The winner to the Sammy Rose giveaway

Since I am a whole day late on announcing the winner to my Sammy Rose giveaway I decided to draw TWO winners instead. (for you who missed it, scroll down)

I was stunned over all of the fun comments I got on the post. Since I am such a big TV-lover I had so much fun reading them. Thank you all for participating!

The two winners are:
Illinivicki and jackiek


You two girls let me know what item from www.sammyrose.se you want and send your homeaddress to me at:

thank you random.org for helping


Amber Bockman said...

hey, i never put what my favorite tv moment was but I finally figured it out. It has to be watching Boy Meets World! Not only did I watch it when I was young, but every night when my dorm mate and I would finish our homework, we'd stay up till 1 to watch Boy Meets World reruns on the disney channel. Awesome show!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?!? SOO excited to have won this totally fun giveaway! Boodles of thanks!