guy stepped into the elevator with my friends and me. He was wearing a bright yellow shirt, was very tan, and held the door open for us when we came to our floor. I stepped out giggling like a little girl and leaned over to my friend saying loudly "he's hot!!!" We ended up hanging out a few weeks later after I heard he "was in love with the girl who drives the jeep" (me). I found out he also moved to Hawaii (from Atlanta, GA) to heal a broken heart, somehow by chance he ended up working right below me and living only a few blocks away...what are the chances? We were married on the beach in May of 2008, had a baby girl in December 2008. I found my true love and my son has a wonderful, loving father and an adorable baby sister. We couldn't be happier.

Anne said...

He was pretty fantastic - all the girls wanted his attention, and I was SO not the "right" kind of girl when I was 15. But somehow, for some reason, he smiled at me one day. And from there, we fell in love. My first love. Always special.

Three years later, I messed it up. Although I've found someone else who I love dearly, he will always be in my heart. I wish I could tell him how much I wish things had turned out differently.

A little secret love story which I carry with me.

HillsRus said...

Hi Rachel! What a fun giveaway! I really enjoy reading your blog, btw... :)

My husband met me many times before I met him! He first saw me during the orientation for the college we both attended and found himself so interested in me that the very next day he broke up with his girlfriend! (true story) For the next 4 months he would come up and talk to me every once in a while but I never remembered talking to him. Then right before the winter break the college had a Christmas Dance which is where I remember meeting him (and thinking he was soooo cute!). We didn't get to see each other during the break, but luckily we had a class together the next semester and since then we have spent nearly every day together. And we have been married for 5 years this May! I just love him. :)

Thanks for all the love stories you have been posting Rachel!

lindsey said...

My husband and I met four years ago...on a blind date—his first, my thousandth. All he knew about me was that I was a twenty-something school teacher who postponed our first date so that I could attend a church function—so he assumed I was well on my way to becoming a spinster. He planned a short date, just enough time to get some ice cream and then hatched a plan with his roommate to end the date early if it wasn’t working out.

When I opened the door and introduced myself, he could not hide the relief on his face. He was so obviously pleased and surprised to find ME on the other side of the door; I was put to ease at once. We laughed within the first minute of the conversation, and were instantly comfortable in each other’s presence. It was a match! We became great friends, fell in love, and got married about 10 months later.

Now, four years later, we are expecting our first baby in March. And he still makes me laugh.

He'd also hate that I am being so mushy about our love...but I feel lucky to have him!

Retro Plants said...

i love my hubby more than words can say. . . but i didn't always feel that way!
it may have to do with the fact that on our first {blind!} date he text messaged a different girl all night. . . he didn't open my car door, ever! (a deal breaker for me). . . he told me i had BIG feet. . . he was a terrible driver. . . and i found out that his real name wasn't what he told me. . . he told me it was Pace. . . kind of the truth. . . that is his middle name. . . his first name was WALTER! ha ha ha!
i laughed my butt off!
all in all. . . probably the worst date i ever went on.
but. . . i gave him a second chance and it all turned out well in the end because he has made up for that ONE bad date with FIVE wonderful years. . . and he always opens my car door now! ;)

Dear Skeletons said...

First year of highschool, in art class there was this boy, rich who sat at the table behind me. I had a table with 12 graders, so they would always ask rich if he would take me to the dance, always said no. Then when we hit 12th grade ourself, he asked me out finally! I was oh so excited, and we began to date. Then one night, I wouldn't let him get any, next day he broke up with me and get this...he went out with a 7th grader!!! I couldn't believe it but hey, whatever gives him what he wants I guess, I am still a classy lady here.

Vianey said...

:::: Online Love, Now Happily Married with a Baby :::::

Tom and I met over the Internet on a Yahoo music chat back in January 2003, we started off as friends then we started this 'online dating' he came to California to meet me in person one year later in January 2004. He were nervous but we were finallyhappy to see and be able to touch each other's face. Then he kept coming a few times to visit, then MOVED here in July 2004. We got married in July 2008. We had our first baby (Owen) in June 2009. And we are a very happy to have a little family of our own ^_______^

PD: He is from Indiana, so it's very different to San Diego, California. I am hispanic origin and he is white, he has learned spanish by being near my parents.
I love Indiana, he hates California but we're happy together...together :)

Toni Brockliss said...

Ok - our engagement story was a night and morning we will never forget.
I refer to these memories as "doodle-gate."
Ben took me to a beautiful chalet in the hills and we had a romantic meal. It rained, we had a fire, chocolates, wine - the works.
Ben and I got into the one size fits all white fluffy robes. I soon discovered that one size doesn't fit all, as when I opened my eyes (after my hubby told me to close them) there was my soon to be hubby on one knee with his bits hanging out of his gaping robe.
Of course he did not know this and went into a beautiful, heartfelt will you marry me monologue and I was trying not to laugh, or stare.
The next morning we went home to see our new puppy.
Hank had been with us for exactly 4weeks and this was his first night unattended.
Ben went out into the yard and I was on the phone calling my Mum to tell her our news.
Mum wanted to speak to Ben, so I handed him the telephone and Hank ran in to greet me.
I was patting Hank and giving him kisses and while I was doing this I was saying to Ben "why is he all wet?" and Ben was waving madly at me from the phone.
When he finally hung up, he said "I pee'd on the dog. I was out in the bush and the dog ran between my legs".....
You can't buy this sort of romance. :)

Thank you for a sweet giveaway. The needlepoint is fantastic.

Anna said...

Josh & I have been together for 3 years, just bought our 1st house. We met at the bar. Anyway the reason this is a sweet story is because my Mom & Dad met at that bar 36 years ago, and my Mom's parents met at that bar 66 years ago. I love family traditions!

{tam*jan} said...

I moved to Thunder Bay when I was eight years old. My first Sunday at church I saw this boy who was a few years older than me. My eight year old self thought he was the cutest boy I had ever seen. We became really good friends. We went to the same elementary school. We were "crushed." We exchanged xmas, birthday, and valentine's day gifts. At one point we each had one of those data bank things. We would type out notes to eachother and exchange data banks.

When I was 12 or 13 him and his family moved away and it was terrible. I thought I had lost the love of my live.
Now I'm married and he's getting married this summer.
Its not supposed to be a sad story just one of young "love".

