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hello there, smile and wave & cakies readers. my name is miss james. i write the bleubird blog which is a lifestyle/fashion blog where i share about my little family, my love for playing dress up, my obsession for all things vintage and other pretty things. i also have an online vintage shop called bleubirdvintage.com where i have been selling vintage for nearly six years. thank you so much to rachel and rubyellen for the invite. i am so happy to be here.

mama's wearing:
vintage cream knit cardigan, thrifted. pink stripe knit sweater, thrifted. red 70's skirt, thrifted. cut off tights, thrifted. vintage oxfords, etsy. handmade necklace, dinosaur toes. vintage bracelet, thrifted.
plum's wearing:
vintage polka dot dress, frecklewonder. tights, target. vintage wood & leather shoes, estate sale.
baby gemma's wearing:
vintage cardigan, thrifted. vintage blue polka dot dress, etsy. knit booties, pleasantly plump.

Q: When did you start wearing vintage and why?
A: i've been wearing vintage since i was in high school. back then i would wear my moms old t-shirts and sweaters from when she was a teenager. sometimes i would sneak some of her dresses and boots (sorry mom) because she wouldn't let me wear them to school, haha. she had this one pair of knee high zodiac leather boots that i loved. i'm sure i would have worn more if she would have kept more, but she got rid of most of her old clothes which i could've killed her for. she had such great style. i've always loved to wear vintage because you are pretty much guaranteed to have a unique look when you wear it and i love that. i don't like to be the same as everyone else. it's just not my thing.

Q: What do you look for in a piece when you're shopping?
A: i look for good construction and classic silhouettes. also vintage prints. the plaids, the polka dots, the florals, i love vintage prints. my favorite era's are the late 60's and early 70's. i love hight waistlines, bell bottoms, vintage knits and boots. i also love 50's dresses, they are so beautiful.

Q: Favorite vintage find to date?
A: that's a hard one. i have so many pieces that i love so much but i would have to say my vintage coats. i have a huge collection that i plan on sharing on my blog sometime next week. i am a sucker for vintage coats. i probably have 25 amazing coats that i just can't bare to part with.

Q: The one piece that got away (or would've broken the bank!)
A: an incredible pair of seventies wood and leather platforms, in my size, that were nearly $400. i was broke at the time and almost spent rent money on them, that's how incredible they were. i still think about them from time to time and get a little heart sick.

Q: How do you style your kids?
A: my kids pretty much style themselves these days although i do have some say since i'm buying their clothes. when i find cute vintage dresses in their size, i buy them up. i'm always searching etsy for girl's vintage dresses, and shoes. i love how sweet they look in them and that they are so unique. but i also incorporate new pieces into their wardrobes as well. it's a pretty good mix. my kids share my love of old things, they like to go to the thrifts and pick things out, especially milla plum. she's my little vintage partner in crime. it's something that i am thrilled that the two of us can share and bond over. she loves to play dress up in my studio too. i love to see the outfits she comes up with. my favorite look for my son julian is a vintage tee or plaid shirt with modern skinny jeans. i love my girls in vintage from head to toe. little vintage dresses with vintage cardigan sweaters is quite possibly the cutest thing ever.


A few of James' favorite online vintage sources:

frecklewonder: http://www.etsy.com/shop/frecklewonder
flour clothing: http://www.etsy.com/shop/flourclothing
lisa zain: http://www.etsy.com/shop/lisazain

Rubyellen and I have both been inspired by James' style and love seeing her regular 'What We Wore' posts that showcase her whole family's unique style. She has quite a fantastic blog and online shop so be sure to stop in and see how she's wearing vintage often! Be sure to check back Monday evening for our own features. This week is everyday wear! If there is a vintage mama you'd like to see featured let us know.

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Yay! the pictures are here! I have quite a long standing blog crush on James - thanks for including her in your series!

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I love James and her entire family! Super cute pics! :)

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Yay! James is such a inspiration and the kiddies always look wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

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so lovely!!! i love the soft lighting, the cute clothes, and of course the adorable girls (james and her little ones)!!!

thanks james!

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Beautiful shots :)

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