The Retrieval Project

Joe and Jenny Swanson are launching a project to earn money to make a cross-country trip to retrieve the belongings they had to leave behind. The short story is they moved from SF, CA to Minnesota over a year ago to take a promising job and six months later had to move their whole family back home again with what they could bring in their two cars. They've not been able to make it back to retrieve those things that make your house a home and are still trying to catch up on the hit that two major moves in one year can take at your finances.

They've gotten a little creative with fixing this problem and have launched the Retrieval Project.

Here's how it's going to work.

Here's the full story.

Here's what you can do.

Their story feels so familiar so it didn't take much to decide to share it with ya'll. We are keenly aware of how these kinds of things can play out and have learned that love, support, and encouragement along the way can make all the difference in the outcome.

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Katherine said...

thanks for sharing, rachel! after reading his blog i realized that joe tattoos at a shop about fifteen minutes from my house. i will definitely be making an appointment with him to help support his family!

RachelDenbow said...

Yay! That's pretty special, Katy!

jenny said...

Thanks so much for posting this! You were able to sum up the story in a much shorter version than I did! Your blog looks fantastic. I look forward to spending some more time here getting to know you! I wasn't expecting to make new friends from this endeavor... what a nice surprise! (That's for both you and Katherine. I peeked at her photos and can tell that we have very similar interests also!) Thank you for your support!

Anne Esquibel said...

Oh no! I can totally understand that, having moved back and forth from England, all my college stuff is somehow still in Maryland.

Definitely a cause to support!!

Sara said...

Oh boy...I know that feeling. We just did the Michigan to Oregon and then Oregon to Ohio. Ugh. Two cross country moves in 9 months...I totally get where they are coming from! Stinks!

janel. said...

Thank you for sharing this Rachel! I was blessed enough to score one of jenny's paintings from today. These times are hard and it feels really good to be able to help out!!! And how cute is their daughter's Etsy???

Niki said...

Thanks for sharing!