TianaMarie said...

wellll me and the boy met about 3 years ago in chemisty class:) we both were with other people, but we quickly became best friends. we hung out constantly and had late night taco bell runs and layed in my driveway looking at the stars... then we both went through really bad break ups me first, then him. we had both been with the other person for a significant amount of time, and were both devastated. he was the only person who i felt like understood what i was feeling because he was feeling it to. then about 4 months after that, him being alot better and me still being crushed, he told me he had always loved me and that if i let him than he would put my heart back together. it was amazing:) i know it sounds cheesy but it was the most romantic thing i had ever heard. soon after we were a couple and have been together for a year and 4 months now:)

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

My husband and I met in a college class...one he had to choose (he had just moved here and there wasn't any other options) and one I was tryign to get out of, but couldn't find anything to add if I were to drop it.
The first day we started talking I told him I'd always wanted , "to live in a place that has another country right next door, and has mountains close by in one directions, and the ocean close by in the other, along with farmland not too far outside of the big city" and he literally responded, "that's where I'm from!"
7 months later we were engaged, 7 months after that we were married, and it's been almost 5 years and 2 small kids later!
We've always planned on moving back to that magical place in our hearts (Vancouver, British Columbia) and this year we have a chance. Our savings are full for the move and our house is nearly purchased by teh lady renting-to-own it.
Love this idea for a giveaway, and I LOVE love :)
Sarah M

Rita Cupcakes said...

I still remember the very first time i ever saw him, he was the most
beautiful boy I had ever layed eyes on. Looking ever so cool standing
on one leg leaning back against a pillar right outside the place I
worked at. I was 17 and he had eyes the color of the sky, dark brown
hair and when he shot me a smile my insides melted! As i was headed
back into work after grabbing lunch with a co worker i had met up
with, i noticed my blue eyed boy was still there and my co worker i
was with knew him and said hello. When we walked away and i
immediately asked for details, and found out he was a related to
another person i worked with. I had a huge party 2 weeks later and
invited a lot of people from work, and my blue eyed boy showed.
Apparently he had also been interested since the first time he saw me,
and needed to know who I was. He kissed me for the first time that
night, and then again the next night and the night after that. It was
a magical summer that ill never forget, and even though this was 6
years ago I occasionally still think of him and his lovely blues and
cant help but smile.

I'd attach a sketch of him I drew, but it won't let me add a photo!

rebekah said...

I met my husband working in a ministry...we were put together leading different groups ... and started becoming good friends...then I got moved into another ministry that was a bit hard working with women straight out of prison....this was an area he had more experience in....he helped me out alot with the tough things....

One night he walked me home from a friends house he seemed alittle awkward like he wanted to say something but nothing we said our good byes.. then later.. I had a knock on my door...I was sitting in the living room with one of my girls we got a little scared( we lived in a scary neighborhood) and it was raining out...when I looked out the window it was Him out of breathe in the rain...I opened the door asked him if everything was ok....he said I can't hold it in anymore I've liked you for a while....but I wanted to protect your heart so I have been waiting for the right time to tell you....i want you to trust me....I really like you.....It was exactly what I needed to open my heart up to him...it has been a magical adventure since....we have been married for 3 years and have a 18 month old...

Lindsay Road said...

I met Tim several years ago. We actually met online. He set me a letter through friendster (I know, remember that?), and then I friended him on myspace (I know, remember that?). We found out that we were perfect for other when we finally met, and we've now bought a house, and we're getting married on June. We both happily frequent facebook.

Kelly's Adventures said...

my first love....JR We met on my first day of high school, he was a Senior and I was a freshmen, he was there to help show us around, it was just freshmen and what they called the Seniors "link leaders" I steped into the gym crowded with people i had grown up with, Nervous about this day. I stood at a table with my friends signing in. Then there was this moment where time stood still and the crowd of familier faces disapeared and across the room I saw him "who's that" I asked my friends "Oh him stay about from him he'll beat you up" (he had been friends with this girls sister) it was noted. Well I got lost and he helped me to class, I remember being scared of him, I remember him talking to me but not of what he was saying. I remember not saying anything.

As the year progressed we grew to know eachother through Choir and music. I grew to sort of look up to him in this way, it wasn't quite love.

I had a crush on another boy, This ended when my friends started to prank call him on New Years, we had Mutual friends and he got all my friends to not talk to me. I had lost my friends, I was young and sad and felt alone.

I had to go to a meeting for a trip to New York a bunch of us Theatre students where talking and JR was there. He made me laugh, I was hooked.

We had moments in the following months that caused me to love him even more, but on that New York trip it was amazing, He watched over me, showed me love, and it will always always hold a special place in my heart.

He then left for school in Boston that august, I was sad but My love for him remained all 5 years after. I realized when I left for college that perhaps we weren't made for each other anymore, we wanted different things.

We are still good friends till this day and he will always hold a special place in my heart, he just wasn't the one!

Ali said...

I met my husband online a little more than ten years ago. I was sick on the weekend and stayed at my dorm, and he was home from college and bored with his parents. We were on a college website and we started chatting and then met a couple of months later. It was love at first sight for sure! We were engaged within three months and the rest is history!

Ellen said...

I met Ivan while we were training for a forgettable job in December 2001. He was in college & I had just graduated & was working on my teaching credential. Every evening from 3-11:30pm, we'd sit together, in a group of friends, and chat while pretending to listen to the unneeded instruction.

One of my (non-work-related) friends & I decided to go see a movie on that Saturday night. I invited my new pals to come along. Everyone was busy except Ivan. At the last minute, my friend cancelled, and it ended up being the two of us.

Instead of being awkward, it was just easy as pie. He picked me up, I explained, and we went to the 5pm movie (matinees = cheap!). We headed out to dinner afterward and had one of those unforgettable nights. We watched a movie at my teeny apartment. I taught him how to swing dance (probably to the dismay of my downstairs neigbor), we baked cookies, and I fell asleep on his arm at 4am as we discussed a movie I considered it vital that he watch.

When he left at dawn, I sleepily walked him to the door. I hadn't looked for or expected such a magical night, especially not with a "younger man." My heartbeat quickened as we approached the door. Everything had been innocent, but certainly 12 hours of a date would end auspiciously, right? With sleepy eyes and a warm smile, I told him that I had had such a wonderful evening.

