Elsie's Simple Goals Challenge

The dear Elsie Flannigan has recently invited anyone interested in joining her in setting four simple goals to fulfill before the end of the year. The point is to pick a few things that aren't hard to accomplish but that might not get done if you don't give them specific attention and then to reward yourself after you've met them. I like the emphasis on simple! Here are my goals.

1. Organize my week on Sunday evening so I'm on top of new responsibilities and schedules.

2. Get into the habit of writing notes and sticking them in my boys' backpacks.

3. Make space once a month to paint/art journal/collage all weekend.

4. Become a regular reader of a cooking blog.

I'm sticking these up on my computer dashboard and posting them on a note in my studio so I'll be reminded of them often. Here are the guidelines and a place to link back in case you, too, need a little motivation in the goal department. Thanks, Elsie, for a fun challenge! Are any of you already joining in?


p.s. I think my reward needs to be a family road trip to Austin, TX!


Batzy Shop said...

aww I like the goal number 2, so sweet!

Good luck with all your goals :)


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful goals. I have four of my own. :)

Carla said...

Great goals! May I recommend Smitten Kitchen and the Pioneer Woman as two great food sites to follow? They are both very different and very delicious!

BeautifulBridget said...

Excellent goals Rachel! I used to put little notes in my kids' lunchboxes when they were young telling them that I loved them :) Why can't they stay that small?

I made my goal list too if you want to take a peek:


Mandy said...

Lovely goals~ I used to love it when my mom tucked notes in my lunchbox (though I always acted embarrassed at school!) My biggest goal of the 4 was to have regular date nights... so hard with two little ones!

Laura Wynn said...

I am! I love the notes goal! So sweet. and the reward: awesome!! Good luck with these :)

garcia.sol said...

I'm sooo joining, I need a life boost :) and good luck on your goals!

pinksuedeshoe said...

I am def. playing along. In the winter I tuck notes inside my hubby's coat pockets, I can't wait to start doing that again. My list is here


Jesyka Illyzahbieth said...

Awesome goals! Especially 1 and 3 :) I'm doing the challenge too!

Anonymous said...

Yay for 4 simple goals! I love seeing so many bloggers doing this post. Smitten Kitchen and 101 cookbooks are two really great cooking blogs. I've found great recipes from both!

you can check out my goals here: http://rosemaryx.wordpress.com/2010/08/13/4-simple-goals/

Sadie said...

You should definitely come here, Leigh Ann! I have a feeling it would be a lovely time! :)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

those are some good goals. do-able but valuable - love it!!! those notes will be so cherished by your boys - if not now, in the future im sure. happy monday.

Meg said...

Great goals, I've joined in myself...I posted them yesterday! Have a great Monday!

lili est folle said...

Become a regular reader of a cooking blog could be one of my goals!
Excellent goals!!
Here are mine : http://liliestfolle.canalblog.com/archives/2010/08/16/18824930.html

Xoxo. Lili

geek details said...

I like goal number 3. It's a good one.

I started my four simple goals too. Finally planned a small trip with the husband and no children. Just in time for our 10 year anniversary

Sara said...

I recommend Smitten Kitchen! I've made a lot of her recipes and all are yummy.

Ali said...

I LOVE your blog...I'm addicted! Your kids are adorable and your crafty ideas are so inspiring!!

My friend has a cooking blog and she turned me into a regular reader...Not Without Salt

Missy said...

I've done mine too. Your Home Ec class is one of mine! I like your notes in the backpacks, that's really sweet!

Love Missy


Hanna said...

Yes! Everybody Likes Sandwiches is an amazing cooking blog btw.

Here is my list of goals! http://hannamade.wordpress.com/2010/08/14/4-simple-goals-before-2011/


debra said...

good luck finishing those goals.

is it sad that i don't want to set any goals right now? my kids are heading back to school and i just want to sleep in and daydream. i think my 8 month old might protest that plan.

Soraia said...

annie's eats is one of my fav cooking blogs. everything she makes inspires me to actually cook!

Amy T Schubert said...

My pick for your food/cooking blog to follow: