Winner #3 and a Beautiful Video

You may have already stumbled across this video on Bleubird Vintage's blog but I told Brandi I'd post it here after she told me they used my teepee as inspiration for the one in the campfire scene.
This video makes me really happy.

Good job, Brandi! (p.s. Go vote for her.)

Giveaway #3 Winner!

"I'm wearing whatever is clean! I do laundry over the weekend so by Friday, options are somewhat limited. Probably navy pin-striped pants and a cream turtle neck sweater. Yay business casual... not!"

Rachel, send me your info via e-mail address found in Contact tab at top of site and the rest will happen soon. It's kind of funny writing to another Rachel. Does that happen to anyone else often? Wouldn't it be strange if your best friend's name was the same as yours? Or do you keep your distance from people who share those kinds of similarities to protect your identity? (I don't really know where this is going...)



Tish said...

I would be really angry to meet another Tish because I love that my name is so unique! And I hate the name Trish because it's similar to mine and people call me that mistakenly sometimes.
I guess it's something I take for granted, having a unique name. I never had to worry about writing my last name on stuff in school because I wasn't, for example, one of five Jessicas in a class. :)

p.s. love your blog <3

katie said...

in my church growing up, there were 4 katies. we all spelled our names different though.

but i do think it's weird.

especially when i "met" katie shelton. because our anniversaries are the same day, and our husbands birthdays are the same day, and we're both named katie and each have a daughter. spoooky! haha! but in a really cool way.

that video was really wonderful! thanks for sharing. :)


BuenoBueno said...

thanks Rachel!!
keep inspiring the world! you are so good at it:)
i dont know how you juggle that and being a wife and a mommy! wowza!

And CONGRATS! to the other rachel that won!!

and ive met a couple people that have had dogs named brandi including an ex boyfriend. perfect.

Vianey said...

I know it's weird, in high school there was this girl named Vianney, my name is spelled Vianey with only one "n", still it's pronounced the same. It's not a very popular name so i'ts even more strange ! :^)

madison said...

The only other Madison's I've ever met are about 5 years old and younger! I seem to be unique for my generation!!! (which makes me happy.)

emilia. said...

i've never actually met another Emilia... hm..

Marni said...

Growing up I never met another Marni - until I was 27 and I worked in the same place as another one, doing exactly the same job! Boy I really, really struggled, because we were so different, yet had the same unique name! I hated the thought of anyone confusing us! She was old enough to be my mother though, came from Canada (I'm from Australia) and spelled her name Marnie, with an "e", short for Margaret. So I felt like my name was the real deal, and she was the imposter! My name is an Australian Aboriginal word, so the background behind our names was so different - and yes, I really did want to protect my identity! Names can be quite an emotive thing!

Roots and Feathers said...

that is such an awesome video, how much fun!

the only other Laura i know goes by La La, so it works, but i know theres alot out there!

Whimsical Woodland said...

I understand exactly what you are talking about concerning the name thing...my "Style School" partner and I have the same name and everytime I email her I feel like I'm talking to myself! Funny!

joyce rodli said...

My Paster's wife has my name and it can get interesting sometimes!I meet of few joyces here and there. I don't think I'd avoid being around others with my name and if we happened to become friends I think that would be part of the adventure. Happy happies.

Selene said...

I've never met another Selene. I think it would be weird to have a best friend with the same name because you couldn't really shorten it to distinguish between the two. Unless you were a Gossip Girl fan and wanted to go by 'S'!!

P.S. LOVE the video!

Valerie said...

there were a group of us in high school that were close friends. within our group were not only two emily's, but two emily williams! And for awhile they were best friends. so we had to identify them as emily a. and emily p. i still refer to them that way even though they are both married now with different last names. i think that was pretty rare. :)

Anna said...

lol i agree i think it feels strange to write Dear Anna blah blah Loave Anna.
My boyf, Josh, has 3 best friends. ! named Josh & 2 named Tyler. There are also a few Justins they have out with. I spend half of our conversations trying to guess which one he is referring to!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

I have to say that I love your blog design! The background is perfect!

Big Yellow Dog said...

That's a fantastic video. My grandmother's name is Margaret, too. And two of my friends have grandmothers named Margaret. i I think it's kind of nice when I run in to someone under the age of 55 with my name.

Jessica said...

what a sweet video! And of course, being a Jessica born in the 80's, there were always at least 3 other Jessicas in all my classes. After college my husband and I lived with another couple, and of course her name was Jessica too! We also both went by Jess, so it got a bit confusing. We're still really good friends and sometimes when I tell stories about things we've done together it sounds like I'm talking about myself in the third person :)

Unknown said...

Hey Rach,
My best friends name is Belinda (as is mine) and she used to be called Bindi until I met her in 9th gr, until I kept Bindi and she became Bee. (Although she calls me B too).
Stranger than this is that my husbands best friend's name is Tim (as is his). So at our wedding there was Belinda and Tim, my sis and his brother and Belinda and Tim :)

But it's not weird to us at all!

luv b

carla thorup said...

I have 4 best friends since HS, and they are Ashley, Ashlee, Rachel and Rachel. It can get very confusing!! And I loved your teepee, so fun!

Jamie said...

yay brandi! the video is SO AWESOME!!!