He replied, "Me too," as he bolted down the stairs and got into his car to leave.

No hug.
No kiss.
Not even a *handshake*.

Laughing at myself, I realized I had completely misjudged the situation. I chided myself for jumping to conclusions & went to bed to sleep away Sunday.

On Monday, my doorbell rang a little before noon. The friend who had ditched me on Saturday night often came over at lunchtime to go to our favorite taqueria. More a brother than a friend, I had lost all modesty with him 10 years before, so I answered the door with messy bed hair, in a t-shirt and underwear.

Of course, it wasn't the friend waiting for a chicken quesadilla and salsa. It was my "maybe it was, maybe it wasn't" date, Ivan.

His jaw dropped, and I slammed the door in his face.

I put on some pants, opened the door again to his blushing face, and invited him in. He wanted to know if I wanted to hang out before work, but he didn't have my phone number, just my address, so he took a chance and dropped by.

Mortified, I agreed, and while I took a shower, he washed all my dishes. How couldn't you fall for a guy like that?

We went out to lunch, and we haven't been apart since. 6 months later, he moved in. Much to my mother's dismay, we waited until our 5-year anniversary to get engaged (she adores him). We got married just before 7 years together, and it's been a year past that.

I still have that movie ticket displayed in our house & he's still as quietly kind and helpful as he was at the beginning.

Michaela Lynch said...

I met Nicholas when we were both in a high school program away on a summer training on a Navy ship. A little unconventional, but I guess we always are. Especially when, after knowing each other for only 10 days, we decided to date. We were only 15. And I was from Detroit, Michigan and he was from Charleston, South Carolina. Unconventional. And against the odds.

Everyone had told us that it wouldn't work out. It felt like the world was against us. But after 7 months of talking on the phone and writing letters and sending care packages, he flew up to see me, even though everyone had told us we would never see each other again.

We've been together for over 4 and a half years now. I go to school in Cleveland, Ohio and he goes to school in Jacksonville, Florida. We see each other about 3 times a year because money's tight when you're in college. But after 4.5 years of 9 o'clock phone calls and handwritten love letters and awkward yet romantic airport reunions, we have a very close bond.

My favorite part is that he was my first kiss and I was his. And I love to think that the only people we'll ever kiss is each other.

Mini & Mod said...

I met my first love in kindergarten. I guess you can say I am an early bloomer. I even named my favorite stuffed animal after his sister. His name is Tommy and we even have a few classes together now, in our last year of high school. We never dated and we do not even really hang out outside of school, but I still have that special little schoolgirl-crush on him. I am not all too interested in dating him anymore, but I think I will ask him to the turnabout dance next week, just so that I can feel like a little kid again, which is hard to do since this year has been all about growing up for me.

courtney.janelle.sews said...

Ellen's story is my favorite! (although I admit to not reading them ALL)

it had been about a month and a half since my high school sweetheart of 4 years moved out of our apartment and back home to his parents, 2 hours away. I was lonely and desperate to move on, and all my crushes I'd had while still with my ex were suddenly MIA. so, against better judgment I signed up for OkCupid one night and had a dozen messages by the time I woke up. less than 24 hours from my sign up I got a message from a boy my age (much better than the 30, 40, 60 somethings), and when I scanned his profile and saw both Wilco and Kurt Vonnegut listed as favorites, I knew I had to give him a chance.

he wasn't the hottest guy I'd been talking to (at least in his dorky pictures) but he was the first to ask me on a date. like, "hey I'm bored want to meet for coffee in an hour?". and so we did. by the end of the date he had planned out our second, Big Lebowski at the dollar theater, and our third, a show with a couple of his favorite local bands.

we kissed on our second date, held hands at the show, and after knowing him for just five days he called my his girlfriend.

I thought it was just a fling, a rebound. the whole time we were talking on our first date, I was thinking, he's cute and funny, but I could never ever date him long term! we've been together 16 months now (no I don't keep track, had to add it up, lol!) and recently moved in to an awesome loft together, after my exroommate got her & I evicted.

I still can't 100% recommend internet dating, it's really creepy and a total crap shoot! but my (one) experience turned out to be a lot less crappy than I expected ;) in fact, decidedly un-crappy.

Ashley said...

I had actually never had a serious boyfriend before Andrew. I would always dismiss a guy before it got serious. But when I met Andrew for the first time I was immediately so comfortable around him. It was like we had known each other forever.

On our first date we went to a coffee shop and then to see a movie. During the movie, he made me laugh so hard that I snorted. I remember thinking "Oh gosh, I just totally blew it". That's when he leaned over to say something and ended up smacking me across the face with the bill of his hat.

I guess we were just meant for each other. :)

Roxanne said...

Josh and I were 'set up' by mututal friends. Our first date was an event being held in his dorm. An, ahem, adult toy event (who has that in a dorm?). We like to joke and say we fell in love over cotton candy flavored body creme. That night my friend paid him $5 to walk me back across the snowy campus to my dorm. He kissed me on my cheek good night and I was instantly smitten. 6 years ago yesterday, he asked me to be his girl, I said yes. One year ago today was my favorite day (Friday the 13th) and he asked me to be his girl forever. I couldn't get the yes out fast enough. We were married this past year and even though so many things have changed, I'm still smitten.

Lindsay said...

My favorite story to share is our meeting/fall in love story! But it is extremely long (and can be read on our wedblog- http://wesawsparks.blogspot.com/2010/01/brian-lindsay-part-i-falling-in-love.html) so I'll share another.

About two months into our relationship Brian was over for the evening and we spent the night watching movies and talking into the wee hours of the morning, as usual. It was safe to say that so long as my mom didn't catch him leaving that early, or he didn't stay the night, neither of us would be in big trouble. We ended up falling asleep and really pushed our limit. He snuck to his car to find that his tires had been slashed and quickly came back in, scared witless that my mom would find out he had been there all night and she wouldn't forgive him for it. We ended up cooling down and just going back to sleep together. Although we were being bad kids( we were 17 and 19) I really loved getting spend my first overnight with him. My mom ended up being very understanding anyway. :)


Lindsay said...
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Bri Bri said...

