Sooner Than Soon!

Red Velvet Art will be opening it's doors on Sunday! I wanted to stop in and show you one of the projects I've been working on since mid-December. Lulu is part of the Unicorn Project Kit we're offering at RVA for February. There are a few other projects packed into this pretty kit that we'll be sharing very soon but Lulu was my favorite.

There's not much brain power left for stringing together coherent sentences and quite a long to do list still so I'm keeping it short again.

Some things that have been making these last few days of binding leather journals, cutting up felt, and assembling headbands enjoyable include:

* 30 Rock on Netflix
* Mother-in-laws who entertain Sebastian and run errands! (Their town has been designated a disaster zone by FEMA due to a bad ice storm this week. No electricity or water.)
* A new portable dishwasher
* A little snow to brighten things up outside
* More 30 Rock
* A timely care package from mom
* More COFFEE!

Happy Weekend.


Cate said...

I'm so happy that you guys are opening up your shop! It's such a dream come true! I only wish I could fly across world to be there!

Klara J said...

Ohhh that is so sweet! I love love LOVE unicorns!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I reminds me of my "my little pony" days!

jarispry said...

eeeeek! i can't believe it's already time for rva! i'll be there when doors open )online anyway!) thank goodness for great family and lots of creativity! you girls always find a way to amaze me!


Anne Esquibel said...

That's so sweet of your mother in law. My Mum and Dad and me like to take my brother's girl's Iliana and Audrina off their hands, if even just for an evening or two, they say it's so helpful. :)

Can't wait until tomorrow! Sweeet!!

Anonymous said...

try this ONE more time-
I have my eye on a couple things-can't wait for tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

you guys officially drive me "crafty crazy!" i'm so glad that february is tomorrow!

The Granny Project said...

I am a new reader, but love all of your work/creativity! Looking forward to the RVA shop! thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...


Steve & Joyce Rodli said...

Hi Rachel, Yumminess on that portable dishwasher and the care package...one of the more memorable one's for me was a box about 12x6 full to the brim with jewelry, from the least to the greatest in price (she told me later that while visiting this one friend she ask if she could have some and the lady told her to go to the bedroom and pick out whatever she wanted), we were out running errands(one of those was my follow up at the doctor's), I remember sitting in the front seat of the car hugging that box with tears in my eyes -just knowing that my mom was thinking about me (you know this about mom's), and yet you just sometimes NEED to have that tangible in your hands. Happy happies. Joyce

Kim Campbell said...

OO I want this kit!!

Kim Campbell said...

Bummer! Can't get to the site?!

carmen said...

that unicorn is soooo adorable i simlpy love it. look so forward to seeing what you guys have in store literally heh heh. cant wait.