Elsie & Emma's Dream Job E-Course

Dream Job E-Course
I didn't get a chance to post about this last week because we were up to our elbows in a stomach virus but I'm so happy to share Elsie and Emma's newest E-Course, Dream Job. It's everything they know about starting, growing, and sustaining a small business with plenty of personal anecdotes added in.

If anyone has figured out what it takes to make things happen and enjoy them at the same time, it's Elsie and Emma. I think this course would be an affordable option for anyone who wants to see if being their own boss is the way to go.

You can see the full list of course sessions and register for your spot here.

Thank you for all of the fantastic e-mails and tweets I've been receiving from those of you who have purchased Style Your Space! It's always affirming to know something you've worked so hard on was enjoyed and well-received.


meredith said...

I've definitely thought about purchasing the Dream Job e-course since I learned so much from the Blog Love course! :-)

(Sorry about your sick kiddos...I hope everyone is feeling better around your lovely home.)

Dashfield Vintage said...

I have already bought ecourse and it's fantastic! High would highly recommend it:)

JulieAnnA said...

I'm participating, just waiting for the free time to read it all! Really looking forward to it :]


Anita said...

I was fortunate enough to have been able to take the leap and start my own business in January, and am learning as I go. I learned some good things from the Bloglove course, so I purchased the Dream Job course the day it was released. I have not spent as much time with it yet as I would like, but have already found it to be full of wonderful and unique information. And I am saying this as an avid reader with a library of the most recent books on the subject in my possession. Dream Job is a must read for anyone either considering self employment or already there!
xo, Anita

margot said...

i have both your class and this class and they are FANTASTIC! you ladies blow me away!!! :-)
excited to have a few days off so i can properly go through them, and like decorate my house and stuff ;-)
again, amazing job!

Fenny Setiawan said...

Thank you for sharing this e-course, I will check it up. I love to spend my free time to do something valuable, e.g enroll my self on e-course or craft class.

Erica said...

I hope everyone is feeling better around your lovely home.

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