My Enid Collins Hand-Me-Down

Grandmother's Enid Collins Purse
I have come across about fifteen or twenty lovely Enid Collins wooden and woven box bags and purses in the last few years and most are either worn to bits or asking a lot. The very first one I sold in PonyParty, my vintage Etsy shop, broke me into the world of Enid Collins. It was a wooden purse with a trolley cart in green and blue with a white leather strap and handle and I had it priced pretty low. A sweet commenter told me how much they went for elsewhere and told me she would feel bad buying it at that price. So, we made a deal and I started doing a little more research for future purses! One of my favorite parts about selling vintage were the history lessons that came with it.

Upon discussion of my Enid Collins enlightenment, my very fashionable grandmother told me she used to have one and, after digging through her closet, procured the one above. She offered it to me to sell in my shop but I just couldn't let it go. It's been sitting in my closet for months now but I think I might take it with me on a few dates this spring. It's in pristine condition and I love the leather work on it.

Thanks, Grandmother, for being so trendy and keeping your things in such good shape!

Here are a few lovelies from Etsy.







These are all original Enid Collins bags, hence the hefty price tags. You can find similar bags in the EC style for much less on Etsy if you love this look. If you're not sure if it's real from the listing or if you find something you want to resell check for the EC mark on the inside or out. If there's no mark or signature, it's likely a knock off.

Do you have an Enid Collins favorite?


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The Currier Family said...

Hi! i follow Lara Collins' blog (Enid's grand-daughter). I think you would like her style. Check out her home tour on Design Sponge...it's too die for.

Rubyellen said...

wow! i love enid collins bags!

i saw one in a salvation army in san antonio over the holidays and it was priced at $20 because it was missing a few jewels, but i so wish i brought it home for true!

Anonymous said...

aw Cute bag! U gotta love grandmas!

Shewearscrazywell said...

Thank you for this...as I go antiquing I always feel like I have so much to learn so I can catch a find while I'm sifting through all the treasures. Hearts, Janna Lynn

Hannah said...

These are such beautiful bags, I've not come across her before. You're so lucky your Grandma had one tucked away!

Anonymous said...

I really love that last one, 'for the birds'!


Simone said...

Thanks so much for this post! I have never heard of Enid Collins bag before (I'm not very vintage saavy) but when I saw the extra photos you posted from etsy I recognized the style. I'm SURE my mother has one. A wooden box one that reads "You are the apple of my eye". My sisters and I used to play dress up with it! Now I'm on a hunt to track it down. It's gems like this that must stay in the family! Thanks for sharing. xx, SB

diane said...

I played with my mom's Enid Collin's bag when I was little. I loved it! I just emailed my parents to see if they still have it, I hope they do!

Cece's Mommy said...

Wow these are all so beautiful! I have never heard of them before, but I want one now. I like patchwork the best.

dianna said...

So loverly!

Whimsical Woodland said...

I fell in love with an Enid Collins owl purse on Etsy, but couldn't see paying the price asked. I improvised and made my own homemade version.

Lexi said...

how bad is it that I found on of these wooden EC purses in a thrift store, in great condition, for $4!!...and left it :( Boo to me!

Michelle (from KY) said...

I have never heard of Enid Collins', her purses are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

jamie reed said...

Thanks for posting this! I've had an Enid Collins for years and never knew it! After reading your post I checked and found a stamp on the leather inside that says "Collins of Texas" and the ec logo on the front!

Any idea how one might go about finding how much it might be worth?

Anonymous said...

I have wanted one for years and have never ever come across one, never even seen one in real life! I love the owl ones and this one kitty one that looks like the siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp. Yours is gorgeous!

Gingiber said...

I had never heard of enid collins until now! Thanks for the lovely introduction!

HarmlessColor said...

I like the bird box/bag. The others are a little too glitzy for me.

MamaG said...

Wow!! I love the ShayRose bag.
It's so amazing that treasures like this exist, and when brought to light (thanks to your eye) we fall in love all over again!

Amy said...

I have one I picked up at a antique mall 15 yrs. ago in Paris, TX. My father turned my mother's EC into "their" first tool box! lol
Her son, Jeep Collins, has some very nice things as well. He is mainly known for his jewerly line, but I have a couple of is purses from about 20 years ago. Actually, my favorite piece of silver jewerly is a Jeep Collins charm bracelet!
Love your bag too! That's the prettiest I've ever seen!

RachelDenbow said...

Jamie Reed,

I'd check eBay or Etsy and look for your pattern. See what similar ones are going for and make sure they are in similar shape. It's still valuable if there is a little wear but much more if it's in mint condition.

You could also take it to an appraiser or pawn shop.

Good luck!

jungle dream pagoda said...

I am one bag short of a collection of EC's !! So I guess my faves are "The Gemini" and The Owl and The Pussy Cat".
Fabulous date night bag...and sweet gift!

alix said...

Yay! Another Enid fan! I did a little write up on Enid Collins you might like on my other bloggie (it has some fun old Enid Collins ad photos!) http://strawberrylemonadeblog.blogspot.com/2009/07/bedazzling-world-of-enid-collins.html

It's crazy the prices some of them fetch....YAY for your grandmama's purse! So cool!

Kaitlyn Rose said...

Oh, those birds... so great.

Kristin B said...

I don't blame you for keeping it... it's fabulous! Now I must go place a phone call to my grandmother.

Cassidy said...

My mom grew up in Medina, Texas which is where the original Collins of Texas was. She grew up with the Collins family and she still keeps up with them. She owns a box purse that has owls on it. It is adorable. What a small world!