Vintage Here, Vintage There: Week Four, Date Night Edition and our First Vintage Mama Feature

A New Collaboration
Ruby and I decided to take this vintage show on the road and designated this week's outfit post as Date Night Vintage! Technically, I wore this little number to Elsie's birthday gathering on Commercial Street two weekends ago but it was dark when we went out and I knew I'd get a bad photo. So, I have recreated what I wore on our most recent date night minus a fancy hounds tooth trench that my mom bought me last year (I left it at my MIL's this week!).

Vintage Here, Vintage There
I found this vintage, lace dress on opening day of the new Red Velvet Dress Shop and was so thrilled to find something a little extra fancy. I layered it over a black slip and black patterned tights but may try something more colorful for a slightly more playful look next time. The shoes I wore are from JCPenney's and were purchased to wear for the Grand Opening of the RVA handmade shop in 2009.

Vintage Here, Vintage There
I think this dress has magic powers. Brett and I were feeling pretty tense as we were rushing to get ready for the party, trying to get the kids in bed, looking for our shoes, etc. and I remember thinking it was no way to start the evening. I didn't want our date night to be ruined by bad moods! We hadn't reached the car door when Brett stopped me and told me how nice I looked and I felt the tension fly out the window as we drove away leaving our kids in the care of my SIL. We had a great time and I only checked my phone for missed babysitter calls once.

Vintage Here, Vintage There
Ruby didn't wear this on our date night because she was in her pajamas, sleeping in her bed. She DID wear this to her first of two Thanksgiving events with family last week. Once again I missed the opportunity to take a photo of her but not because of the lighting. That time it was intermittent rain and freezing temps. We both recreated our vintage looks on our last lovely Sunday afternoon in our current backyard.

Vintage Here, Vintage There
Ruby wore:
Cardigan: thrifted
Vintage Polly Flinders dress: thrifted
Tights: Target
Robeez boots: thrifted

Vintage Here, Vintage There
She is officially a walker. She has been flirting with the idea for about a month but has made up her mind that crawling is for the birds.

Some of my favorite women's party dresses on Etsy are being sold by FlourVintage, RedBoxVintage, BohemianBisoux, and PoppyPistolsVintage
. I love to browse and think about the places those dresses were debuted!

In other news, one of the reasons Ruby and I wanted to start a vintage outfit feature was to share the styles of some of our favorite online, vintage wearing mamas and their fancy kiddos. It's been our pleasure to have interviewed Heather from 3ringcircus and her lovely daughter, Penelope (a.k.a. 'Pip'). I love seeing how older kids' opinions and tastes weigh more heavily in the styling process and how mom's both encourage and guide them to make their own fashion statements!

Vintage Mama Feature
Hi, my name is Heather and I am thrilled that Rachel and Ruby asked me to be featured on Vintage Here, Vintage There! I love searching for vintage treasures for children to sell in my etsy shop 3ringcircus . I have a blog called pippiparade where I document my daughter’s vintage and recycled clothing. I have two boys that I can sometimes convince to wear vintage but will always wear hand me downs because they are “cozier”. 

Vintage 1980s plaid dress: thrifted
Blue tights: ralph lauren
Blue oxfords I have had forever ~ pre kids!

Polly flinders turquoise dress: thrifted
Pink durango cowboy boots: hand me downs

Q: When did you start wearing vintage and why?

A: Ever since I was little I have gone to thrift and consignment stores with my mom. When I was in high school I inherited my great grandmother's vintage clothing collection. That started my love of vintage. I have been wearing it ever since. Wearing vintage is a way that our family recycles. 

Vintage poncho was my mom's from the 70's
Thrifted jeans

Vintage minnetonka moccasins: my mom's from the 70's

Vintage mushroom dress bought off etsy (can't remember who from)

Blue leggings: target Red converse: hand-me-downs from older brothers

Q: What do you look for in a piece when you're shopping?

A: when shopping for vintage clothing I look for items that can be machine washable. “Dry cleaning only” does not seem like a wise choice for me with three kiddos. Although if I do find something I cannot live without I won’t leave it at the thrifts. I love anything with pockets and clothing from the 1940’s or 1970’s. I am a big fan of mixing vintage tops with jeans. When shopping for my kids the wackier the better!

Q: Favorite vintage find to date?

A: My favorite piece {and best score to date} is an early 1960’s ocelot print ¾ length sleeve coat in perfect condition that I paid $7.00 for.

