Sick Day Crafting

Sick Day Crafting
Sebastian spends a lot of time at preschool these days and I've realized how much I miss having him at home. He got a fever on Sunday so we kept him home on Monday to make sure he didn't share his germs with his friends. Although he was still acting pretty lethargic he was in good spirits so I decided to break up the video watching day on the couch with the chance to cut up paper snowflakes.

Sick Day Crafting
I bought a pair of practice scissors last year when his hands were smaller but they weren't doing the trick. I tried not to hover but I think I frustrated him by trying to show him the right way to do it and he quickly told me he was done. Lesson learned: Don't interfere when he's enjoying himself.

Sick Day Crafting
All was not lost, however, for I had a bag of jingle bells and some pipe cleaners strewn across the table. While I was cutting up paper snowflakes he was threading bells onto a pipe cleaner. I secured the ends so they wouldn't fall off and asked him if I could show my friends what he'd made. He was okay with that.

Sick Day Crafting
Oh how I've missed this one at home.

Sick Day Crafting
S is finally feeling better but Ruby has had a fever on and off today. I'm hoping Brett and I can stay well and we can all enjoy a week of Christmas travels!



Meredith said...

when my B starts at school, pretty sure I'll make him take some "sick days" just so i can play with him. i can't believe i've only had him around for 18 months. what did i do before he was here all the time?? such a cute post!

Anna said...

I used to love sick days. the whole day in bed reading. (my moms policy-if you are sick stay in bed. no couch. no tv.)
Sebastian is a genius, we need one of those for the dog to ring when she needs to go outside.

Silke said...

Hello Rachel !
I read your blog everyday at work (ssssht don't tell anyone!) and it makes me feel all home-y and comfy ! Your Ruby is a superadorable daughter and I am glad we got to see your Sebastian too today. I wish you and your wonderful family a very merry christmas and hope you may have a wonderful new year! Love from Belgium,

Anonymous said...

Your little family is too precious! So glad you two got to spend time together!

AlliT said...

I love love the tissues peaking out of his hoodie pocket... Boys are the best!!!!!!!!!!

my best friend jules said...

Sebastian seems like a very talented crafty kid :) Merry Xmas to the whole family!

Xo Mervi


Michelle B said...

Tis' the season for sick kids. And then sick Mommies! Glad he is feeling better and hopefully you all don't get sick!

Danielle said...

the jingle bells are fantastic! You can tell he has your crafty brain!
It's good to have time together, it's hard when they have to start going to preschool!

Merry Christmas!

lingering daydreams said...

I can't wait to have a little one around. Sick days are kinda magical really...

Have a wonderful holiday!

MargaretB said...

I love the craft with the jingle bells! Hope both of the little ones feel better!

margot said...

giant get well to mr s!

Gussy Sews said...

he's just too cute :] ...no wonder you miss him.

Anonymous said...

Awe! how sweet! What a great job he did!

Anonymous said...

just a random comment, Im an elementary school teacher, and Im constantly getting sick because of our students. Thanks so much for being a wise, caring mom who kept her kiddo home crafting and relaxing instead of sending him to school to share his germs!

Kara said...

What a sweet post. I wish half the moms I worked with in my therapy job had an ounce of your awesome momness. Sebastian and Ruby are lucky lucky kids!