Feeling Crafty!

It's always exciting to be starting a new class. It's a creative challenge to put something together that is just a little outside what I'm used to in order to keep growing and experimenting with my style. I've been really inspired by bright colors on white or muted backgrounds lately and I can really see that going back through my Flickr favorites. It's one of my favorite exercises in spotting what I'm into at the moment.

What trends/styles/colors/concepts have been catching your eye lately?



Anonymous said...

Floral prints have been catching my eye and the color yellow!


TheseLovelyThings said...

Floral prints! And normally I'm not that into very bright colours, but I'm starting to like them. (:

Kristen said...

I agree with both of the previous comments. FLORALS! Target has that new Liberty of London line that has really caught my eye. I love the tight print florals in the super bright colors :)

With Love, Jamie said...

I keep my colored pencils in jars like that :)
Love those blocks!

Hannah B. said...

I have been slightly obsessed with pics of other people's kitchens lately... I'm thinking that means it's time to redecorate! & I too do the flickr thing... it's so handy :)

threesixfive said...

I too have been into white backgrounds...when creating I try to switch it up, but I keep coming back to white thinking everything looks better on white! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel:) I dont know if you remember this, a year ago I wrote a comment on your blog and asked you to pop by mine and tell me what you thought of it. Because of your kind answer I was inspiered to keep bloging and still do. I guess I just wanted to say thank you, and that you still are a great inspiration to me:)
Love Christine.

Roxanne said...

I've noticed my taste becoming more modern. Brighter and bolder colors are making me smile as opposed to muted colors. This is in part thanks to you Rachel!


love the little stitched rainbow! so pretty!

Andrea!!! said...

I am loving red-green combos, not like Christmas, more like crimson & clover, or a split watermelon, or salmon & citrine. Such a pretty combo! I think I'm going to make a taggy for Ella inspired by that sad flower (I think that's the title) photo.

Jodie / Lova Revolutionary said...

Thanks so much for including my Embroidery Rainbow in your post! Love your blog & Red Velvet Art!



Amie said...

I've really been getting into playing with the combination of extreme whimsy and realism. I've been painting a lot of very bright and colorful and whimsical flowers mixed with realistic animals on rocks. Sounds strange, I know, but I think it looks pretty cool.

tracey-leigh [...tl xo] said...

YELLOW...lovin the yellow right now :}


Jenny Brandt said...

Hey! I hope you are well! It has been a while now, and baby Frank is doing very good again, we are so glad. =)

Check out dos today, I am sure you look good cleaning, and I would love to see it.

have a great day!

Pearl said...

colors of yellow have been catching my eye lately!

i adore the building blocks.
i have a 5 month baby boy, but i'm definantly gonna get some building blocks!