Awwwwww! I love this giveaway!

Let's see... my happily ever after (or at least, I hope it is)... Matt and I met our second year in college. I worked at the front desk and he would make up excuses to come talk to me. When we'd see each other in the dining hall we would eat lunch together and just sit and talk. He was dating someone else at the time, and after a few more years she broke up with him and left the country. So, one day I asked Matt to come watch my favorite show, Alias. It's been 3 years and 8 months and we haven't spent more than a few days apart. Awwwww love. :)


A "cheery" disposition said...

We met in a music video. I was in a 3 year relationship at the time and he was off and on with a girl he had been with for about a year. We, hit if off the second we met. Out of all the beautiful girls in the video I was the one who stood out to him.. he said it was my eyes (he even can remember the color of my shirt). He had a few shows near my town that I went out to see him in and we became fast friends.. leading me to having major feelings for him and leaving the guy I had been with, followed by moving to Nashville to be with him and us now living together and enjoying every minute together. He is on the road a lot touring but we still get butterflies every time he comes home again.

(that's the short version)

Becky said...

Awwee all of the stories are wonderful. I met my husband 30 years ago. I was very young and he is 10 years older and everyone said it wouldn't last. Well it almost didn't because we were divorced after 4 yrs of marriage but remarried within 8 months and have been together 30 years this 4th of July.

We went out one night after getting back together and we had just dropped off my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and one of our favorite songs came on the radio. There was a slight drizzle and he stopped the car in the parking lot and pulled me out of the car and proceeded to slow dance with me in the rain. That is one of my most cherished memories. It was also when I knew we would be together forever. I had never felt love like that from another person in my entire life.

Wow what wonderful memories that I haven't thought about in a long time! Thanks so much!

Asha said...

I wanted to tell my story how me and my husband met because it's so funny and unbelievable. My friend and I wanted to let off some steam and just go dancing at a bar that had the United Booty Foundation (yes this is a real band and they play all 70's covers...super fun). So the song starts playing , "I wanna kiss you all over, all over again.....till the night closes in, till the night closes in...." and this guy comes over and just dances with me, we smile and dance, kind of awkward but kind of cute...never exchanged names, numbers...nothing. I was kicking myself for weeks after, thinking about him, considering going back to see if I see him again but before I had the chance....I was at work where I was a receptionist and in walks my dancing partner!!! It was so crazy that he was standing right in front of me. He was there to fix the copier and before he left, he gave me his card. I moved in with him within months and we've been married for almost 10 years with 2 kids!!! Crazy awesome!

sara said...

my dad always gives me a pack of NERDS for valentines day..he tells me i'm his favorite nerd :)


lauren said...

i met the love of my life when we were sophomores in high school. i love him more than anything and i can't wait to marry him!

RubberDuckieCreations said...

I met my husband at a concert almost 8 years ago. I was fresh out of high school and didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had him write his number on my arm and I called him 3 days later. We went on our first date a week later and were together for 4 months. We broke up... he was going through a nasty divorce & had 3 kids and I was only 18. He called me every week for a year asking me to be his friend and get a cup of coffee with him. I finally relented after a 14 months...
Here we are now, having been together for 6 1/2 years and going on our 4th wedding anniversary. Even though we still have to deal with his toxic ex and my husband drives me a little crazy, I love our life together. Between his 3 boys who I love like my own, our 2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, fish, and a tortoise, my schedule is hectic but my heart is full.
At the end of the day, I think that's what counts...

alittlemuch said...

my first
true, real
love was
he asked me to
marry him!
on v-day
14 years ago.
it's been
ever since.
: )

in company with sparkles said...

I can't wait to hear your story!

Friday marked three months in a courtship with Joel, a most exceptional man who is a leader, gentle, purposeful, visionary, goofy, and ridiculously handsome. We were friends for almost a year first, and for months my dad met with him to get to know his character and a relationship, before I knew anything about it! That gave me so much security, to know my father already approved and that he had the same convictions. Now we are joyfully loving this season and looking forward to the future. I want to be learning constantly how to bless Joel more, and we're learning as much as possible now about marriage from older couples we admire.
As soon as we met I knew this would happen one day, but what I didn't know then was that he'd been praying that he'd get to meet me!!

So so thankful.


Lily Nichols said...

I scoffed at love at first sight. No such thing, right? I was a cynical college girl.

Well, one night, I slipped out of my part-time job early and drove an hour in my green antique volvo to my hometown for an art opening.

I walked through the crowded rooms, looking at so many beautiful and inspiring works. One painting in particular caught my eye. A masked woman in a green dress sat waiting for something wonderful to happen. I was spellbound. When I turned around, there was only one other person in the room.

He was my doppelganger. We were dressed almost identically. Slightly taller than me, he had on the same geeky glasses, jeans and velvet jacket. Our eyes locked, his blue and mine brown.

Though we were both quite shy, we walked together in the tiny downtown that night and held hands.He kissed the side of my face right between my eye and ear. I felt like I was finally home.

The story could end there and it would be lovely enough for me, but I was luckier than that. Within a week we were making plans for our future. It didn't seem hasty, it seemed normal somehow. When I went back to school my friends could tell from one look at me that something major had happened.

Six months to the day after we met, James put his grandmother's diamonds on my finger. We were married on St. Valentine's Day and now we have a daughter.

These have been the most beautiful 6 years of my life. It is bliss to dream with someone and live out those dreams together.

paz said...

great give away
the first kiss was a little weird but it got better..

Serena said...

I love the story of my grandparents. They were on a double date together when she was 15 or 16 and he was 18 but were each with other people. For some reason, they decided to switch dates. Needless to say it was a success, and they were married a year later. They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last April, and I feel so privileged to see their relationship evolve. They inspire me in the way they love each other through even the most difficult situations. I think my grandfather's love for my grandmother really hit home with me these past two years as I've seen him spend days by her side as she spent her last couple of years in a nursing home. I felt like I really did see love that lasts a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

I met my boyfriend when he was bartending at a local restaurant. I had seen him there a couple of times before, and finally I got up the nerve to introduce myself. I ended up staying at the bar until close with him. He gave me some money to play the jukebox and when a slow song came on we danced in the dark empty bar. We've been together for 2 1/2 years now. :)

Tristan and Adam said...

