Vintage Here, Vintage There: Week Two

A New Collaboration
This week's 'Vintage Here, Vintage There' was brought to you by an especially crisp chill in the air that made me realize Ruby needs more wooly tights!

Vintage Here, Vintage There
Thankfully, the sun came out and warmed our faces a little while we had Brett take our photos in the backyard. We're here in the Southwestern corner of Missouri and just starting to pull out the warm coats and wool socks in our crooked little house.

Vintage Here, Vintage There
I ordered this vintage plaid dress from Cherry Bloom Vintage about a month ago when the weather was still warm. It needed to be hemmed so it went into the pile and life got busy while the warm days slipped away with the light evenings. However, the plaid print transitions well into fall/winter so I just added a pair of gray stockings, my vintage red belt, and the vintage cardigan and woven oxfords I picked up last week and I was golden!

Vintage Here, Vintage There
I found this vintage sweater for Ruby at Goodwill. It had the sleeves cut off and even though I feel like it might be a boy's sweater I thought it would make for an interesting addition to her wardrobe full of pastel vintage dresses. I decided to layer it over an orange corduroy skirt and aqua polka dot top and added moccasins for a fall-ish feel. I later added some handmade leggings (women's colorful knee-high socks with the feet cut off) for the rest of the day so she'd be plenty warm.

Little Red
I had Sebastian take my picture with my Instax 210 before Brett was available and ended up with a headless and footless one so I filled in the blanks. I am such a fan of that little (kinda huge) camera.

Vintage Instax
I'm excited to see what Ruby Ellen and her gang wore this weekend in Southern California!

We've got some lovely bloggers who've agreed to let us feature their vintage infused wardrobes in the following weeks as well as specific posts for date night, everyday outfits, outerwear, etc. If you're a vintage wearing mama and want to share your looks we'd love to see them and link up. I love getting ideas of how to mix prints, silhouettes, and colors from other stylish moms and I think all of our readers would enjoy a link tour to some of your blogs and Flickr feeds!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to head 'Over There' for Ruby Ellen's weekend vintage.


P.S. If you're not already familiar with Modern Kiddo you need to make friends with their site! They are one of my favorite resources for finding vintage clothing for the little ones. They feature Weekly Kiddos as well as plenty of vintage eye candy in the form of toys and ephemera.


Brianna! said...

How adorable are BOTH of the outfits!

You have the most ADORABLE little family.


Anonymous said...

cute! i actually really like the sleeves cut off, it looks comfy!!

Olivia said...

I actually love how the headless/footless photo trio looks.

very cute.

MargaretB said...

Cute girls! I LOVE that dress! I'm always on the lookout for vintage dresses, but I'm just not confident enough to alter them myself. And her little sweater is too cute!

Anonymous said...

You 2 ladies are adorable!!
Love your outfits, and style!

Miss Kelley said...

you two are so cute! You mentioned you want more tights for Ruby and I was wondering if you have ever tried Hannah Anderson tights, they come in such fun patterns and colors and the quality is amazing. My mom kept some from when I was a kid and they are still going strong 25+ years later!

Danielle said...

rachel! i just love this idea to pieces.. you and Ruby Ellen are the CUTEST :D Oh, and you and RUBY DENBOW are the cutest too! D I will have to do this sometime. I have so much vintage that i rarely wear. I'll have to get some pics of me and my boys in our vintage get-ups. Thanks for the inspiration!

danielle thompson

RachelDenbow said...


YES! You have the great vintage boys stuff that I NEVER find locally and since Ruby and I are sharing a lot of girl stuff it might be nice for other moms of boys who love vintage to see how you do it!

RachelDenbow said...

Apple Scrapper,

I'll check those out! I haven't really looked beyond Target yet for warm tights, although, my grandmother picked some up in white and black for Ruby at Baby's 'R US. Thanks for that info and I'll be sure to share what I find!

Anonymous said...

you have a ridiculously cute style. You inspire me!

ringmaster said...

this is my new favorite feature! i look forward to it!!! i love putting boyish clothes on girls with something sweet and pretty!!!!

Hannah-Rose said...
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Lisa Leonard said...

love it love it love it! you are beautiful. xo

Bridget said...

the clothes are so friggin cute.

Becky Farley said...

holy smokes! Her lil moccasins are soooo cute! and you look too pretty :)

alix said...

OY so much cuteness it's hard to handle!!!!
You are so pretty, girlie, and that Ruby.
Just wanna smoocher! haha.

also, thank you THANK YOU for the super awesome shout out. You are thee best!!!


Jen said...

My baby girl is due in 4 weeks and already has more vintage clothes than I do! I can't wait to play dress up!

elisabeth said...
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Rubyellen said...

wish we can somehow teleport real quickly so that one week we can actually have a picture together with our little dolls!!! xoxo

RachelDenbow said...



Rach H said...

super cute this week!!
loving the plaid + wee Ruby's mocca's!!

Desiree said...

Oh gosh, you guys always look so sweet! <3

Anna said...

I love her little layers. So cute!
and your dress is perfect for fall!

Holly said...

you look fantastic!! love both outfits.