Love It


A few late nights with work paired with sleep training have taken me to a new level of sleepy! I just want to curl up on this couch for a long nap. Except I'm going to try to go to bed instead, and then tomorrow let this whole room and house tour inspire me to tackle a fun new project.



jari spry said...

oh so pretty. i want to hang out in that room with you!

Roxanne said...

Oh wow, wow. What a pretty couch. I have my eye on one; just hoping someone doesn't snag it before me!

Green Pickles said...

Gorgeous cushions!

Katie said...

Looks comfy, and those cushions are wonderful! :)

Caitlin said...

I am shocked. Usually when you see a couch thats high style like that it doesn't seem very comfy but that one looks like I could watch a few movies and lay back on it! Love that room.

Hannah B. said...

That couch is *amazing!* I keep seeing that look lately wherever we go and it makes me want one so bad! Hope you get some rest so you can share whatever comes of your inspiration :D