Lisa Leonard Giveaway!


Lisa Leonard has generously offered to share something pretty with Smile and Wave readers! She's been designing and hand-crafting silver jewelry for years and has most recently teamed up with Ali Edwards and designed the Word of the Year necklace to capture that word that sums up what you want in 2011. Lisa's high quality designs can be customized with names and initials and are a great choice for a meaningful gift.

Lisa would like to give one lucky winner $50 worth of shop credit to Lisa Leonard Designs! To enter to win this giveaway I'd love to hear what you're most hoping for in 2011. Comments will be open until the 20th when a winner will be picked. To ensure that you'll receive your prize please leave a way for me to contact you in your entry as we've had a lot of unclaimed prizes in recent giveaways.

Thanks for your readership and thanks for the great giveaway, Lisa!



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robin said...

wonderful giveaway...love her designs, I'm hoping to spend even more time this year going to local concerts/music venues with my husband. Seeing live shows in downtown Charlotte, NC has become such a wonderful date night!

Kara said...

sign me up!! i love the LL designs necklace that i have...would love to add more to my collection!!

The Curtis Family said...

I was just telling my hubby that I want another piece of LL jewelry when our son is born in April! How perfect! Since I am in the last trimester of pregnancy I guess I am hoping for patience! dc

Shaiya Badgley said...

I am hoping to graduate high school and start college!!!!

livelaughlove2011 at gmail dot com

Cara Mason said...

I'm looking forward to my honeymoon!
-Cara Mason

Cara Mason said...

I'm looking forward to my honeymoon!
-Cara Mason

Lex (mrshobbes) said...

I'm most hoping for finally getting my scrap-for-hire business off my head and into reality! I'm a horrible procrastinator!

Thank you for the chance to win!
Email: caliicelady AT yahoo DOT com :)

Sarah said...

More time with my children. I can never get enough!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the giveaway! I'm hoping to spend more time playing with my kiddos!

Shalyn said...

I hope this year to transition into professional acting gigs.


Yvette Adams said...

I'm hoping to organise and cull my craft supplies and make lots of lovely things!

Angelyn said...

I'm hoping for an organized house! One can hope ;D

Charis said...

Fall in love. ;) How about that?

Unknown said...

I am hoping to be able to remind myself to live in the moment as much as possible and to forget about all the little stuff that doesn't matter at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

This year I hope to be fortunate enough to have the experience of becoming a momma! My husband and I have been trying since last year and we pray 2011 is OUR YEAR!!
Cheers :)

Abbey and Chloe said...

I am hoping to bake a lot more this year. :)

-Abbey F.

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