Oh Where...Is My Camera Cord?

I've got some photos on my camera that I wish I could show you but for now, you get this iPhone photo of Ruby's vintage sailor dress. Sort of. Trust me, it was adorable.



Anonymous said...

Oh NO Rachel...don't you hate it when that happens? I hope it turns up. Ruby's dress looks so cute!

I wanted to let you know that I made a little post about you and Elsie on my blog, and about how much you both inspire me to keep creating. Here's the link for you if you wanna check it out...

Keep doing what you do Rachel. You inspire so many of us :)

Karen xx

Anonymous said...
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A Flourishing Perspective said...

That dress is adorable!! I hope that you find your camera cord soon.


Jackie said...

Do they make that dress in my size? I doubt it would look as cute on me. Great phone picture, can't wait to see the other ones.

Anonymous said...

so so adorable! she is beautiful :)

Kenzie said...

She is *such* a cutie. :)

The Bonny Blueberry said...

What a cutie! A miniature Olive Oyl :D

Cheray said...

Ohh so cute!!
That sailor outfit is adorable!
I have 2 cameras and never manage to find the right cord when I need it! :S
Have a great week x