4 Swedish house tours and 1 Danish

This is my family, in our kitchen.
It is me on the right, with the big belly. And Jens to the left with red shoes. And our daughter Viola, the very cute one. She is four.
We live in Sweden and run our own business from our home. I am photographer and blogger and Jens is an illustrator.

It is quite the thrill for me to be blogging to an American audience. Thank you Rachel!
I will take this opportunity to blog about some of the Swedish homes I have visited this year (and one Danish one, can you guess which one it is?) for my home decor blog Dos Family. That I have with Decorator Isabelle Halling McAllister.

I love going home to people and taking pictures of their home. You could call me a house collector.

Today when I looked through all of our House Tours looking for photos to post here, I realized that they have so much in common with each other. So I decided I wanted to give you a guided tour through them, kind of like "The Kevin Bacon Game".

From home made wallpaper to vintage wallpaper, I guess.
Okey here goes:

Doredoris has made a montage out of pages from a comic book in her sons room.
And Mette has covered one wall in her kitchen with small photos and memorabilia. Like a home made wallpaper.

It is raining in Mette´s hallway.

Just like it is in Julias apartment.
Julia decorated her wall with an old school poster....

and so did Kicki.

Kicki also decorated her home with Wildlife......

Just like I did in our home.
And I love vintage wallpaper and that brings me back to Doredoris who also is a sucker for vintage wallpaper.

Thank you for your time. And if you want to see more of the houses, just click on the names.
All of the photos are mine except for the top one of our family, it is David Bergströms /aftonbladet.se


RachelDenbow said...

In love with all of this color! Thanks, Jenny, for an amazing post!!!

I think I should try to make some reclaimed fabric bags to hold our stuff. Yes. I should.

Mandi Johnson said...

I love these homes! I think I love that theyseem to be actually living and breathing, instead of styled specifically for a photoshoot. And, of course, they're awfully creative and fun.

jen geigley said...

GORGEOUS photos - you're making me want to shake things up a bit at our house. (in a very good way!)

Anonymous said...

LOVE it. I'm already a fan of both Smile and Wave AND DosFamily so this was FUN for me!

Sophie.J said...

Ya, it's something new to me. love the colour and the idea too! It's a good experience, to see them making a decent life style of they own.

Anonymous said...

super awesome. i love looking at the pictures you post.

Unknown said...

Hey! I am glad you liked the photos. They do have a lot of color and I guess , that that is not the "typical" kind of Swedish home decor that is often shown. The Scandinavian style is often described as white an uncluttered, but I have not seen many homes here that actually look like that.

Jenny at Dos Family

Anonymous said...

LOVE every one of these homes, and I'm a big fan of Dos Family, too! It was fun to really take a look at what these wonderful homes have in common (besides creativity and lots of love). Thank you, Jenny!

And thanks to Rachel for hosting her, and best of luck to you in the coming weeks!! How exciting and really, really wonderful. xoxox.

Kristin said...

I heard that Ruby has arrived. Congratulations to you all! I hope everything went according to plans.


Kristin, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Eyecandy galORE Rachel! Love it :D

I too heard about Ruby's arrival. I left a message for you on the RVA blog, but will say it again - CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so beyond thrilled and excited for you guys. Have a wonderful time bonding with your beautiful girl :)

Karen xx