We met at work when I was 17 and he was 21. His cocky and carefree attitude was a huge put off for the preppy girl who was more interested in school than boys.

He would tell you it was love at first site and the boy wasn't used to being told "no". He knew what he wanted and was incredibly persistant. After 9 months of asking me out I finally said "yes" (just to get him to stop asking!!!) and 11 years later we're still loving life together. Thank goodness for persistance =)

neoncake said...

My boyfriend and I met on Livejournal while I was living with my (now ex)boyfriend. We immediately hit it off(as well as you can on the Internet)and we both became sad that I had no way out of my current relationship.(I lived with him in Indiana and my home was in Minnesota, Josh was in Texas)
Finally(and all too late) my boyfriend & I broke it off, deciding it wasn't going to work out, and he drove me to Minnesota.
The night that he left was the first time Josh and I talked on the phone.
A few weeks later, I was on a Greyhound bus going down to Texas to meet up with him.
The first try went awry as the bus broke down somewhere and couldn't get to my city. So, I went back home, called him, and told him I'd be leaving the next day. The next morning came around, I got on the bus and in St Paul, Minnesota we broke down for a few hours.
Everything in the world was telling us that we shouldn't be together. Normally I listen to things like this, but I didn't this time.

I got to Texas(finally! after a 2-day travel) and we slept in his apartment for 1 month when we decided that I couldn't stay there because I had just returned home after such a long time away from my brothers, and he struggled with figuring out if he wanted to stay in Texas or not. He had gotten laid off from his newspaper job a week before I got there.
So, a few weeks later we were on our way back up to Minnesota. We lived there from February 09 to October 09 and now we live in Mississippi where he works at a newspaper and enjoys his work a lot.
We belong together, and this is our first Valentine's Day together, even though we aren't doing much for it(he got me my favorite cheeseburger and Andy Warhol coasters and I got him chocolate raspberry bock beer soap)because our 1yr anniv is 10 days away.

Katy said...

This is so sweet! i just had the best time reading these stories!

Matt & I met my senior year of high school. It was love at first sight for me. He was a freshmen in college, wore old vintage t-shirts, checkered Vans, and big hemp necklaces, not to mention his big ole head full of curly blonde hair. *swoon*! He didn't pay too much attention to me, but apparently he DID notice me. I ended up dating another boy my senior year of high school, someone I thought was my "first love". And then I realized that I still thought about Matt ALL THE TIME. My ex-boyfriend made me delete him from everything. I think he always knew that once I went to college and Matt and I hung out, he would be out of the picture. Which is what happened.

Matt & I dated all through college. We've progressively gotten further apart in distance. He is now in Chicago working on his masters and I'm in nowhere West Virginia finishing my last semester of nursing school.

We've been together 4 years and 3 months. We've been engaged for 11 months, he proposed at his parents house. He made me sloppy joes and french fries for dinner, wrote me a song and sang it to me, bought me a cookie cake ( a running joke we had for like 3 years. he taunted me about buying me a cookie cake instead of a ring because every girl gets a ring, but not a cookie cake), he out did himself and bought me the ring of my dreams and the cookie cake! :-)

we're getting married July 31st!!! :-)

He is my one true love and my BEST FRIEND!!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

My husband proposed to me in a blueberry patch on the hottest day of the year. We were the only people crazy enough to be out picking blueberries in that heat, so we were all alone in the middle of the countryside and it was ridiculously romantic. :)

Jolie said...

My husband and I met one night in August at a street festival outside a bar in downtown Atlanta. I picked him up by asking him to take a picture of my friend Meg and I. Luckily he had no idea :-) We found out we had lots in common and spent the whole next day together and pretty much every day after that.

We considered ourselves very lucky to have met as that was a part of town neither of us ever really frequented. "What if one or both of us had decided not to go out that night, we might have never met, what a shame that would have been".

By that time it was nearly Halloween and Beau (my beau) and I were headed to a Halloween party at his best friends house. A house he had lived in the year before. His best friend and several neighbors throw the party every year. Walking in to his friend's back yard was like a deja vu...I had been there before. The year before for a Halloween party because I was friends with the brother of one of the other neighbors that hosted the party as well.

We had been at the exact same party a year ago. It just hadn't been time for us to meet yet. The Lord works in mysterious ways and he also works according to His time line not ours, as tough as that is to realize.

Allyson said...

Even though I'd love to share my own love story- my favorite is my parents. My parents were next door neighbors in college and met because my mom's dog brought my dad a ball for him to throw while my dad was tanning in the yard. My dad returned Rocky after throwing the ball for a bit and officially met my mom. They started dating soon after, but my mom graduated (for the second time) at the end of that semester and moved 3 hours away. After a month, she had met some handsome big shots at her new job and freaked out that she was dating someone 4 years younger, 3 hours away. It would never last. The next time my dad came to visit, my mom broke up with him. Right after she drove away, she realized what mistake she had made. It would take him three hours to get home and there was no way to get in touch with him before then (this was before cell phones..) She went over to a friends house to cry her eyes out, hoping he would listen to her when she called later that night. Three hours later, she drives back home. My dad was sitting on her front steps in the rain waiting for her. A month later they were engaged, married 7 months after that, and have been together for almost 26 years.

ashlee said...

My hubby and I met when we were 13, i was friends with his sister. Fast forward 6 years...we started dating on August 25, 1998 and we eloped to Vegas on January 25, 1999:) We have been through our share of hard times but we are more in love today than 11 years ago...and have 6 little ones to show it:)

Stephanie said...

Nate and I met in the 10th grade. It was at school and I was (in another classroom) buying my ticket for the Homecoming dance. I had no date so I turned toward the classroom and asked if any boys would like to take me. (brave!) About 5 boys raised their hands and Nate was in the front row. I picked him. We introduced ourselves and began a sweet highschool romance that quickly turned into a deep friendship and love. We were engaged and married the summer after our highschool graduation.

Fastforward to now: we have been married for over 3 years and have a beautiful two year old daughter.

He is still and always will be the love of my life, my best friend and my 'highschool sweetheart' turned happily ever after.

