Vintage Here, Vintage There: Ruby and I

A New Collaboration
Pardon my tardiness with VH,VT this week. I'm putting in extra time on a special project so behind is the name of the game these days! These are from our weekend trip to Aunt Martha's Pancake House with our little family. We LOVE breakfast foods because we can eat lots of savory stuff that is Paleo friendly. I had eggs and ham and fudged on a latte afterwards. It was worth it!

Aunt Martha's Pancake House
Would you believe that we had snow earlier that morning? SNOW! Excuse me while I remember what sunshine on my shoulders feels like. Ruby and I were layered up to stay warm and pretending we didn't need our heavy coats.

Aunt Martha's Pancake House
The funny thing about my shoes is I purchased them at Red Racks Thrift Store thinking they were vintage. It wasn't until I had gotten dressed that morning that I took a closer look at the brand and saw that they are actually from Wal-Mart. Oh well. They are comfortable and will be great for spring and summer should they ever show their faces.

So really the only vintage thing about my outfit is the plaid button up. It's a favorite, though. I guess this is my 'squeeze that vintage in where you can' outfit.

Aunt Martha's Pancake House
I'm wearing: Tee, cardigan, jersey coat, Target. Vintage button up, thrifted. Jeans, Old Navy. Shoes, thrifted. Bag, handmade by me, Turquoise ring, purchased on Route 66 in Arizona.

Ruby's wearing: Long-sleeved tee, thrifted. Skirt, tights, Target. Vintage crocheted top, Liddle. Vintage shoes, Kid Wonder.

Vintage Here, Vintage There
It was so chilly the photo shoot didn't last long. Too many cold appendages and everyone needing naps after all of that good food! Ruby's crocheted top is supposed to be a dress but works really well as a shirt still. I usually don't do this silhouette since it's a lot of loose and flowy on top and bottom but loved the colors together. Rubyellen called it bohemian chic!

Here are a few of my favorite crocheted pieces this week: little girl,little girl, big girl, little girl, big girl, little one, and little boy.

Head over to see what she and Soul wore to a shower this weekend. Also, I'm in love with her shoes in this post.

Are you having to force spring where you are?



pinksuedeshoe said...

I wore a little crocheted dress that exact same color when I was little! My mom's friend made it for me and I still have it. So so pretty! I live in UT and spring doesn't really get here until sometime in mid May. And last year we had like 6 inches of snow in a late May storm (May 26 or something, and more snow in June. Lovely. We totally do lots of "spring" layers over here :)

Heather said...

you look amazing as always ms. Rachel!

Jackie said...

Aww. You both are adorable!

Stacy said...

oh gosh, the baby just spit up all over me... that's not what i planned to write, but such is my life now :) anyway, i'm planning to post the quilt i made with your tutorial as soon as i can get some decent light to take pictures. i'll let you know. off to clean up...

you both look cute by the way!

the dizzle said...

that bag is really great!! and snow... we got some in dc, guuuh i just want springtime to be here forevvvvveeeer.

Gaby said...

I love the bag! I'm really impressed that it's handmade!

Katie said...

Lovely Pictures!
I love your outfit, and your hair, and the fact that bag is handmade is very impressive!

Katie x

Krust said...

You 2 look adorable! LOVE love your outfit especially.


Anonymous said...

Spring is being forced here as well. Luckily we have had some beautiful sunrises and sunsets to make my heart content. But the chilly weather needs to go away! PS. Ruby is sook charismatic! Such a cutie. Stay Warm! Xx Shelley

Ms.Tips said...

You two are the cutest! I love Ruby's crochet dress. and I love your casual look too! I'm crossing my fingers that spring coming our way soon;)

Lia said...

All I can say is I'm in love with her shoes in this post too. So dang cute.

We are in the middle of our beautiful spring here is Arizona. It's been in the 80's and lovely outside.

Courtney said...

vintage or not they are still really cute. and either way shopping at thrift stores is recycling & reusing :)

jungle dream pagoda said...

SO cute.......I definitely made my girls wear their little vintage dresses as vintage tops stretching there wear as LONG as I could.
Even in North Texas it is 49 today!!
Spring will be here soon !

Sian Kummer said...

You have the prettiest smile of anyone I know. :)

mich said...

i loooove those shoes!

thursday said...

I've been waiting to see that sweet top on Ruby and it's just right! Really looking forward to your next e-course Rachel! I'll probably have to wait a bit before I can take it because I'm going to save all my pennies for a trip to Springfield.