I didn't plan on being offline for most of the week! We've been traveling (as I'm sure many of you have been) but we're back and have spent Friday evening and Saturday packing, sewing, laundry, etc. I have some giveaway winners to announce on Sunday and another fabulous giveaway to share! Expect plenty of loveliness this coming week as I'm starting my Christmas feature 'Home for the Holidays' on Monday as well as the usual 'Vintage Here, Vintage There' with a lovely mama/daughter feature from California!

Can I tell you what I've decided I'd like for Christmas? A power sander. Brett bought me a band saw and two saw horses our second Christmas after getting married and I couldn't have been a happier girl. I've got a few other items on the list but that's for another post. In the meantime it's back to packing, cleaning, and daydreaming about getting our new home cozy for the holidays!

If you'd like to join Smile And Wave as a sponsor for the month of December we've got a few spots left! It's the last month to take advantage of the holiday sales and new readers that will be visiting from guest blogging posts for the next two weeks! My new small ad rate (only $20) was a hit last month and is a great way to see if SAW is a good fit for your online shop or blog.

Send all enquiries to Frecklednest(at)gmail(dot)com.

I hope your week was lovely!


Floortje said...

Wow I like your blog. And all the retro photo's you have!

Veronica said...

Sometimes you just need to take a weekend off. ;)

I just re-decorated my blog, and added a link to yours! Feel free to link to mine, too! I just added 3 buttons to choose from :)


Kristin said...

That's a great Christmas gift. I have one and love it. I got a miter saw for Christmas last year and I have used it sooo much. :) This year my gift for Christmas and my birthday was having the basement remodeled, and I couldn't ask for anything else. :)

Unknown said...

I'm in the same boat - just posted about all the busy-ness that's been going down around here (including the painting of 3 rooms in 3 days, which I think you can appreciate, since it included a 12 month old!)

I'm pretty sure we'd be friends if we lived near eachother - a power sander is the main tool on my Xmas list as well! *ha!*