Four On The Fourth!

It's Sebastian's Golden Birthday year. I haven't had mine yet but that's what I get for being born on the 31st of the month. I've been brainstorming ways to make his first birthday party at our own house extra special and well styled considering he has requested a Mighty Machines birthday theme. For those of you without three year olds, it's a Canadian production on Netflix that has silly voice overs that make big trucks, tractors, cranes, trains, etc. talk about what they are doing. He loves it. I've learned a few things, I'll give it that much.

When Ruby was born Brett's mom started searching for a #4 sign to signify our larger family (note the large 3 in our bedroom) and we finally found this one. It has a #5 on the other side just in case....you know...we decide to do that again. It's found a temporary place on Sebastian's side of the room since he's going to be four on the Fourth of July. Next year, we can just flip it over. I can't remember now where it was purchased from since it was gifted to us by Brett's mom but it was a vintage shop on Etsy. (If I come up with it, I'll pass that along.) EDITED: The store is Hindsvik and you can find more vintage goodness here.

In the meantime, I'm jotting down all the ways I can make Sebastian's party light on the truck theme and heavy on the creative side. I'm going with two shades of blue, kraft paper brown, and the mustard yellow of a Tonka truck. I saw this cute idea on OhDeedoh this morning and will probably make our own version of mud pie with yogurt, crumbled brownies and gummy worms in plastic cups. There will be paper bunting, kraft paper dot garlands, and a cake with a tractor on it. If you have any links to great boy party ideas, I'd love them!


p.s. If you're related to Sebastian OR know him well enough to know his favorite Starbucks treat AND favorite place in town to cool off, consider yourself invited. I'll get those official invites out to you soon but we're celebrating on July 2nd this year.


tiffany. said...

darnit!!! i dont remember what i did for my GOLDEN birthday :(( i was 11.


Casey said...

This dump truck cake is one of my favorite kid cakes I've seen, and it looks super yummy!

Big Yellow Dog said...

Have fun! We did a rockstar themed first birthday last year and are planning a luchador fiesta for birthday number 2 this year. There are a few cute party ideas on OhDeeDoh that I've been looking through. Have fun planning!

Cole said...

My baby is turning 1 on the 4th. Isn't it the best birthday ever? Happy birthday to your little guy. You sound like such a cool mom. :)

Linda said...

We recently did some constructing with toothpicks and marshmallows, but I really like the straws; it makes for more interesting structures. I've been a faithful reader of your blog for a while now, but never commented. Love your ideas and envy your sewing talent!

Kt said...

This isn't a birthday party idea BUT this book has a special place in the heart of Australians of a certain age. In my family, as children we'd spend hours upon hours looking through the book to choose the perfect birthday cake. My mum always did an amazing job.
Here's a link to Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Childrens-Birthday-Australian-Womens-Library/dp/0949892742

I thought of it because I was sure there was a cake in there that is like a truck and its tipper/back thingy is full of lollies (candies?) Ha, perhaps I need to watch me a little Mighty Machines.

Either way... a cake shaped like a machine full of treats? Yes please!

angie may said...

i was born on 11-11-88 anf turned 11 on 11-11-99. i thought it was cool. :) hehe

cant wait to see cute pics of the party!

maybe you could have the silverware on the table in like a toolbox or something? and orange cones lining the driveway? perhaps perhaps?

Kristin said...

I've never heard of a golden birthday before, what a neat idea... shame I was born on a leap year though... 29 on the 29th just isn't going to work for me!

For my boys 2nd birthday I made an actual truck out of cake http://www.flickr.com/photos/kristineykristin/4395963497/in/set-72157614317572731/ y'know if you're into that sort of thing. Sadly that gawdy yellow was the closest I could get to the tonka colour... nevermind, it tasted good!

jackson said...

there are some really great ideas at this party.


Tara said...

My son LOVES those books too!

Meg said...

sounds like it's going to be one awesome birthday party!! sebastian is one lucky boy to have such a creative mama. have a great weekend rachel!

tallynt said...

no truck birthday parties themes but my son had a car birthday last year and we had a great time - here are some ideas

- I got white die cast cars on oriental trading, you can find better ones made of wood - anyway the kids got to paint them and create their very own personal car

- we created an obstacle course around our house, the kids had to run around different obstacles, jump through inner tubes, spin hoola hoops, etc. The kids did it over and over and over again

- a very pastime of my sons is to create monster truck routes by using rocks, dirt, buckets, etc. You can pretty much do anything for a truck to drive through.

I was also born on the 31st and I always remember thinking I would never get to my golden birthday and then it was gone, over and done with. =( I have to say 4 on the fourth sounds quite grand. =)

Nicole (Nikki) Miller said...

Awww, how sweet! Happy Birthday to him.

名青 said...
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Megan said...

I featured an amazing DIY construction party on my kids' parties website a few months ago:
Good luck with it. Your blog looks beautiful. (I found you via Flickr).

Kate said...

What a great idea! My little guy just turned one and we had a "Mr. Man" party. We set up a room with lots of props (mustaches, funny noses, hats, glasses, etc) and let families take funny pictures together. I also used Elsie's mustache cupcake toppers and everyone love them. I posted a few pics on my blog, but not of the funny family photos because some didn't want pics of their little ones all over the internet. It's a bummer because we got some really cute ones!