Wouldn't this wall pattern make a great boy's quilt? I love the color combination and the simplicity of it. More than once I've sat down to make this same pattern in pink and orange. I think I also want one in yellow and white and/or fuchsia and heather grey.

I may just need to start on one for Sebastian's birthday. He's been promised a bigger bed since his long legs aren't getting any shorter. All the blankets he uses now are just glorified lap quilts layered on top of one another. In fact, he's claimed the afghan I finished a few days before Ruby was born!

I've seen a few things from the Dwell lines for boys that I like but I feel like he's going to need something a little more special. When it comes to quilts I tend to be partial to the handmade variety. Unless it's this one (scroll down a lot). Or this one.




Miss Anne said...

i love it!
as we prepare to find out the sex of our baby, i'm on a bedding hunt... i find cute boy ones, then sweet girl ones, then unisex ones.....

i just can't decide!

Anonymous said...

Love that pattern! Perfect for a boys quilt :)

courtney.janelle.sews said...

it's perfect! handmade all the way.
couldn't have that for wallpaper in my house though...i get waaay too distracted by countable shapes and patterns with odd repeats. haha!

Meg said...

Love anything be Dwell Studio! My grandmother made my son an afghan in those colors for Christmas, it turned out really pretty! Have a wonderful Monday!