Feeling the Love In March

I was really flattered to be featured as blog of the month in March's issue of SEW magazine. Each issue this month comes with a free Simplicity pattern for a fun cocktail dress and the magazine is full of fun tutorials and resources. This magazine has a really young, fresh vibe to it with beautiful photography and modern projects. I recommend picking one up next time you happen to be at a major bookstore.


Danielle of Sometimes Sweet has been running a blog feature called Mama Said that shares experience and advice from her mama friends. I've enjoyed reading every one of them and was happy to be included in Volume 5 of Mama Said! I love knowing that we're all moving through motherhood with our own challenges but we still share so many of the same. High five to all the mamas (and mamas to be) out there!

My neighbor, Rachel, texted me yesterday to ask if I'd seen the nursery from her home tour on my blog on OhDeedoh yet. I hadn't! Thanks, OhDeedoh, for the shout out from both of the Rachels!

Just this morning Tara Gentile of Scoutie Girl posted parts of an interview she did with Amanda Oaks of Kind Over Matter and myself on creating with kids. All work-at-home or working moms know it's a challenge to balance family life with work but I truly love getting to be at home with my kids while contributing to our budget. Head over here to see the full article.

There's been talk of salt water sandals and spring weather on Twitter this afternoon! Do you have Spring Fever yet?



Tamara said...

yes...it just hit me yesterday...i've totally got it.

Mandi Stephanie said...

ooo congrats on the magazine feature! how exciting!

Janae Hardy Photography said...

Congrats....LOVE Rachel's house tour!! It sure was pretty!

Unknown said...

Girl! You are so awesome. Congrats on all of the press and in another magazine! Geez. :) You are my hero!

Yes yes, I've totally got spring fever and I've had it for weeks. Already got some pretty spring decor in the house.

p.s. I'm also about to start on my first Modern Patchwork project. I'm glad I signed up because I love projects that really challenge me. I love your course and I even showed it to my grandma (who is a professional quilter and she loved it too).

Unknown said...

Oh and my grandma just took a peek at my computer screen, not a log in, just thought I'd clarify. ha.

Brittany said...

already getting the itch to clean, fluff, and pretty-up the nest. :)

 Amy said...

Huzzah! Congrats, Rachel! You definitely deserve every bit of it.

kyla said...

Congrats on so many achievements!! I was in the grocery store and saw the artful blogger cover with Ruby on it;} I have to go get this magazine it looks awesome! Thanks for all the inspiration, you rock!

Catherine Denton said...

My spring fever is about 110 degrees! :D

Can't wait to see you in in the magazine! Hopping over to read that article now.
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Anonymous said...

congrats on all these features! i just read your mama said piece on sometimes sweet and had to come check you out!

Rachel said...

congrats on all the features!

Katie said...

you go girl!

Jody McDowell said...

congrats on the magazing feature! and i have a permant case of spring fever. i'm dying to break out sandals and my bicycle!

nilocrafts said...

Congrats!! You deserve it! Your blog is one of my all time favorites and I check it every day! Without fail.