Christen Krumm said...

when i first fell in love ----

my parents left me at home (to take care of the chickens and dogs) when they went on a mission trip to mexico (because of job and school i couldn't go). when i was by myself, it was really hard for me to fall asleep.... well, there was this new guy in town that had moved to fort smith only like three weeks before... i kinda liked him, but wouldn't admit it yet... well..while my parents were gone, and i was all nervous to fall asleep, he would call up and play his guitar and sing silent night (it was october... why silent night? i don't know) to me until three o'clock in the morning when i could fall asleep. so sweet. needless to say i fell in love and we were married the following year in november :) it's been three years and now we have a beautiful darling little girl --- elsie :)

happy valentines day!!


RachelDenbow said...

These are some fabulous stories.

megbrothers said...

my husband and i met through mutual friends. i liked him but he's 3 yrs younger than i am and i never really imagined myself being with a younger man. so i was nice to him, but didn't think much of it. we spent lots of time together as a group of friends. one night after i got home from work, he called me up and asked if he could come pick me up and take me out to coffee. i thought it was strange since there was over a foot of snow and it was blizzarding outside.but i said yes, so he came and got me and drove me through the snow to a coffee shop. we had an amazing time just the two of us and on the way home he said, "so, do you wanna make this more official?" to which i giggled and said sure. we were married less than a year later, and have been married for just over 2 years. i love him more today than i ever dreamed i would love someone. xo

Tate said...

Sean is my Harry and I was his Sally. We were best friends but were never single at the same time. We were always clarifying to strangers that “no, we were just friends” until one day we both just smiled and said thanks- the next day I broke it off with the guy I had been seeing and we have been together ever since! happy heart day!

Samantha said...

My boyfriend and I met outside out psychology class. We were both there early and were sitting on the same bench. He started talking to me and he seemed like a nice guy, though a few years younger than me. From that point on he was very keen to get to know me: he'd sit my me in class, ask me to have coffee and so on. I was glad to have a friend though terribly interested in a relationship at that point. A couple of months went by and as we started hanging out more it became apparent he was a really lovely guy and there was no use in me trying to avoid what was inevitable!

One day we planned on studying for our psych exam together, but zero studying got done. We had lunch and talked for hours, then I ended up kissing him and from that day on we've been together. We've only been together three and half months, but it feels much longer (as it always dose!). He is amazing and I love him so much. I love having such a beautiful person to share life with.

Anonymous said...

Aaron and I met when I was 12 years old. He was the older brother of my newly found best friend. I thought he was dreamy. He was good looking, cool and he was also an amazing cellist (with long hair and skater clothes). He didn't take much notice of me, after all, I was his little sister's friend.

We became friends and stayed friends all through high school. We never dated because we were both in serious relationships, but I never lost that gaga feeling for him. After high school everybody moved away or got married and pretty soon the only friends left around were he and his little sister, the boy next door, and me. The four of us began spending all of our time together.

We fell head over heels for each other, and my best friend and the boy next door did the same :)

We all married our sweethearts! It is so much fun at family gatherings, we have all been friends for so long and now, we are family.

I am so glad that I finally caught his eye, and I can now have a cello serenade any old time I want.

Happy Valentines day!

angela said...

Jeramy and I had been friends as far back as i can remember. About our Junior year of high school i learned that he had been crushin on me for awhile i never thought anything about it. we quickly became best friends and i kind of felt "it" too. we went to prom together that year and i couldn't help but have him around all the time. Christmas of our senior year he asked me to be his girl and i was so exicted. 1 month and 10 days into our "relationship" he was killed in a drunk driving accident. he had been in the backseat and was ejected from the car. i had never know such loss until that day. i know the he loved me more than life itself and i will forever hold him closest to my heart. i have a tattoo on my back of his high school football number, #81, and everytime i look in the mirror i see it and think of how much fun and love we had. miss you jeramy allen sweat.

xoxo ang

Danz said...

It was my 11th birthday slumber party and my friends and I were on MSN chat rooms, we met a guy (bear in mind I was only 11) anyways I continued talking to this guy throughout highschool and college, we were online 'friends' for 8 years. I figured if we could talk to each other online for all that time without even knowing what each other looked like but never ran out of things to say and had great chemistry then there must be good innings for us being 'real' friends. After a few months I dropped him an email, saying if he was ever my way, then we should meet up, we met in December 2005 and haven't spent a day apart since, he moved 60 miles and changed his job to be with me. We are completely and absolutley in love and for me it gets better and better everyday! (cheesey right!?!?)

Emily said...

My husband & I met when I got a job at the same deli he worked at. It was deli love at first sight! 7 years later & married for the last 8 months am I ever glad I applied there! <3 Happy Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Gingiber said...

When I was eleven, I moved to a new town. I made friends with a group of kids who were a grade ahead of me. We were in the band together, eventually yearbook, student council, and ate lunch together everyday.

Well, my friends graduated and I was left a senior in high school without my closest friends to keep me company. As that year drew to a close, it was senior prom time and I had no date.

I decided I would invite one of my old friends, Nathan. For some brilliant reason, I sent him an email instead of calling... of course I did not know that he rarely if ever check that email address. Weeks passed with no response from Nathan. Finally, like the week before the prom, I get short e-mail: "Shame on me for not checking me email. Sure, I will go with you to the dance. Lets get together to catch up".

Well, we met up before the dance and went on our first "date" to Walmart... romantic, eh?

5 years later, we are married with a sweet daughter.

On a side-note, somehow his mother believes that she set us up on our first date, and takes full credit for our being married....and tells everyone she can about her role in our relationship.... funny, no?

Ashley Ann said...

My husband and I met online in a poetry message board that he ran. When my best friend and I found cheap tickets to Amsterdam, I remembered he lived in Holland. He offered to show us around, and we've been together ever since!

Miss H said...

I love the story of how my parents met. She went to a party with her friends and as she was leaving a guy sitting on the couch grabbed her hand. When she turned to look at him he said, "Hey, you can't leave. I haven't met you yet." Three months later they were married with a baby on the way. It's almost 30 years later and they are still madly in love. In a way they ruined me, I expected nothing less than the amazing love that they have.
And I held out for it. Now at almost 29 years old, I have found it and have never been happier. A teacher in the classroom next to me kept telling me I needed to meet her brother but it never happened. Three years later she emailed me from Portland, Oregon telling me that she still thought I needed to meet her brother. I finally agreed and we went to a DeVotchKa concert. I went to the bathroom and texted him saying, "Well, see you in a few hours, the line is so long." He wrote back, "I will miss you." I fell for him right then. It's been a year. He is my best friend and the love of my life.

