Home Ec - Previews Part 2

Last week Leigh-Ann, Courtney and I announced the details of HOME EC, our Online Sewing Class for Beginners. We shared full details plus previews of the 1st half of our projects... today we're excited to show you the 2nd half with insights into what each project will teach! Visit here for full class details and registration info.

Project Previews - Part 2
(Previews Part 1 here)
Removable Pillow Case with Piping
 Take your pillows to the next level with piping that makes them pop! You'll learn how to create a removable pillow case and add piping to add depth and create a more finished shape. Introducing: removable cushion case, piping.
Duvet Cover
A duvet can be a quick and affordable way to update the look of your bedroom...and it can be a lot more affordable if you make it yourself! We'll give you a few different options for fabric, dimensions, and construction so you can decide what works best for you. Introducing: buttonholes, fabric care, ruffles.
Fabric Cubby/Tray
Those square shelving units and fabric cubbies are really popular, but sometimes it's really hard to find cute ones, especially in the right size. We'll show you how to make your own! And, if you don't have a shelving unit, you'll also be able to use the techniques to make neat little fabric trays, perfect for office desk organization or craft show displays. Introducing: constructing a cube, working with heavy interfacing.
Padded Laptop Case
There's no reason your laptop should be in a plain black sleeve... let's create a case that makes you smile each time you use it (while still being protective)! Sized to your computer, this padded case is built to last, beautify and protect. Introducing: Working with Foam.
Full Apron
Make an Anthropologie inspired apron sure to flatter any shape. This simple pattern allows your fabric selection to stand out with a chic bow detail at one shoulder. Give them as gifts this Christmas! Introducing pleated pockets.
Leather and Canvas Purse
The purse that actually looks like you bought it at a boutique. Learn how to add rich details to your creations by using leather and hardware like the pros. Introducing sewing with leather, box purse base, sewing with hardware details.
Mod Table Runner (Double Sided)
Dress up your tea party with a table runner than calls all eyes onto your pretty table display! Similar to quilting, this tablerunner is made by joining materials to create visual interest and seamed in a way that flattens your piece and shows a level of craftsmanship that impresses all your guests! (Note: The above tablerunner fabric is more traditional than mod. You'll see a mod table runner in the class, promise!) Introducing: Secure Seaming, Straight Lines that Show.
Drafting a Simple Pattern
One of the fastest ways to learn how clothing is constructed is to tear it apart. If not literally, then visually (we'll cover both options). Using a basic piece of clothing from your closet, we'll recreate it "quick and dirty" style. These make great projects for late at night when the fabric stores and mall are closed and you really want to wear something new the next day! Introducing: what types of clothing are easily drafted, working backwards, simple construction.
 Hanging Shoe Organizer
 Shoe organizers are not a new invention but cute ones just might be! These hanging shoe organizers are a stylish way to display and store 12 pairs of shoes (or more) and use vertical space to your advantage. Introducing: Tabs, Rows of Dimensional Pockets and a Secret Tip.
 Messenger Bag
This grey & yellow corduroy messenger bag feels like the 'safe purse' for girls who don't love handbags (also great for students). Built to last with looks that impress, you'll love carrying your books and belongings in your handmade messenger bag that's sure to make you proud of your new sewing & construction skills! Introducing: Working with directional texture, hardware connectors, adding decorative personality.
Reading a Commercial Pattern
They're tempting, they're intimidating. You're pretty sure they're written in a different language. Commercial patterns open up a whole new world of clothing (and accessories/craft) construction that would otherwise be impossible for "civilians" (read: not trained fashion & pattern designers) such as us. From selecting a pattern, to learning how to read the "step by step", we hope to give you the confidence and knowledge you need to conquer these wonderful little mysteries. Introducing: determining your size, skill level, understanding fabric & notions, using your pattern "correctly", dealing with the mishaps.
Flying Geese Quilt
The cherry on top of this crafty class! Use your new confidence to create a beautiful, large quilt for yourself or a loved one. Introducing patchwork quilting.
How to Invent & Adapt Projects
Different from any of our past online classes, in Home Ec, we are allowing you to take the projects we teach in this class and reproduce them for Commercial Use if you choose (but not to reteach). This means that if you own a business, taking Home Ec can expand your range of products and potential! We hope that you will find ways to personalize the projects to make them your own, and in this Tips post, Leigh-Ann will give recommendations for adapting a few of the projects into your own style and brand (also beneficial for gift making!). Even better, learn how to think like an inventor... how to use the skills you've learned in Home Ec to invent and design completely new projects exclusive to YOU!
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If you would like to register for Home Ec Online Sewing Class, please review the full class info & course outline here, along with project previews part 1, value, registration info and testimonials. Class officially begins August 10th. 
Questions? Please e-mail Leigh-Ann (FreckledNest@gmail.com) with "Home Ec" in the subject line.


Anna said...

I am sososososo excited about this class!! now i can feel legit as a crafter :)

brittni said...

I signed up for the class! I am so excited :) I can't wait. I hope my ancient machine can handle all the use it's going to get! you girls are wonderful for doing this.

xx, brittni

Anonymous said...

I am so excited and thankful for this class. Rachel, you amaze me... a 4 year old, a baby, a blog, AND these classes. Plus you're making so many beautiful things all the time... I know how much work it is to simply blog on a daily basis and make a few projects here and there (and I only have one baby and a mini, part time, mostly work-at-home job!) One day you'll have to share your secrets to getting so much done. You are truly an inspiration. Really! <3

Johanna said...

Ah, you guys are tempting me! But. I don't have a sewing machine. Crumbs.

Casey said...

I so wish I had the money to do this! I wanted to do all these projects

Steph said...

I just signed up! I can't wait to learn all these new skills!

michelou said...

I just signed up! Yay!!

Alysha (Supermom) said...

I am overly excited about this!!! As a stay at home mom these are just the perfect projects for me to do knowing I don't have to go to a campus to get them done. Now I just need to get my sewing machine tuned. YAY!!!!

Chelsea said...

I am really hoping that I'll be able to sign up before registration closes! I have always wanted to learn how to sew and this seems like the perfect way. (at my own pace!)

These projects all look beautiful!

Anonymous said...
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Skooks said...

This class sounds so completely awesome. I wish I could take just the latter 1/2 of the class since I've been sewing for awhile and feel pretty comfortable with all the basics. Wish I had seen this around and available back when I knew nothing. I've been making it up as I go along for years now!

Gingiber said...

Oh my gosh, Rachel! I am beyond tempted to take this class! We will see, as my check book might not allow for the class! Drat, if only my birthday weren't in January, I would ask for this as my gift!

Cari said...

I'm really excited about this class! You guys have thought of everything!:)

Anonymous said...

I am LOVING it all!

Meg said...

ok, i am definitely sold now. these projects are amazing!! i'm sososo excited for this!!!

holakelsey said...

I just signed up! Soo excited!!!

Loni said...

I just signed up and am so excited! Finally, I will know how to sew more than the pj pants my mom taught me when I was 10. :)