I'm Melting

I just got these chalkboard thought bubble photos in from another happy customer and couldn't wait to share them because these photos are just too much! EEEK! Thanks for sharing them, Rachel.



Kalen said...

Ummm these pictures are enough to make me want to buy one of these immediately. How. Stinkin'. Cute.
Oh you know what else would be cute? Put the quote board next to a new baby each month and write how old the baby is on it.

Klara Kamilla said...

Oh those are adorable!!!!! I especially LOVE the 2nd one, that little girl and her little TOES. Bless!

Alice said...

Well those are just the sweetest kids ever!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

What an adorable idea and the kids are the sweetest!

Anonymous said...

I love his McD's T! Too cute! It has to be awesome to see your creations being put to use.