Vintage Here, Vintage There: Handmade Edition

A New Collaboration
January has had an underlying handmade for kids theme so Rubyellen and I decided to end our last January VH,VT post with some handmade included in our wardrobe shots! First up is my new handmade velvet turban from Red Velvet's newest collection. Elsie let me take this sample home a few weeks ago and I love it! It's my new favorite accessory. They'll be available from the new Red Velvet site February 7th if you need one, too!


Like Rubyellen it's been awhile since I've made something for my Ruby to wear so it was a great reason to try something both new and a little more challenging than things I've tried in the past. I took one of her vintage dresses and used it as a rough pattern guide to create this smock. The little one was moving quickly and we were starting to get rained on so I don't have much of a clear shot of the front.

Basically I used material from a vintage shirt I bought for Brett this weekend that didn't end up fitting ($3) and the bodice of the vintage dress that also didn't fit ($2) to create this little smock for Ruby. The colors and prints worked really well together and it's a fun way to remember the little adventure we took as a family! The rest of the dress will be reworked into a skirt for me and the rest of the shirt is looking like another version of a smock.

It was a quick sew once I figured out what I wanted to do with it but it still needs a snap closure added to the back. I avoid button holes whenever I can so snaps it is.

I temporarily held it in place with a safety pin and will need to fold one of the sides under when I attach the snaps so it will lay correctly but it worked for the afternoon! It gives her plenty of room to move and with a few adjustments to the shoulder width and overall length, I'd say it's my new favorite dress pattern for the spring and summer!

I picked this dress up at our local D.A.V. and cut off about three inches. It's made of polyester so I'm not going to bother hemming it as it probably won't fray. It's a little clingy but I loved the color and pattern and hope to feel even more comfortable in it down the road. I have a pair of brown boots in this same style that I've almost worn out so it was fun to find a vintage pair in this hunter green. They're so 1984. Am I right?

This is my pre-jump shot.


I'm wearing: Handmade velvet turban, Red Velvet Spring 2011. Vintage polyester dress, thrifted. Tights, Target. Vintage boots, thrifted.

Ruby's wearing: Shirt and pants, Target. Smock, handmade by me. Moccasins, Old Navy.

Here are some links to previous tutorials I've shared for making simple smocks for little girls and links to the three lovely interviews that were shared on Smile and Wave during Handmade for Kids month. You can browse through Meg, Rae, and Dana's blogs and find a variety of free tutorials and great inspiration for your next handmade project!

Rubyellen has some fantastic new additions to her daughters' wardrobes so head that direction and see what kind of fun they had this weekend!


p.s. The epic snowstorm is on it's way!


Michelle Clement said...

Oh, super-cute!! :) I'm *loving* the head wrap (and the color is fantastic!) - not to mention the cute lil handmade dress! Love!

Rachel - Firebird said...

A cute dress and a great restyle too, Also loving the turban, I have a feeling the new RV shop is going to ruin me

Sarah M said...

SO adorable---loved this series from you both and that turban wrap is so great!
Sarah M

Unknown said...

Skinny looking! You go girl with all that working out!

Kristen, pajama mama said...

so i'm kind of new to smile and wave, and have spent a while going through your archives since I stubbled here-especially the VH/VT posts...have you already done a post or mentioned how you clean your vintage items? i'd really love to hear how you clean afghan and shoes...

Kristen, pajama mama said...

love ruby's dress, by the way!

sarahannnoel said...

I love, love, love your curly hair with the turban!

gertie @ The Old Block House said...

Adorable! I love the little jumper, makes me think of the ones I wore when little. My mom and grandma used to make me little sundresses that were very similar.

I just came into 50 vintage patterns, but don't think there are any quite this small. Seems to me they are girls 8 - misses 16, but I'll give it a looksee.

Can't wait to discover more of your blog.

Danielle said...

you look A-MA-ZING Miss Rachel!! That turquoise and purple melt my heart, they are so lovely. You rock those colors! And your hair looks amazing! what a lovely post. : )

Anonymous said...

The colour of that headwrap is gorgeous, and Ruby looks so sweet.

Unknown said...

these photos are great! i love the one of you and your daughter laughing. too cute!!

Veronica said...

Love the turban and your dress! That's a really pretty color on you :)


BB said...

i fell IN LOVE with that velvet-y goodness sittin' atop your curly head ... so much so ... that i did a little spolight feature on it today for my weeklong feature of gorgeous hair dos.

take a peek, if you please: