It's Almost Here!

Elsie and I are teaching a brand new Autumn Online class together! We are really excited to share eight weeks of adorable projects, fun chats and inspiration! Sign ups begin Wednesday morning, but here are a few sneak peeks at a few of the projects we've created...

Autumn 2009 Online Class

This is an 8 week class by Rachel Denbow & Elsie Flannigan. There are projects by each of us and many that we have developed together (including 10 Holiday Ornaments.... so cute!). The class begins September 15th and lasts for 8 full weeks. There are a total of 30 projects that are spread out evenly over the 8 weeks and designed for you to give as handmade gifts and to enhance your holiday experience through photography tips and home decor.

We are SO excited to be offering another online class and to get a head start on our gift making! More details and the full list of projects are posted on the RVA blog. Sign ups start on Wednesday!

Can't wait!



EDITED: Almost every project is designed for those who may not have a sewing machine or feel super confident in their sewing skills. Our tutorials also aim to walk you through every project step-by-step with lots of pictures so that anyone can be proud of their end result. It's a beginner friendly class that can still be challenging enough for seasoned crafters with a variety of suggestions for customizing each project to suit your skill level. We'll also be available to answer any questions or clarify any problem areas during weekly chats and through e-mail.

I've also had a few people ask if they will have time to finish things up with their specific time situations. We'll have the class up for a year so that you can either follow along with each project as we go or come back to them when you find a free Saturday afternoon to finish a couple. We're also hoping the early start date will give you plenty of time to fit handmade class projects into your schedule so that you can give them as holiday gifts towards the end of the year.

Thanks for all of the great questions and feel free to e-mail me with any others. See contact page near the top for that address.




Jamie said...

Soooo excited!!!! Can't wait!!!! The projects look sooo great!!!!

Anonymous said...

super excited! ahhhhhh!!!

Amber said...

Oh my!!! Reading this just made my day. I am so ready for these projects. They look amazing!!

margot said...

(i'm feeling dramatic today)
i can't wait though,
just kidding- i can.
just kidding i really can't i wrote it in my calendar.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait-looks so awesome!!
It'll have a pdf, right? i'll by gone for 2 weeks when it's happening.

Anne Esquibel said...

looks super fun!!

Anonymous said...

:) I want to join, so I will be super excited and waiting until wednesday xD


Sarah M said...

I just also posted this on Elsie's blog but I SO excited! THis is the first class I'll be able to take (newborns and time constraints, sheesh! lol!)

This will be the second year of making all handmade Xmas gifts and some of the guy gifts are JUST what I needed!! :)

(ps-love that ruby sneak peak! :)

Sarah M

janel. said...

I am soooo IN!!! Can NOT stinkin wait :)

janel. said...

You havent seen ghetto until you have lived in St. Louis :) IT was cute!! I looove the suitcase and I love the fabrics so much. A teal base would have been super perfect for my bedroom but the yellow is growing on me. Can NOT wait for the class!

Jari said...