RVA Summer Camp Registration


Red Velvet Summer Camp spots are now available for purchase! Elsie Flannigan and I are excited to share six weeks of handmade crafty goodness with special guest projects from Leigh-Ann, Holly and Emma. We'll keep your hands busy all summer long with 30 DIY projects for your home and outdoor enjoyment. Class starts June 14th! Full details here.



We'll be hosting three live chats for our students to ask questions, get to know classmates, and share resources. Anyone can take this class! Due to it's online format we are able to accommodate internationals or anyone interested in joining in that has a busy schedule. Our private blog will host all projects and document chats for a full year so you can come back and work on your projects at your own pace.

Our step-by-step instructions along with photos are designed for beginners in mind and most projects can be made with generic craft supplies found at your local craft store. NOTE: This class is appropriate for all ages & family friendly, but projects are primarily set up for an adult skill level. :)


Project List Sampling: 10 Button Based Embroidery Patterns, 'Hello' Woven Floor Mat, Summer Log Art Journal, 3 Upcycled Tank Tops, Pup Tent, Loom DIY, Swiss Cross Pillow, Beaded Chandelier, Pretty Wind Chime, Beach Blanket, Hanging Lanterns, Fresh Fruit Apron Makeover, Tea Party Decor D.I.Y., Plush Scout Animal, Mini Party Garland, and a Scout's Honor Merit Badge Project. Full list here.



*Payments accepted via PayPal and the Red Velvet site via credit card.

* You'll receive your private blog information within 24 hours of payment via e-mail. NOTE: If your PayPal address is not the same as your regular e-mail account you'll need to notify us so we can add your regular e-mail to our list.

*If you have questions, please e-mail racheldenbow(at)gmail(dot)com.



We're so excited to share these new projects. See you at camp!



Green Pickles said...

This sounds SO exciting!!!!! x

Big Yellow Dog said...

This class looks like so much fun! And I LOVE your dress from the photo shoot!

Charlie said...

I can't wait!! I'm soooo excited!! :)

Andrea!!! said...

Happy Birthday me - I'm going to summer camp!!! (hee hee) Can't wait - the project list looks super fun!

Van said...

Beautiful pictures and crafts, looks like fun. Too bad it's too far from me!

RachelDenbow said...


It's a online course. Not a real live camp. Anyone can play!!! :)

Cat said...

Such a cute photo shoot for your RVA camp. Wish I could join, but I have a newborn on the way :)