Getting Outside

Nature Center
Brett and I took the kids to the Nature Center this weekend like we have done every Fall since we've lived here. It's usually right after the trees have changed and there are five shades of yellow leaves lining the path. Last year I carried Ruby so this year it was Brett's turn.

The Nature Center
The Nature Center
The Nature Center
The Nature Center
The Nature Center
Blending In
I found this yellow leaf and couldn't pass up the easy photo op.

Woodsy Love
The rest of our weekend was spent catching up on laundry, going to a preschool fall festival, getting up early to participate in/watch the MSU homecoming parade, thrifting, grocery shopping, wondering why Ruby is boycotting her naps, and driving around town looking at rentals.

Why, yes, we are relocating!

Brett and I have been talking about finding a place with a little more space for a couple of months and are finally out looking. I've got my eye on one that has a great layout, tons of light, room for a designated studio space, a fire place, a driveway, and a garage! I never knew I could get so excited for those last two! I just have to twist Brett's arm and remind him that the pink subway tiles on the bathroom floor would only be for a year. (They're actually kind of fantastic!)

Posts scheduled for this week include recent Etsy purchases for the kids, a sneak peek at birthday party planning, and some recent vintage finds from the weekend. And the elusive but ever so charming DIY garland...(mwah, ha, ha, ha).



Chelseabird said...

Your nature walks looks like so much fun! I wish the leaves changed colors around my part of the country!

Glad to hear you had a good weekend :]

happy owl erin said...

sounds fun, peaceful and simply wonderful. love the pic with the heart leaf. too cute.

Anonymous said...

I love these photos, ugh I miss seeing fall and the trees change colors. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

Good luck on your home hunt! :)

Little Sugar Monster

melissa :) said...

i'm a *tad* jealous of your beautiful fall walk pics... it makes me want to make this drizzly rain disappear and get lost in the walking trails for a few hours! best of luck to you on scoring a new place :)

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures. Your children seem so curious {as children should be}. So innocent and charming. Good job taking the opportunity to take advantage of that leaf!:)

Koree said...

oh my goodness Ruby is such a doll

Je suis humain. said...

I love the heart shaped leaf picture!
So adorable!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Your photos are great and I love the one with the yellow leaf! Your kids are the cutest. Isn't it exciting to look for a new place? I just love it - it's really fun to imagine how you'd live in the space :)

letter {A} studio said...

Thanks for sharing some fall weather - we don't have much of that here in AZ. Oh, & we have a pink bathroom floor & my hubby loves it ;)

Meg said...

gorgeous fall colors! hubby and i went on a nature trail this weekend to admire the colors (although many of the leaves have already fallen :( )

sarah said...

these pictures are so cute! i love going on fall walks, there are so many pretty things to see! :)

& btw- i am having a very fun giveaway right now, go here:

thanks & happy monday!! :)

Rubyellen said...

i totally remember your post about last year's trip! time flies...

and house hunting?!! oh boy! i know you will find something fabulous and make it ever more fabulous!

sylvia said...

ohh, these are lovely fall pics, don't you just love snapping pics of your feet, especially standing in beautiful leaves?? well, i do! :)

Allyson said...

Aww, S has grown up so much!

Michelle said...

Oh, hello fall! :) It looks lovely, there, and your photos are gorgeous! Good luck with the house-hunt!!

S and R said...

Beautiful pics Rachel! Kinda makes me wanna swap spring for autumn (fall ;)
Tone @ http://swingsandroundabouts-blog.blogspot.com/

Jenny said...

I used to love the nature center! I went to college in Springfield and met my husband there, almost ten years ago, crazy! We took one of our first dates there. So many good memories.

Faith said...

oooh!! LOVE these fall photos :) SO beautiful.