A Point And Shoot Christmas

I brought my camera and left my charger and only got ONE photo before it died (sad face) so we were thankful for my brother's point and shoot. Otherwise we would've had a camera phone Christmas!

Sebastian, my parents, Brett, and I took advantage of the first white Christmas we've had in years, got the old sled out, and headed to the hill on 14th street yesterday. My dad and his college friends used to slide down this hill on trash can lids at break neck speeds but only the top 1/3 of the hill still had snow and ice on it. Sebastian may still be too young to remember that adventure but I won't forget almost running into a tree while careening down the hill with my mom. Good memories. And a pulled muscle.

I was in the shower and missed all of this fun!

What are you going to remember about this week?



margot said...

your fam is so cute!
merry christmas to all and to all a good night! xo!

sara said...

you're family is beautiful :)

merry holidays :)

Anne. said...

Oh, wow, that fluffy snow looks like so much fun to play in! I'll echo the other comments and say that your family truly is beautiful. :]

Haha, I'll probably remember the shenanigans my sister and I got into. We're still young kids at heart whenever we're together. Yay for family!

Viva Cindy said...

looks like you had a great xmas. sledding sounds like fun! my parents just got a bunch of snow in ohio and we went out and played in it last night. lots of good memories this xmas with my brothers new baby, another brothers new dog, lots of card playing and even more laughing! good times!

Bekka said...

Great photos...the camera doesn't matter. Well...except for the cell phone camera perhaps. Lol. I'm jealous of all the snow. I spent my time at home getting my mom hooked on dominoes!

Francesca Forzoni said...

omg he is the cutest little thing I've ever seen!!



cupcakesandcoffee schwartz said...

I can't believe how grown up Sebastian looks, and you look AMAZING for just having a child. The new one is too sweet...