Lost In Reverie said...


he was my best friend for three years, we danced around the balance line of close friends and boy/girlfriend. in the end...we decided to stay friends, but had been through too much to continue. this is the last thing I said to him, a letter that is quite vulnerable and right from my heart. but love has no fear and is not embarrassed by it's honesty. I didn't find my 'happily ever after' BUT DON'T WAIT UNTIL VALENTINES DAY TO TELL THE ONE YOU LOVE JUST HOW MUCH YOU CARE!!!

Recently you made a comment that you felt as though I thought more of you than what you actually are…that really stuck with me, and prompted me to write this note. At first I laughed, because the idea seemed silly, but the more I thought about it, the more it hurt. You undervalued my opinion and threw it back in my face as though it were worthless. We don’t deserve Gods love but we cannot keep him from still loving and thinking highly of us.
These are the things that I value in you as a person…embrace them, they are truth to me!
1. I appreciate that you value reading. I have enjoyed hearing about the lives of artists and the love affair between Fermina Daza and Florentino Aiza! Like I have said many times before, you make history interesting.
2. Work ethic…I have loved sharing painting space with you. Your hard work has inspired me time and time again to push my art and work harder. Honestly, thank you, because I am sure that I would not have made my thematic deadline without your silent encouragement.
3. My biggest fan…you get excited with me! Sure, this is probably an easy one because we share so many interests, but it has meant a lot to me to know that I could share anything with you and you wouldn’t judge.
4. You are giving of your time, such as when you took time out of your summer to teach that little boy how to paint. Or when I had a lot of “scary” things to talk to you about…you bravely waited patiently, and allowed me to say all that I needed to. You may never know the extent of my gratitude for your patience, and for listening to me. It really made me feel as though what I had to say was of value.
5. When you make everyone laugh….this you have a talent for! it is amazing how a little laughter can brighten someone’s day! There were a few times I can remember feeling really low and somehow you made me laugh and forget about whatever it was troubling me.
6. You have always been sweet and considerate about my feelings. Also, you have been very careful with our friendship. Face it, you’re a nice guy!
7. Good conversationalist, when you are in groups you are good at being with them, and being kind to them. When someone does something silly or embarrassing I have seen you reassure them that you don’t see them as less
8. Your honesty… is a very important one to me!
9. The close bond you have with your family…incredibly endearing! They are so wonderful and the most important thing in your life, which I am sure you already know.
10. When you rub your hand through your hair when you are frustrated. This may seem like a silly one, but nevertheless it is something that I love about you!

My friendship you will always have. And if I never get to see or talk to you again, I hope you know that I will always be praying for you and cheering you on! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

chel.johnston said...

I used to work at Einstein's Bagels and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, a couple would come in. Helen and Larry. They once told me how the fell in love. I think I will always remember it.

Larry was in the Army. He lied about his age and enlisted when he was 16. When he came back to the states, him and his buddies were out celebrating for one reason or another. There was a pretty lady sitting at one of the tables and their friends made him a bet to go talk to her. They hit it off right away. Three days after they met, he asked her to marry him. She said yes. They've been together for 65 years.

Laura said...

Kyle and I met because of hubcaps.

I started collecting them in high school and had them in my room at college (I was an RA and my residents would add to my collection each weekend). Kyle started making hubcap clocks with his roommate as a cool way to decorate their college apartment.

We went to different colleges and one day my friend instant messaged me a link to some pictures a friend of her's from high school posted. They were hubcap clocks. I told her that this guy was definitely my soul mate. A minute later, he sent he a message that said "hey baby this is the hubcap king." We started dating and 4 years later we got married.

We hung a vintage hubcap on our head table.

Thanks for letting me share!

Emily said...

The man I had waited for all summer while he travelled Europe came home and told me he loved me but decided that he just wanted to hook up occasionally and not get together. I was hurt, and said no way. I spent Valentine's Day alone while all my friends had cute presents and fun messages.
Then, while sitting in church that night feeling sad and lonely while everyone was out on their romantic dates, someone (a pretty cute someone) I never met before came and sat next to me. He struck up conversation, told me I had pretty eyes and a girl like me shouldn't be alone for Valentine's Day. He became my impromptu date for the night, getting dinner, driving to the park, looking at the city. I only know his first name, and we have absolutely no way of getting in contact again. But I hope this turns into a happy ending!

The Smith Family said...

Marc and I met through a friend of mine...it was a blind date. We met at my friends house and watched the FSU/Miami football game with a bunch of other people. I amusingly watched Marc play in the front yard with his then 3 year old niece Leah...I think I knew when I saw him doing handstands and playing with her instead of watching the football game that I'd marry him one day. A short month and a half later, he proposed and we were married less than a year after that! We've been married for over 8 years now and have 2 beautiful daughters of our own. Our niece was the most adorable flower girl ever when we got married and she will start high school next year! I think I will always see her as the crazy mismatched dressed 3 year old that she was when I met her and met my future husband. :)

robin said...
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robin said...

I had tranferred schools and my new roomate wanted me to go with her to a Halloween party to meet the group she hung out with. We decided to be witches and went to the Goodwill to get some black dresses. When she was at class I put the dress on to show my neighbor (an openly gay guy who I instantly became good friends with). He said "that girlfriend will not do.. get me some scissors!" When he got thru..I had the sexiest black witches dress you could imagine paired with green hose and heels..My roomate was so mad ..anyway we went to the party and I was greeted by a guy dressed in a full clown attire, his face was totally masked by all the clown makeup. We spent hours talking..me flirting, cause there was something about this clown dude that grabbed my heart..When we left I just couldn't get him out of my head..saddened that I didn't find out his last name and would probably never see him again. The next day walking into my economics class this guy standing in front of the door looked at me weirdly..My heart was pounding...I knew those eyes..he said "Sexy green witch?"..I said,
Bill the clown?" we walked in together and sat next to each other...end of story...25 years later, 5 kids and a dog here we are..and he's still grabbing my heart

February 15, 2010 10:18 AM

Anonymous said...

