Now Accepting May Sponsors

Smile and Wave is now accepting sponsors for the month of May!

I've been so happy to have some loyal sponsors over the last few months. It's the best kind of affirmation that Smile and Wave is benefiting their blog and/or shop! Smile and Wave sponsors reflect so many of the things Smile and Wave readers are interested in such as home decor, photography, handmade, vintage fashion, and family friendly products.

If you're interested in joining the side bar check out current rates here and then e-mail admanagers@frecklednest.com to secure your spot before the end of the month!

I'd like to thank my current sponsors for a great month in April! Come back soon for a big sponsor giveaway!


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Chrissy Gemmill Jewels said...

It’s been a pleasure being on the side bar of Smile & Wave this April! Thanks for offering sponsorship! ☺