Vintage Here, Vintage There: Borrowed!

A New Collaboration
This week our feature includes SNOW! Well, really Rubyellen and I are just sharing what we got to pick out to wear from Adelaide Homesewn's Etsy shop and it just so happens that I got to wear this fun coat on two chilly occasions recently. The first was on a date night to Thai Peppers, Barnes & Noble, and a local cupcakery that was open late! The second was today in the snow!

It started snowing last night and kept on all day long. The kind of snow that falls lightly and settles gently on your eyelashes and hair. Brett took the kids out for awhile this afternoon and then Ruby and I got back out in it while S was napping to take some fun photos. Ruby seems to appreciate how pretty snow is to look at but doesn't like her little fingers getting cold.

This lovely vintage number that I picked out from Adelaide Homesewn is a beautiful green boucle coat from the 60's with a unique collar that folds up to keep your ears warm! I'd never seen one like this before so I wasn't sure if I was doing it right but there is a fancy button under there that keeps it up around your ears. It really was warm!

Vintage Here, Vintage There
I loved giving this longer coat a try as I've had my waist length pea coat in the same color for about three years now and couldn't believe how nice it was not having to feel the chill on my lower half. I'm going to be on the lookout for something similar now.

Vintage Here, Vintage There
I bought this hat for Ruby as soon as it turned cold in November and realized today that her head has grown enough that it no longer covers everything. Ha! Also, she has quite a lot of shoes but nothing fit for snow so we may have to go find some for the next time.

Vintage Here, Vintage There
Don't worry, Mom, I cleaned those pretty little Mary Jane's off as soon as we got inside! ;) True Story. I bought a worn out looking baby-sized doll from the 50's just so I could use the vintage dress and shoes that came with her!

She was one of those dolls that has hair that grows when you pull it out of the top of her head. I checked it to make sure it wasn't a doll dress and it said 18 months on the back. So, then I figured the yellow Mary Jane's were real, too, and they were! Ruby loved her but when we moved I put her back in the donate pile without her clothes. Ha!

Finally Enjoying the Boots
Mama's wearing: Vintage coat, Adelaide Homesewn. Vintage sweater (can't see it!), thrifted. Scarf, Old Navy. Skinny jeans, Target. Boots, Target.
Ruby's wearing: Coat, hat, skinny cords, socks, Target. Long sleeved-tee, thrifted. Vintage top, thrifted. Shoes, gifted from my mom.

Here are some fun vintage snow day pieces from various Etsy shops to keep you warm! I'd love to see what kind of vintage outfits you all are pulling out if you're experiencing frigid temps, too. I'm having to get more and more creative with Ruby's vintage outfits to keep her warm enough but come Spring, we're set!

Don't forget to check out Rubyellen's gang and their new do's as well as our featured Vintage Mama from this morning! And a big THANK YOU to Adelaide Handmade for letting us enjoy your vintage goodies for a little while! Go check out her shop if you're in the market for something extra special!


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Jenni Austria Germany said...

oh my gosh. couldn't be any cuter!

Chelsea, Tea Talk said...

I'm in love with your coat! You look great Rachel :]

Jewls said...

You guys look so cute! I just bought those boots at Target too! Aren't they comfy?! Good choice! :) Love your blog!

Gina Thomas said...

adorable:) so cute! ;0gina

Little Tree Vintage said...

your baby is the cutest! and so are you <3

alix said...

Um yeah, HOW CUTE ARE YOU TWO????? So sweet....that coat is amazing on you Rachel!

alix said...

Oh, and helllllo. The creepy cool dolly?? HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THAT YOU BOUGHT HER FOR THE OUTFIT?!?!?!?! YAHOOO!

courtney.janelle.sews said...

I so love the faces Ruby makes, she totally has your personality.

Hannah said...


Anonymous said...

i can't take it! too cute!!

Julie said...

ruby is so adorable! its almost unbearable to look at all the pictures, but i can't resist!

thursday said...

I love this one Rachel! I've bought so many vintage coats with fur collars over the years, but I never seem to be able to brave it. Next time I find one I like I'm going to snap it up! This year is all about braver fashion choices!

Rubyellen said...

i think you are really fantastic at sharing! and that coat is so warm and cozy looking and i love that fur collar! i recently thrifted one and can't wait to wear it. We totally need to do a twinsies post!!! that would be so fun!!!

Christina R. Griffith said...

I love that coat, the cut and color are wonderful!

margot said...

i'm going through a vintage store at lunch because i want to wear a vintage outfit and take pics because yours are inspiring me!!! just thought i'd share.

Rach said...

Oh my goodness, you and Ruby are both just so stinkin cute!!

jennmann said...

Your daughter is seriously the cutest little girl I have ever seen! If I lived near you I would volunteer to babysit any day.

BuenoBueno said...

those shots of you are adorable!

Anonymous said...

ohmygosh, such a gorgeous coat! and i love that collar. its a great alternative to a hood.

and the 3rd picture, Ruby's face is the most precious/adorable/hilarious ever! it cracks me up everytime i scroll by!


jungle dream pagoda said...

Your Ruby is supa fly cute!!!
Your baby doll is actually a fairly rare African American baby Chrissy...just in case you enjoy knowing that sort of thing...love your blog!