Let's Get Lost In The Weekend


Pocket calendar illustration


*Brett and I went on a movie date to see The Social Network last night and thought it to be exhilarating.

*I fell while in the shower yesterday morning and have a fairly sore bruise on my lower back from falling on the side of the tub.

*Brett managed to bribe Sebastian to get a flu shot with him today but Target doesn't administer them to four-year-olds. Trying again somewhere else tomorrow. There was an Optimus Prime involved.

* I've decided on a theme for Ruby's first birthday party but will need the assistance of my parents and a box containing things from my childhood that is still at their house. Dad, I'll call you.

* Took the kids thrifting this week and hit the jackpot on second hand (but not vintage) clothes for them.

* Met a new online friend and her daughter at Nathanael Greene park for a kid's concert. Got lost trying to exit the park after dark and ended up almost driving across a grassy opening to find a way out. It wouldn't be the first time, right Mom? (Don't tell my coach it was me that ruined the soccer field.)

* Working really hard this week not to let life feel overwhelming or to pretend that it's not really feeling that way.

* Feeling inspired by a medium I haven't spent much time on in the last two years.

Whatever your week was like you have my permission to enjoy and get lost in your weekend. Leave Friday behind and don't come back until Monday.



AlliT said...

I hope you didn't hurt your back too badly... That sure doesn't help when you have sweet babies that *need* picking up constantly!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!!

Kim said...

BOO on the back but everything else looks great! Ilove to read your blog.

Nell said...

That's such a cool post! Good work on the second-hand finds, always very satisfying and i love those prints!
Poor you hurting your back though, sounds really sore!
I hope you have a lovely, pain-free, weekend!! xx

margot said...

sorry about your fall!
the images you posted are stunning! happy weekend to you and yoursx

Anonymous said...

Love love love the acorn print!

lizzie said...

try walgreens for the flu shot... hope u feel better soon!

Kyla Roma said...

"There was an Optimus Prime involved." lol Is it good or bad that I can get my husband to do things he doesn't want to do by involving Optimus?

I hope you're mending up from your fall, how frustrating!

the whyte house said...

glad you didn't do more damage when you fell!! i totally would have broken something! :) i can't wait to see what you have in mind for ruby's 1st birthday! i can't believe it's already that time. it's drill weekend at the whyte house, so i don't see too many outstanding things happening this weekend. however, today is family picture day! :) have a great weekend!

p.s. loved seeing your face on 'under the sycamore'!

Katy said...

oh no! you fell in the shower?! sounds like something I would do! holy moly! glad you're okay!

We loved the social network as well!

Now I want to go shopping at thrift stores today. I think I will. Goodwill is calling my name!

Chrissy said...

Well said! Enjoy your weekend!!

Jenny said...

Such a beautiful post! You know how to write so well!

ringmaster said...

can't wait to see what you come up with for her birthday based on your childhood!

Anonymous said...

Love the art! And hope your back feels better now. Heat works wonders!

Michelle said...

Ooh - which medium?? How I hope for paper - he he. I miss your paper goodness. And I hope your back heals quickly! :( Youch! Have a lovely weekend, Rachel!

rebekah drey said...

Falling in the shower is the worst. I once passed out in the shower, and boy did I feel sore for a while. The images you used in this post are all gorgeous, and make me want to have a Autumnal Campfire!

mer said...

agreed on the movie... makes me oddly proud to be a part of our generation. weird no? :)
love your beautiful blog!

Dawn said...

Saw your guest post about your inspiration and loved it. I'm now following.