January is for the Kids

Jumper Tutorial
January got a head start on me so I'm still a few days behind on my regularly scheduled posting but I've dedicated some extra special posts this month to handmade for kids. I've got an interview for Thursday that I've been dying to share and a link roundup to start your weekend crafting off right! I thoroughly enjoy making things for my kids but if I'm not intentional about it the ideas just sit and then it's another season so it's my hope that this little spotlight on handmade for kids will end in a few new items in their closet!

Also, if you've been as caught up in the current of 2011 as I have you may not have seen our shiny new sponsors over there in the sidebar. I'm so thankful for the new and returning sponsors that chose to advertise with Smile and Wave this month!

Be back soon with Elsie's first Project ReStyle and some of my favorites from the ever growing Flickr group!



katie said...

I'm so excited! Projects for kids are my favorite! :) I love all the projects you post so now I'm super excited for this month! Yay!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i think january got a head start on everyone! i'm still catching up....

Andrea said...

wow, lots of fun posts coming up! can't wait.