Ruby's First Baby Doll

One of Ruby's birthday gifts was a custom doll from Kellie of The Rice Babies. I got to pick out her hair and eye color and give her some outfit colors and was so happy to see what she put together. Ruby has been quite attached to her since she arrived and loves to point to her nose and give her those adorable open mouth, slobbery kisses that only babies can get away with.

Ruby's New Baby Doll
We call her 'Baby Doll'. She came with a lovely cape and a wool backpack that sometimes gets worn by Optimus Prime.

Ruby's New Baby Doll
A little bit about the creator of The Rice Babies:

"I am a mom of three sweet little boys, and also a teacher at an art school for children. Most of what goes into my shop is inspired by children and story books. If it's fun and exciting to them, it excites me and ends up in my shop." -Kellie

Ruby's New Baby Doll
Kellie is generously offering a custom doll to one lucky Smile And Wave reader! Leave a comment sharing your favorite childhood toy for a chance to win one from The Rice Babies. I'll keep the giveaway open until the 24th at midnight and announce the winner on Thanksgiving Day.

Ruby's New Baby Doll
I had a few baby dolls as a little girl. If I have my story right my granddad knew someone at his bank who had connections and managed to get me a Cabbage Patch kid just in time for Christmas the year they were sold out. I think he has a soft spot for the girls in his life. ;)



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naomy said...

I loved my toy tea sets!!! I would throw tea parties all the time and entice my younger brother to play with me by using real food.

Joyeful said...

What a doll! Yours and hers :) I love the purple cape and backpack! My little Astair would just go nuts over it!

My favorite toy was a glow worm. I remember sleeping with it ALL the time and never leaving the house without it.

P.S. you have the most fabulous giveaways ever

Weazie said...

I had a little bumble bee doll that was my favorite. She now belongs to my kids. My little girl would love one of these dolls! So cute!

Amanda said...

So precious, what a sweet picture with Grandpa!

My favorite childhood toy was my Eugene doll that I named.... Eugene. He was fat and kinda ugly and my Dad always called him "Oafie". I still have him and managed to find his twin on Ebay a few years ago for my girls!

Kim Rakes said...

Is it sad that I don't have a partiular toy? I was a little fashionista at christmas and loved getting new clothes and fashion stuff- boas, dress up clothes, high heels- things like that made my heart sing! i hope my daughters have a sentimental gift they can pass on, all i have is embarassing pictures ;)

Carrie said...

That story about your granddad might just be the darlingest thing I've heard! And those dolls are RIDICULOUS they are so cute - my little Gemma (just a couple months older than Ruby) would be so happy, there would be no end to the smooching! My favorite childhood toy was probably this tiny little doll I had that had her own little house that I could wear as a necklace (kind of like an old polly pocket but not). I took her everywhere and I'm afraid she was more a friend than a toy... I still have her and cannot wait to give her to Gemma!

Emily said...

A little orange bean-bag dog with brown ears.
I called him "Doggy". I still have him, so my son can love him too.

Lee said...

Spirograph (the original one:) was my favorite toy! Thanks!

Max said...

Oh my sweet baby girl would love one of those darling dolls. :) I was never without a baby doll in my arms. w

Unknown said...
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OfficeTYPE said...

Oh my goodness, that is so cute. What an adorable doll. My little girl is 3 years old today and she loves dolls!

My favourite toy growing up was a chalet style doll house with 2 tiny little people and furniture in it. It was so cute and I have not seen it vintage anywhere. I wish I still had it. :0

tishous said...

Such a cute doll!

My favorite toy as a childhood was these twin dolls (apparently I received them both for the same birthday) that had these terrible red, matted afros and awful (even for the early 90's!) clothes. I loved them anyways!

Tara said...

I love these dolls! And Ruby is so adorable :) My favourite toy would have to be Carlotta, my tomboy Cabbage Patch Kid. She wore jeans and a k-way jacket and her hair was in braids. I think she's hiding in my parents attic somewhere :)

ShannonAllise said...

My favorite toy as a child was my cabbage patch kid. Actually, I had 6 of them but my first was always my favorite. He was a boy named Duncan Charlie.

Unknown said...

That last photo made me tear-up, she's a lucky girl, that Ruby!

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