Orange 70s leather coat: thrifted
Maroon 70s polyester sweater: thrifted
Wool plaid 80's skirt: thirfted
Frye boots: TJMaxx

Maroon vintage sears dress: thrifted
Striped tights old navy: hand me downs
T-strap maryjanes stride rite: hand me downs

Q: The one piece that got away (or would've broken the bank!)

A: Aw! The one piece that got away was a 1970’s Navajo print sweater coat that was less than $10. it was 95˚ out and I was so hot that I put it back! I am kicking myself over that one and I have been on the hunt for one ever since.

Q: How do you style your daughter?

A: Penelope aka Pippi is a fan of thrifting and finding “treasures” with me so she has a big say in what she wears. We love to pair a vintage dress with some leggings or jeans. I am a sucker for really bad 80’s dresses for kids. Some how she can pull them off! Though my favorite era for her is also the 70’s. I guess it is because I was a product of that time period. Once when we were shopping in a thrift store a nice old man told me that Pip looked like those kids from the 70’s with the big eyes! So I guess I achieved the look I was going for!

Here are a few of Heather's favorite online vintage sources.

Little Ocean Annie




Store to visit

Don't forget to head 'over there' to see what Rubyellen and her crowd are wearing!



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You look quite lovely on your lace dress and Miss Ruby is such a sweetheart! Yay for walking!!!

I love the new feature. What a nice mama/daughter intro!

If you ever want to do a feature on mom + a teenaged daughter who has embraced thrift- we'd love to help you out :)

Unknown said...

I adore your outfit. It just sent me searching on etsy to try to recreate it.
I also love this feature. I'm sort of flirting with the idea of starting a blog and really want to include mama/ child outfit posts.
Thanks for your great ideas.

Amanda said...

i love the idea that the vintage white lace dress is **magic**. I think I have some shoes like that. It looks so cute paired with all-black verything! :)

Hayley said...

Cute dresses! Love love lovee! :)

ringmaster said...

thank you Rachel and Ruby for including us in vintage here vintage there! we had a lot of fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

love your dress! i LOVE vintage lace things!!

heather and pippi are the BEST!! yay!

Ella Preuss said...

Love this post! All the pics are great! I want your lace dress! :P
Ruby is adorable!

olivia said...

your man was right, the dress looks lovely! & as someone who spends lots and lots of time in thrift stores i'm always in awe of the baby and kids clothes, wishing they were made for big people (the collars! the nautical ensembles!) it's so awesome to see them being worn :) i almost want to start accumulating a stash of my own but i think my boyfriend might have a heart attack if i started hoarding vintage baby clothes..

Rubyellen said...

oh! i love that lace dress!!! i so wish i had a bff that had a cool shop like red velvet to shop at whenever my little heart desires!!! you look so pretty and your hair is always awesome!!!

miss ruby, can you please walk here all the way to california! tell your mama we will take good care of you! ;)


KLT said...

I love Heather & Pip's style! They are the coolest mom & daughter combo ever. Great feature.... :)

Ms.Tips said...

wow! I'm very honor to be picked as one of the favorite shops!! thank you:) I love, love both Heather and Miss P's outfits. I've been following "Fashion Friday" religiously:) I wish I could dress my 5 yr old son in more vintage clothes but it's getting harder and harder to find good vintage for boys and he is getting pickier and pickier. But he still loves thrifting. I trained him good:)

suzy said...

I love the white dress! It looks gorgeous on you.
I just purchased a perfectly peachy skirt made from crinoline. It was one of those purchases where I had to have it but didn't think about how I would be able to wear it. It's got roses all over it but is completely see-through so your tights/slip combo has me excited! Thank you!
My wardrobe is about 90% vintage. It's taken me two years but I am nearly there. We are heading back to the other side of Australia for Christmas holidays and my biggest fear is losing my suitcase. I might have to wear it all. :)

calikatrina said...

LOVE Heather, her style, and her adorable kiddos! Loving your white lace too. :)

Annie, The Friendly Fox said...

Aw, they are the sweetest and cutest mama/girl duo! She has such a cute shop, too! I'll be dressing my little boy with things from her very soon.
And thanks so much for including my shop as one of her faves! What an honor!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Adorable love the lace dress!
...and your Ruby...what a doll!! I have a Ruby too!!!
..'course now she is 14!!!!
...thankfully I have a spare 7 year old too!