old quilt...new life {part2}

Hey all...Ashley from Under the Sycamore here. I am back to share a few more ideas on giving new life to an old (beyond repair) quilt. After I made the first cut the rest weren't so hard. I quickly noticed that though most of the quilt was falling apart there were a handful of squares that could be saved. Since the quilt was old much of the fabric was too thin to survive being washed - which is highly important in a home with 4 kids. So as I cut away, I stashed away a beautiful pile of good condition squares:

I plan to make a quilt out of those squares and added ones, but can't decide if I should use a new, modern fabric or use some of my vintage sheets. What do you think?
After cutting the squares to save, I removed the batting and backing...which left me with a good size pile of backing. I wanted to find ways to use even scraps of the fabric, so here are so VERY simple ideas:

1. Old Window Dry Erase Board
I made a 'dry erase' board out of an old window. Since I was using it for a message board I opted for burlap (not to distract from the writing) and then added a small cut-out from one of the quilt fabrics. You can find directions on making a board like this from Orange Poppy via Design*Sponge. My window was bought for $5.00 and had concrete on the back holding in the glass. I chipped out all the concrete to be able to remove the glass and repair the fit (it was a little loose). I also added hooks to the bottom of mine.

2. Quilt covered Coasters
I made simple little pockets with a ribbon tie, then slipped square coasters inside. The batting in my quilt was so old it was just flat enough not to cause an issue with balance, but thick enough to help with condensation from cold glasses. Again...the tie cover was to allow for quick and easy cleaning in the event of a spilled drink.

3. Fabric Ornaments
Here I used some of the backing fabric, tore it into strips, twisted the strips and hot glued them to a glass ornament. I also spray painted the top for added color. I will say while taking a photo of it, I dropped the ornament on a hardwood floor...the fabric gave it added protection and it didn't break. Another plus with kids in the house!

4. Sewn notecards
For this project I simply stitched small pieces of scrap fabric to notecards I had already embellished with paper and doilies (paper kind). The added texture and dimension just makes them a bit more fun.
5. Ruffles on clothing
Now I only share this idea...not so much how mine turned out. I attempted to add a little extra to a plain white tee, but mine isn't working so much. I know a lot of you are seasoned seamstresses so you can take this idea and run with it....
Rachel, thanks for the opportunity to guest blog...it was fun, but I sure am ready to read your posts again! You've been missed!


sassypackrat said...

Love the sewn note cards and very much appreciate the re-use of the fabric.

Sarah M said...

love all these ideas! Thanks for inspiring me to repurpose more!
Sarah M

meg duerksen said...

you are even craftier than i thought!!

Roots and Feathers said...

thank you so much for all of these wonderful crafting projects, now, when to find time on the list of things to do...:)

Allison Waken said...

I LOVE that ornament. It is so perfect and even better that it is repurposed AND protected from the kiddos (or puppy tails). Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas!


chelsea lee said...

LOVING the t-shirt ruffles and the ornament. Great reusing!

our little love nest said...

Love these! I think the quilt would like kind of fun with some mod fabrics mixed in.

RachelDenbow said...

Oooh, LOVE the ornament idea and how practical those coasters are! I think I've just nailed a Christmas gift for a certain family member!

Ashley, thanks for your great posts!

Jacque said...

The sewn note cards are adorable!!! Love this!!

Maria Inês said...

Hi! Met you on Flickr and ever since can't help to visit your blog(s)... Love the things you and your friends do, and don't know if I ever said this before but I kinda envy you... God I wish I could work at home, do the things I like, but lately I haven't had time to do a thing! Bah, don't like my job, but there's just no money to start my own thing... =( How do you manage? Congratulations trully! =) While I can't make my dreams come true I'll just keep on coming here and dream a litle more... ^^
(P.S. Your kids are so lovely, and your home and... ahhhhh!) ;p

kiss kiss*

Maria Inês said...

Oh, I forgot to say I was talking to Rachel... But all of you RVG do the cutest thing! I'm a "RVG wanna be" hahaha ;p


Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

I love finding new uses for old pretties. Thanks for the great ideas and how to's!