Last call... Home Ec :)

NOTE: Registration is still open, info here.

Home Ec officially starts today with our first sewing project and we have good news! To accommodate those waiting on their payday, we will be accepting Home Ec registrations until this Sunday, August 15th! You can register using the Home Ec 'Buy Now' button in the left sidebar of my blog and find full class details here :)

Frequently Asked Home Ec Questions

1. How does this class work?
We will post a new sewing project on the private blog, Monday through Friday (sometimes Saturdays) but this is a take it at your own pace class, there is no pressure to do the projects in line with our posting schedule and the private Home Ec blog will stay up for one full year so that you can continue accessing the class content, working at your own pace with your schedule in mind. We will be available through the entire class to answer your questions and support you as you learn to sew (and up to one month by email after the class ends). We write our tutorials with demonstrative photos and step-by-step written instructions; they are pretty and very easy to understand and follow (plus the class has 2 video guides). You can visit the blog and work on your projects any time you want, as much as you want :)
*2. I registered for the class and have not received access to the private class blog...
Access Emails have been sent to all registered Home Ec students (sent daily). If you have not received your Home Ec access email, please check your spam folder (email from FreckledNest@gmail.com) or email Leigh-Ann to have it resent.
3. If I sign-up between August 10-15, will I still be able to access the Earlybird Guides?
Yes, the Earlybird Guides are available to all students for the full year (we just posted them early).
4. I'm an International Student and I'm concerned about time differences. Will it interfere?
We welcome International students and have many from around the world! :) The only time-sensitive part of the class is the live chats (See Question 1 above for the pace of the class.). IF you are unable to attend a live chat, you can leave your questions ahead of time and read the chat transcript afterwards, at a time that works for you. We do try to make at least one chats' time earlier so that International Students can attend :]
5. I'm a total beginner... don't know how to turn on a sewing machine. Is this class good for me?
If you're willing to learn, this class will teach you everything you need to know :) The first earlybird guide in our class is called "How to Work your Sewing Machine" and it's a guided video tour of your Sewing Machine (using mine as an example). The video includes turning a sewing machine on, filling & loading your bobbin, threading your machine, adjusting stitch length, needle alignment, using the presser foot, back-stitching and sewing with your machine. It will help if you have your sewing machines user manual for reference, but (even without it) you will be able to figure out your machine with the help of this video :) And that's just day 1! We think this class would be a great help to you and we've written it step-by-step so that the earliest beginner will understand and excel!
6. BUSY: I may be away during part of the class... will I fall behind?
If you will be away for part of the class (or busy), no need to worry-- you can take it from where you left off when you return from your time away. This is a ‘take it at your own pace class’, there is no pressure to do the projects in line with our posting schedule and the private Home Ec blog will stay up for one full year so that you can continue accessing the material, working at your own pace with your schedule in mind. You can visit the blog and work on your projects any time you want, as much as you want :)
7. If I want to make some of the projects, but not all of them... is that okay?
We have planned each project with a specific skill and/or technique in mind (easiest to hardest), taking you from beginner to confident! Each project builds on the techniques from the last and grows in difficulty so we encourage you to do them in order and not skip any. However, if you feel comfortable with the skills and would just like to learn some fun sewing projects, you can pick and choose as you like :)
8. When will you offer Home Ec again?
We do not have plans to reteach Home Ec in the future. If you'd like to become a student in the Home Ec Sewing Class, you can register up until Sunday, August 15 with access to the class & content for a full year so that you can take it at your own pace :)
Leigh-Ann, Courtney and I developed Home Ec intending for it to increase your confidence behind the sewing machine with usable techniques, projects you'll love and progressive development... and we're so excited to teach you how to sew!! :) If you have any questions, please email Leigh-Ann at FreckledNest@gmail.com
xoxo, Rachel


Bri Bri said...

This class sounds so great! I really wish I could take it, but financially it's not in the cards. Maybe next time. :)

The Water Girl said...

Um, according to my calendar, August 15th is a Sunday, not Friday. So is the registration deadline the 15th? Or Friday?

Unknown said...

i just signed up last night at like 11:45, thinking i only had until midnight. haha! i am sooo excited for this class! my goal for tonight is to finally learn to operate my sewing machine :)

RachelDenbow said...

Water Girl,

Oops! We fixed our mistake and it will be until Sunday. Thanks for pointing it out.

classy broad said...

i hope i can join in on this! <3

side note: i picked up my new copy of bust today, and was absolutely *delighted* to see a whole page featuring miss rachel and her home!!!


letter A studio said...

I am so bummed I won't be joining you fabulous girls for Home Ec. Dr. bills & other such things are taking precedence at the moment. Looks like fun!

Tracey said...

just joined but didn't put my email in. Doh! Have just emailed Leigh Ann.

How long do we wait to get the class info?

I am soo impatient. I can't wait to be a champion sew-er!!

Lisa said...

I so wish I had time for this class! I'm planning a wedding and updating my house to make it husband-ready, so it's just not in the cards this semester. I hope you will offer it again!

Unknown said...

Hoping and crossing my fingers that I can pay for this tonight. :)

Amanda said...

Oh please, please, please say that you can still register today (the 16th)

Shoppe Girl said...

I just heard about this class. Since you are not teaching it again, is it possible for me to join the class late?


Shoppe Girl said...

I just learned about this class. Since you are not teaching the class again, what is the possibility of joining this class late?