Sunday Afternoon

We hit up our favorite park on Sunday afternoon to enjoy the perfect Spring weather. Ruby rode with me in the Maya wrap and eventually napped while I snapped some photos.

This older couple were on a walk and stopped to watch the children playing. They didn't know I took their picture but it was too sweet to pass up.

After getting the kids home and down for their naps I left Brett to his homework and hit up my three favorite flea markets. I don't know if it was my speed shopping or a picked over weekend but I only came home with a vintage table cloth and vintage top for Ruby. Despite my empty cart the hunt was refreshing as always.

Later that evening I finally finished the swing! I was inspired by this post on OhDeedoh awhile back when it was so cold outside that a trip to the park wasn't in the cards with a newborn on my shoulder. I wasn't about to drill holes into the 1890's moulding on our doorway so I did a google search for how to build a wooden tree swing for our backyard and found these two posts the most helpful. I made this swing with this kind of rope set up since our tree branch was too high to reach with a ladder.

After borrowing my friend's tools I was able to get the rope holes in the seat big enough to thread them through. With Ruby down for a nap and Sebastian digging dirt I took my rope and unsuccessfully tried to get it up and over the branch 15 feet above me. I asked Brett to lend his height and while he was climbing the tree in his flip flops our favorite neighbor noticed we were out there and came over to laugh, I mean help. Hi, Clay! He was able to drag Sebastian's outdoor play gym over to the tree and made his own attempt to launch our knotted rope over the branch. Ruby woke up and then my SIL stopped by to pick up a fan and drop off some apple cake and soon enough we were that joke about how many people it takes to put up a tree swing.

An hour or so after I had started we had collectively managed to hook it up. Sebastian was thrilled! He made Brett push him 'as high as the birds' until after dark. It swings a little crooked so I'm going to work on it tomorrow to see if I can get it fixed. Hopefully it won't take all six of us this time.

I hope your weekend was lovely and relaxing!


Roxanne said...

What a wonderful weekend. Your swing reminds me of the two swings my grandparents used to have; hooked up to the same tree so all of the cousins could dule it out! I miss that simple joy.

Aura said...

Adorable swing! I had one when I was really young, and that makes me incredibly nostalgic.
And I wish I had three flea markets near by! I do have one right by my house, and I love it. I have had good luck there, lately.

Vivianna said...

you amaze me! You can do it all :)

Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

oh! that sounds like so much fun! :)

tree swings rock.

tiffany. said...

cute photo op with the older couple ;)


Gingiber said...

yay for lovely day at one of the beautiful Springfield Parks! I got married in Nathaniel Greene Park over by Scenic Ave. So lovely!

Anonymous said...

I miss spring. It is just not the same in Florida and I miss those lilac trees terribly! That swing looks like such fun:-)
Beautiful post!

Holly S said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I love the picture of your better half looking up at the limb to make sure the swing wasn't going to give out!!! Priceless!!!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

swings are the best!! i remember when i was little and my dad made me one! i miss it tons!
sounds like an awesome weekend!! :)

ps- wanted to let you know that i nominated you for a blog award!! (i really lovelovelove your blog)! you can check out the award here: http://getthewordsout.blogspot.com/2010/04/wonderful-blog-awards.html


Carrie Rosalind said...

That swing is awesome! You are the coolest mom ever! :)

mrs boo radley said...

Swings are the BEST. I love this story and I love the photo of Sebastian.

I have fabulous memories of swings...and my husband and I were married under our old "ropeswing tree" back home.

Meg said...

oh a tree swing, how fun!! glad you were able to get up there, even if it took a few helping hands!