Vintage Here, Vintage There: Outerwear

A New Collaboration

Vintage Faux Fur
This week's vintage feature is outerwear! I only have one vintage coat in my wardrobe and you're looking at it. I found this at a local Goodwill in mint condition minus five of the six buttons. I found some similarly sized buttons at a local craft store and fixed her right up, although I think big brass buttons would make this even more special. It's faux fur, and oh so soft. I love the lining and the way the sleeves are slim up top and bell a little at the bottom.

Vintage Faux Fur
The dress underneath was one Elsie set aside for me from her inventory at Red Velvet for my birthday. It was a perfect fit and my favorite dress right now. I paired it with some staples from Target (cardi, tights) and a vintage brooch and was ready for business. I think it's going to accompany me on my next few winter date nights.

Vintage Faux Fur

I wore:
Vintage Coat: Thrifted
Cardigan: Target
Vintage dress: Red Velvet
Belt: Thrifted
Tights: Target
Shoes: Target
Daisy Brooch: Vintage Avon

Vintage Holiday Wear
I originally had this vintage red velvet swing dress in my vintage children's Etsy shop, Pony Rides, but then set it aside for little Ruby after coming to my senses! I have about four holiday outfits that were all too good to be the only holiday outfit so she's going to wear one a day while we're on vacation unless one gets spit up on!

Vintage Holiday Wear

Vintage Holiday Wear

Vintage Holiday Wear
Ruby Wore:
Vintage cardigan: Thrifted
Vintage red velvet dress: Thrifted
Tights: Target
MaryJanes: Target

Ruby still doesn't have a vintage coat of her own but not because I haven't looked. I think I may have to buckle down and look online when we get home from vacation if I haven't found one locally by then as we still have a few months of cold weather ahead of us. If you're looking for some adorable vintage for your little one, these are some of the cutest coats on Etsy for a boy, a girl, a boy, and a girl.

Also, in case you missed it we had a little Vintage Here, Vintage There Roundup earlier today. If you'd like to share yourself or your kids in vintage to be featured in the next roundup, leave us your links in the comment section of that post. Head over there to Rubyellen's blog soon to see what kind of outerwear they look adorable in and to find more links to some of her favorite vintage finds!

Stay warm where you are! We won't be sharing our feature next week as we'll both be traveling back home from our holiday adventures but we're starting January off Texas style!


Nicole Jeannette said...

I love BOTH outfits haha :)

Karlie said...

Love the colors of your outfit. Blue and green are two of my faves.

Gingiber said...

Rachel, you have such a good eye for putting your vintage outfits together! Is it too much to ask for you to simply donate your wardrobe to a certain Arkansas blogger in need? (j/k)

Rachel Parker said...

Super cute! I am especially loving little Ruby's outfit. Little ones look so adorable in dresses + tights. <3 Rachel

Cindy J said...

Rachel, Ruby's dress looks like my first Christmas dress :) my daughter wore it this year! http://www.flickr.com/photos/thecupcakerygirl/5269685812/

Ink Obsession Designs said...

Both outfits are adorable!

cupcakesandcoffee schwartz said...

The CUTEST outfit to date. My grandma left me 2 mink coats and while beautiful, I was feeling weird about wearing fur. I know yours is faux, but I might have to wear mine now I SEE HOW CUTE IT IS ON YOU!!

Sara said...

You look adorable. I love the green cardi!

rachelinaustin said...

Y'all are too cute!