When I met Patrick I was still heart sick from my last relationship of five years. I went on a few dates with his good friend, then a different good friend, then a different friend (none of whom were anything I was looking for. And then one day, while being crushed at Street Fighter II by Patrick I realized how much fun we always have together and how he always told me he liked the food I made, even though I know he had to be lying, because I was not a good chef. at. all.

We started to date and have been together for 2 1/2 years now and I still love him, adore him, am happy with him! There is a sad portion to the story though...
in just a few months he will be going to New York and I will be staying here in Savannah. I don't know when we'll see each other again. But I know my heart will break until we do.
<3 crissy.

Kalee said...

My husband and I "met" in the 8th grade. I don't remember him, but he thought I was the most beautiful thing (I was new to his town). Four years later we were going to prom as friends, awkward together, but we became best friends. My entire family wanted me to date him but I didn't see him that way and constantly told them to "get over it". Four years after that we began dating, a few months in he proposed and five years after we first got to know one another while being set up as prom dates, we were married! (five is a lucky number for us) Three years later we're still driving each other batty, but absolutely crazy about one another. My grandmama never fails to remind me she "picked a good one" (she used to bug me about him the most!).

Anonymous said...


Tom and I sat next to each other at our high school graduation: Groff/Guess. We didn't know each other then but instantly recognized that we had sat next to each other when we were both at the local Air Force recruiter some 6+ months later. We became fast friends during our short time of joining the AF i.e. during MEPS, meetings etc.

He ended up going to Basic Training exactly one month before me...so I figured I'd never see him again. BTW, I had somewhat of a crush on him. What can I say? He was a hottie.

Fast forward to my Basic Training graduation...my parents had come to visit and we were eating lunch in the base food court. Tom walks up and sits with us! He happened to still be in San Antonio for his tech school. We planned to meet the next day for my base pass. Now, since I was still in basic training I had to wear my uniform at all times. Tom did now, but wore his just so I wouldn't feel uncomfortable while we hung out that day. Such a nice guy! We spend the whole day together...eating, playing pool, shopping, we even took some photobooth sticker pictures. (Which I still have!!!). Said goodbye at the end of the day and never saw him again.

Unil.... Fast Foward 6 years. I'm still in the Air Force. Stationed in Korea. I'm eating at this place called Happy Teriaki and I had to go to the bathroom. I walk out of the bathroom door and Tom's there. He says "Do you remember me?" I say "Of course! You're Tom Guess!". Unfortunately, we were both married to other people at that time....but again, we became fast friends. Turned out that both of us were extremely unhappy in our current relationships (I even had left my ex at one time a year prior, but got back with him for silly reasons). The more time we spent together, the more we realized how perfect we were together. So, we did it. We both got divorces. I can honestly say that we didn't go any further than friendship until both divorces were final though.

We have now been together for a happy and perfect 6 years. I love him more than I can ever imagine and while I sorta wish we hadn't been married to other people, if we weren't, I don't think we would have ever met again that day in Korea. Fate.

alyssa johns said...

i never dated in high school at all. i met my husband my third week of college when he joined the game of trivial pursuit i was playing with his roommates. he was impressed by my smarts. we got to know each other and he made me laugh my tail off. he was planning a move to texas to finish his schooling, so i was afraid to get serious. one day he let me know that he was considering staying, which scared me even more since who knew how things would turn out? he ended up staying for two more years which was time enough for us to know we could handle the long distance relationship for 6 months when he went to grad school 3 states away. we're still so very happy together 8 years after our first game of trivial pursuit.

candice valdespino said...

when i was 11 years old i was in the back of a yellow school bus for a summer field trip with all my friends at the norco YMCA. we were talking about who had had their first kiss and i lied to look cool and said that i had. well, no one believed me and told me to prove it! so i look to the person sitting next to me its geoff, my boyfriend of the week, and i tell him im going to kiss him and hold it for 5 seconds. that was my first kiss.
we stayed boyfriend-girlfriend for the rest of the summer since that day i pretty much marked him as mine while we were at daycare together. once school started i broke up with him since we went to different schools and i wouldn't do the "long distance" thing haha.
about 3 years ago i ran into him randomly at a friends softball game.
we are getting married in 5 weeks

true story. check out my blog or our wedding site:

c + g

Anonymous said...

I first met Bren at a mutual friends birthday party about three years ago. He had a girlfriend but we had a short chat about Sigur Ros and I can't quite recall what else. Fast forward two years and Bren sent me a random message online having seen some silly typing test I did on a social networking site. He had remembered me from the party, was now single and used my super fast typing skills as an excuse to get in touch. Valentines night last year he asked me to come to a nightclub with our mutual friend, for some anti-Valentines friendly fun. He unexpectedly leaned in for a kiss at the worst timing you could possibly imagine, which I mistook for a leaning-in-closer-to-tell-you-something-over-the-loud-music and so I turned my head and we had an awkward few seconds of nodding and shaking heads and awkward attempts at a kiss. But it turned out to be the best worst timing ever, because a year later we're still very much in love and having the time of our lives :) Just goes to show you never know what might happen when you meet someone new, even if you have a short and seemingly insignificant chat :)

Anonymous said...

I would love love love to tell you my story.

Okay. So i met Adri in high school. He was a senior and I was a sophomore. And my senior year we got married. I was 18 and he was 20 and we were just head over heels for eachother. But we didnt have a DREAM WEDDING as most girls have/want. But just a little ceremony in my aunts living room. Even my father wasn't there...rough time.

So this Jan. 17th we celebrated our 4th anniversary and we have come a long way...we both work 3 jobs and live comfortably (except we have 3 jobs lol) ...So he took me to the restaurant we went to the night he first proposed...except back then he was too scared to do it in the restaurant...so he proposed @the bus stop near my house.

Long story short...he re-proposed and told me he wants me to have MY DREAM WEDDING for our 5th anniversary!!! Super exciting.So yah. now im planning that! EEEEK!

Stephie G.

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

I suppose my story is a sad one... Last year my boyfriend broke up with me on February 13th, which was a double whammy because it was Friday the 13th AND the day before Valentines! anne.e.cullen@gmail.com. Annie.