Conversations With Sebastian

Brett: Sebastian, do you want another baby someday?
Sebastian: Yes!
Brett: A little brother or a little sister?
Sebastian: A little brother.
Brett: What would we name him?
The Stash
Sebastian: Ruby.


p.s. not pregnant.


Merry May Handmade said...

This is so cute! My cousin, who is pregnant with baby number three, asked her Riley her 3 year old what he thought they should name his new sister. He said Buckethead. Lol, kids are the best.

xo- Ashley

Sarah Thompson said...

Ha! This just made me laugh out loud! Kids are so funny!

Fee ist mein Name said...

Haha, I love your son ;)!

Anonymous said...

I once had a student who was obsessed with the video games of Mario and Luigi. He was heartbroken when his mom gave birth to a boy and named him Daniel and not Mario like he was demanding!

hannah. said...

It's 8am here, and my day just got started with a huge outburst on the couch from this!! I might even have to share it with folks...if you don't mind of course... So dang cute.... :)

frecklewonder said...

ahhhhhhhhhh i am having a giggle fit that was so cute, i can hardly stand it. aren't you thankful you have a place to document this stuff? i often wonder what i'd do if i didn't get some of these gems down in my blog :)

Teddi said...

awwww my <3!

Anonymous said...

so cute!! love the chalk clipboard too!! :)

Leigh said...

Brilliant. Love that little kitchen!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Hahaha aw!! Too cute.

elise said...

had the same convo yesterday with Leland!
only he wants a girl. and the only name he likes is Emory. 'we already have an Emory'. L- 'but that's the only best name'. sweeties.

S and R said...

Priceless! Ruby is such a pretty name. A friend had her little boy tell her the other day that they should name his future baby brother 'Peter Griffin'. Scary!